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 AGM 0114 - The Wind and Clouds Rises

Orchon was different from Qiu Mo. His cultivation base was only at the 9th level of Arterial Circulation, and he had yet to breakthrough to the Yuanfu Realm. Thus, the difficulty for him to ascend to the 4th level of the Astral River Hall was several times harder. This indicated that the chance of Orchon condensing his 3rd Astral Soul from the 4th Heavenly Layer far exceeded Qiu Mo's.

"Bouncing back from his shame, and undergoing such a transformation. Based on Orchon's determination, his breaking into Yuanfu is merely a matter of time." Janus smiled as he witnessed the happenings. Casually, he glanced at the 1st level of the Astral River Hall only to see Qin Wentian still sitting there, appearing to be doing nothing. This caused a cold glint of laughter to flicker in Janus's eyes as he muttered, "Deliberately acting mysterious."

Janus wasn't foolish enough to think that Qin Wentian wasn't able to ascend to the 2nd level.

Currently, Qin Wentian was totally immersed in his own world of comprehensions, and had forgotten the flow of time. He couldn't be bothered about who stepped into which level and such; the only thing on his mind were the mysterious runic pathways and the manifestations caused by the power of the innate technique.

The constellations revolved about as the mysterious lines of runic pathways became increasingly clearer, slowly coalescing into the outline of a fist, and exploding forth towards Qin Wentian. However, as of now, this type of attack was unable to shake his consciousness any longer. Qin Wentian quietly contemplated and attempted to gain even more insights.

Time flowed by. 12 days went by in a flash, and Mo Qingcheng also ascended to the 4th level of the Astral River Hall. However, they were unable to advance any further. The 4th level of the Astral River Hall gave them an unprecedented sense of pressure. Even Qiu Mo had exited the Astral River Hall. He had no way of withstanding and enduring that formless energy pressuring his consciousness.

"Still at the 1st level?" A strange expression appeared on Qiu Mo's face. What exactly was that fellow doing?

At this moment, Qin Wentian could already clearly see the myriad pathway of each runic lines. Not only that, the moment he understood the connection, it was as though a huge column of light had appeared within his sea of consciousness, as he entered into a state of enlightenment.

"Wrong. From the beginning, my way of thinking was already mistaken. How could I observe the revolving runic pathways of already completed inscriptions? Each and every divine imprint is a different kind of entity, a different kind of concept." Qin Wentian still had his eyes closed, but the corners of his mouth twitched. This sensation of enlightenment was extremely marvelous.

Qin Wentian began to activate his innate technique as he willed himself into his dreamscape.

In his dream, Qin Wentian stood alone in a desolate courtyard. His hand was wielding an Astral Heavenly Hammer, as runic lines of divine imprints began interweaving within his body.

Abruptly, Astral Energy began to circulate as the Heavenly Hammer in Qin Wentian's hand smashed towards the ground. An instant later, the picture of a divine imprint appeared. This was none other than the human-type divine imprint that he had created.

"Wielders of Forging-type Astral Souls were natural born weaponsmiths. They could directly construct the symbols of divine imprints within their body." Qin Wentian silently remarked. Maybe, this was the true meaning of natural born weaponsmiths.

The ancient halberd appeared in his hand. As Qin Wentian stood there, his aura explosively surged.

Abruptly, his body formed countless after-images, as the faint illusion of the a Garuda's wings appeared on his back. The ancient halberd exploded forwards in fury, as the tip of the halberd manifested a raging wind that transformed into a terrifying spiral.

"Boom!" The sound of an explosion echoed through the air as the ground before him trembled and broke apart. This attack didn't originate from the Berserker Beast Halberd Technique. Rather, it was a move of his self-creation, emanating the same ferocious aura as his divine inscription painting. Only, it was still imperfect, and he could not manifest the same level of heaven-toppling might in reality.

As Qin Wentian discovered the feeling, he started to perfect this halberd technique. This halberd strike of his contained the integration of his Astral Soul, Aura, and Divine Yuan. This would become his ultimate attack.

"Since this halberd technique was created within my dream, I shall name it as the Great Dream Halberd Art. Not only that, I shall name the first attack stance of the Great Dream Halberd Artas Mountain Splitter." Qin Wentian remarked in his heart, indicating that he had the intent to create a complete set of his own halberd techniques. In the future, he would create new divine imprints, and continue creating new innate techniques.

This first attack stance contained an imposing, majestic aura. The might of the attack could even split apart the great mountains. Mountain Splitter, aptly named.

Qin Wentian continued perfecting the Mountain Splitter Stance, and magnified the scope of his dream, losing himself in his fantasy. He imagined himself as an existence that could tear the heavens asunder, and split the earth apart, akin to a Garuda moving unhindered throughout the whole universe.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed. Majority of those among the first batch that entered, had already exited. Bewildered looks appeared on their faces as they witnessed Qin Wentian still sitting in the 1st level. However, today, Qin Wentian finally opened his eyes.He stood up, broke apart the restriction, and stepped into the 2nd level.

"That fellow finally decided to ascend to the 2nd level." Luo Huan was standing outside as she somewhat exasperatedly stated. During these few days of waiting, she had already heard what the crowd had to say about Qin Wentian. There were those that didn't understand, and there was also many with suspicions.

However, the crowd quickly discovered that Qin Wentian, unlike the other elites who quickly broke apart the restriction of the 2nd level, had actually sat down in the cross-legged position once again in the 2nd level.

Many people had already departed the area. Cultivation time was precious; they didn't have the time to waste to watch Qin Wentian doing nothing.

Four days later, the voices of suspicion grew louder and louder as Qin Wentian ascended to the 3rd level. Could it be that Qin Wentian was truly undeserving of his reputation? He had to spend great amounts of time enduring the pressure of each level before he could break apart the restrictions.

If not, why was he acting the same way in each of the levels?

"The Jun Lin Banquet will commence soon, work hard but take note of the time and exit here quickly." Mo Qingcheng smiled as she regarded Qin Wentian who was sitting with his legs crossed on the 3rd level of the Astral River Hall. After which, she mounted the white crane together with Nolan, and they departed the Emperor Star Academy.

Things gradually calmed down outside the Astral River Hall as the crowd departed from the area. However, the atmosphere got increasingly livelier in the Emperor Star Academy compared to how it had been in the past.

This was because the end of the year was nearing, and the Jun Lin Banquet was about to commence. Even those elites that had been training outside the academy didn't want to miss this chance, and they rushed back quickly.

Orchon stood within the Knight's Association while emanating a faint wave of coldness. Inclining his head, he gazed in the direction of the Astral River Hall as he inquired. "Which level is he at now?"

"He just stepped into the 4th level not too long ago." Someone beside Orchon replied. The 'him' in their sentences, naturally referred to Qin Wentian.

"Still at the 4th level? It seems like, this is where your limit lies." Orchon calmly remarked.

Orchon wasn't the only one that thought this, several others thought so as well. Qin Wentian's limit was the 4th level of the Astral River Hall. It seemed like the Astral Soul he had condensed from the 4th heavenly layer earlier had truly been a result of an incomparably great fortuitous event.

Aside from some exceptions, majority of the students had gradually forgotten that Qin Wentian was still within the Astral River Hall. What most of the students were concerned about was: how strong would the returning students be? And what would their rankings in the Jun Lin Banquet be?

Orchon had also stepped into the 4th level of the Astral River Hall. The him now had already undergone a transformation. Maybe, he had the chance to obtain one of the top nine rankings, and could even become one of the 10 prodigies

Aside from him, Jiang Xiu, Luo Cheng, Luo Huan, also had excellent results.

Naturally, Luo Qianqiu couldn't be neglected as well. He was outstanding, with an extremely high level of innate talent. It was said that this time round, he only had one goal: to obtain the first rank in the Jun Lin Banquet.

There were countless geniuses in the Jun Lin Banquet, how difficult would it be if one wanted to attain first? It was also said that the geniuses from the Snowcloud Country would participate as well. It was unclear if Luo Qianqiu had any opportunity to obtain the first rank.

Anyway, many people were excitedly anticipating the coming of the Jun Lin Banquet this year.

It wasn't only the Emperor Star Academy; currently, the entire Royal Capital was the same as well.

The Royal Academy, Divine Wind Academy, and Seven Stars Martial Palace, were all eagerly anticipating the commencement of the Jun Lin Banquet.

And in the courtyard of the Royal Academy, Mu Rou stood beneath a tree. As she thought about the experiences she'd had during these past days, she couldn't help but feel deeply moved.

Currently, the support given to her by her family was many times greater than that of the past. The attitudes of everyone towards her had also changed for the better. At the same time, the people in her academy weren't cold and indifferent towards her anymore. On the contrary, they were extremely enthusiastic when interacting with her.

Everything that she'd experienced, she had taken it with a grain of salt. After going through so many things, she could more clearly comprehend the meaning of human complexity.

"The Jun Lin Banquet is commencing soon. This time round, who will dazzle the Royal Capital? Qin Wentian, will he be there as well?" Mu Rou murmured. The Jun Lin Banquet was the grandest event of the Chu Country every year. This year was no exception, and even if Qin Wentian participated this year, he wouldn't have many accomplishments. However, she believed that if he participated in the grand banquet next year, the glow of his talent would be absolutely dazzling.

Today, a group of flying-type demonic beasts was soaring above the skies of the Chu Country. This group of flying beasts was pulling dragon carriages. Several powerful existences flew alongside the demonic beasts, shocking the entire Chu Country. Very quickly, the news spread around: the Crown Prince of the Snowcloud Country had brought along the geniuses of the Snowcloud Country to the Chu Country.

Today, in the Dark Forest, a group of cultivators under the leadership of the Asura Faction, returned to the Royal Capital.

Today, one of the three greatest companies in Chu, the Heaven's Wonder Company, which was also the biggest casino in the Royal Capital, had already prepared betting rates for individuals predicted to attain the top 9 rankings in the Jun Lin Banquet.

That wasn't all;, when the Jun Lin Banquet commenced, Heaven's Wonder would also prepare separate betting rates for figures that were constantly in the limelight.

And naturally, Yuan Meteor Stones and other cultivation items would become the stakes for betting.

Based on the betting rates proposed by Heaven's Wonder, the payout rate for Luo Qianqiu obtaining first rank, was the lowest. This indicated that the person Heaven's Wonder had the highest expectations of during the Jun Lin Banquet this year was none other than Luo Qianqiu.