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 Chapter 1129: Jia Nantian

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This golden-winged great roc was clearly from the royal faction of the Sky Roc Race, a greater demon race that ranked similar to the White Tiger Race. He was a pure-blooded golden-winged great roc, an innately born king.

The moment a golden-winged roc was born, it was destined to be a king among the sky rocs with an incomparable lofty status. Their veins flowed with the pure blood of their ancestors.

The ancestors of the Sky Roc Race was said to be able to tear the sky asunder with a slash of their wings. They were able to instantly travel around the world with a single flap, nothing could compare to them in speed, nor be able to block them.

This roc king before their eyes was named Jia Nantian. He awakened the bloodline of the golden-winged great roc, granting him a lofty status and unparalleled might.

There were many conflicts which happened between the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire and Sky Roc Race in the Sky Connection Realm. Huang Wudi slaughtered several sky rocs, which led to Jia Nantian challenging him for the sake of revenge.

Huang Wudi came here with a number of experts from his empire. The his aura was extremely startling, and he had an aura of the emperor of a generation. His father gave him the name Huang Wudi because he wanted his son to be an invincible character with no one being able to rival him.

At this moment, Jia Nantian's eyes gleamed with a terrifyingly sharp light. A golden light covered him as he stared at Huang Wudi and spoke, "Earlier I didn't have the time to be bothered with you. I didn't expect you to go all out and keep humiliating the members of my race. From today onwards, I will destroy them everytime I see somebody associated with you."

"Cease your useless boasting." Emperor might gushed forth from Huang Wudi. His entire body was shrouded in a resplendent light and with a wave of his hand, the others beside him all stepped away, allowing him and Jia Nantian to have the battlefield to themselves.

"With the king of my race acting personally, the lowly humans are just ant-like existences." From behind, an expert from the Sky Roc Race spoke arrogantly, they had immense confidence in Jia Nantian and there was even a hint of blazing fire in their eyes - that of blind conviction. Jia Nantian had challenged many people in the Western Regions before. Unless his opponent was many levels higher than him in cultivation, he had never been defeated, not even once. This was their king, their undefeatable and invincible king.

"Within the Sky Connecting Realm, Huang Wudi and Jia Nantian are both supreme characters with only a scarce few that could stand equal to them. Right now, this is a clash between the strongest, nobody knows who would be the final victor." The hearts of everyone mused silently. Such a battle among the strongest truly filled the hearts of everyone with anticipation.

"Stop talking crap. Let's fight." Huang Wudi stood with his hands clasped behind his back. Emperor light covered his entire body, resembling a set of emperor armor. Right now, he was akin to a supreme emperor, wanting everyone in this world to pay obeisance to him.

"Swish~" Jia Nantian spread his wings that were gleaming with golden runic light. He exuded a powerful and mysterious aura, stirring the souls of people. With just a single glance at his wings, everyone could feel that this pair of wings were even more fearsome than divine weapons.

"It is said that for greater demons of the royal faction, they had to first awaken the pure bloodline of their ancestor. If they successfully did so, the blood of their ancestors would flow in their veins, granting them inheritary memories of powerful arts and innate techniques containing boundless might." Someone murmured in a low voice as he marveled at Jia Nantian's wings.

"Hmph, show me then today, how strong a golden-winged great roc can be." Huang Wudi spoke. His fist punched out, generating a beam of light that was filled with boundless emperor's might. However, Jia Nantian merely folded his wings in, covering his body as he stood there motionless. The powerful fist light slammed into his wings, but the power of that punch was absorbed completely.

"Swish~" A chaotic qi current gushed forth. Jia Nantian spread his wings open once more. His eyes were terrifying to the extreme, able to see through the hearts of people. He simply needed to fold his wings around him to defend against the attack from Huang Wudi. What a truly shocking sight.

Too powerful. Is this really the power of a king from the Sky Roc Race? How terrifying is that pair of wings? It's rumored the wings of the golden-winged great roc still had to undergo an awakening process before they had the power of their ancestors. Nobody knew if this was true or false.

Huang Wudi's eyes flickered, he manifested his immortal foundation as a supreme human emperor's silhouette wielding an emperor dao sword that could command the world appeared before him.

The expression in Jia Nantian's eyes was incomparably lofty. He stared at Huang Wudi who was before him as his eyes were filled with disregard. He simply didn't put Huang Wudi in his eyes.

Jia Nantian's wings flapped once more. And at this instant, countless feathers of extreme sharpness shot through the air, capable of exterminating all existence, collided with the windstorm blasted out by Huang Wudi. In an instant, complete chaos erupted as the aftershock trembled the battlefield. With just a single attack, the might was so powerful that the hearts of everyone watching violently shivered.

"SUBMIT!" Huang Wudi roared. In the air, several emperor silhouettes suddenly descended from the sky, each wielding swords that slashed out towards Jia Nantian. The entire space was about to collapse under the might of their attacks.

At this instant, Jia Nantian moved. His resplendent wings spread and at that very moment, the spectators only saw a flash of light. Even for Qin Wentian, his eyes were narrowed but he couldn't even see the movements of Jia Nantian clearly.

The speed of great rocs was originally extremely shocking, able to soar over 90,000 miles with a single flap of their wings in the span of a single breath. This speed only belongs in the legends. Given Qin Wentian's current cultivation base, he probably wouldn't be able to withstand a single strike from Jia Nantian.

In the blink of an eye, angry scars appeared in the atmosphere as though space itself was about to be torn apart. Over there, many emperor silhouettes were shattered, transforming back into nothingness before vanishing completely.

Abruptly, the raging wind increased in intensity. A phantom of an incomparably gargantuan roc appeared, enveloping Jia Nantian and this stretch of space within. After that, boundless golden tempests erupted, causing waves of laceration energy to rip out, wanting to tear everything in that space apart.

"How powerful," The hearts of everyone trembled when they saw this scene. That space was completely enveloped and locked down by his wings. Jia Nantian wanted to lacerate this entire space completely, causing the sky and earth to overturn. This seemed to be a law of utter annihilation, it was too violent and terrifying.

Huang Wudi's form grew even larger. The human emperor silhouette in front of him slammed the emperor sword it was wielding right into the ground, creating waves of destruction that wanted to destroy everything. A surge of supreme emperor's might permeated the atmosphere, containing indomitable force, as though there was nothing in this world that could break through it to exterminate him.

Jia Nantian waved his hand, manifesting several smaller versions of golden-winged rocs. That destructive windstorm grew even more intense and the human emperor's silhouette before Huang Wudi also grew more and more gigantic, like a supreme existence unparalleled in this world.

A sharp sound rang out, the manifested rocs rushed towards the human emperor, creating swath of destruction in their wake. Jia Nantian continued floating there, the look in his eyes was as indifferent as ever. He was a descendant of the primordial golden-winged great roc emperor. Who could stand equal to him? Even if his opponent was a human emperor, there was no way to compare them both at all.

Abruptly, boundless runic light covered the body of Jia Nantian. He stretched his hand out as the talons of a great roc manifested. The talons grew larger and larger, blotting out the sun, containing the towering powers of runic laws. Huang Wudi slashed out with his emperor sword, yet it actually failed to cleave the talons apart. After that, the terrifying talons grabbed hold of Huang Wudi's body.

At this moment, Huang Wudi's entire body suddenly glowed with a brilliant light, transforming into an emperor's body that was supposed to be undefeatable. The talons wanted to crush him, yet there was a strong resistance from Huang Wudi's body.

However, the countenances of many people all changed. This was especially so for the people from the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire. Huang Wudi was actually captured by Jia Nantian's talons. And although his body wasn't destroyed yet, it was almost impossible for him to struggle free. Those sharp talons gleamed with a terrifying golden light, powered by the energy from runes as Jia Nantian's grasp tightened with every second.

"Bzz~" With a flap of his wings, Jia Nantian instantly appeared before Huang Wudi. His wings directly slashed down from the top of Huang Wudi's head. Those gleaming wings sliced down with a terrifying force as wounds begin to appear on the human body of Huang Wudi, amidst the sounds of something being torn apart.

"So what if you are an emperor among humans? With the demon king of my race here, who can challenge him for supremacy?" The experts from the Sky Roc Race proudly spoke when they saw this scene. Jia Nantian was a king of the Sky Roc Race, he is a pure-blooded golden-winged sky roc, who could defeat him?

Right now, the emperor body of Huang Wudi shattered apart. Finally, cries of agony rang out, dripping with pain and misery. The gigantic human emperor's body was destroyed. Huang Wudi's body transformed into nothingness as he was eliminated and sent out of the Sky Connecting Realm.

"Huang Wudi was defeated. Jia Nantian is truly a rare and formidable opponent." The hearts of everyone shivered. This Jia Nantian was simply too powerful. Although the battle was fascinating to watch, everyone could faintly feel that Huang Wudi still wasn't strong enough to make Jia Nantian unleash his full power. It was unknown if there are still any other experts strong enough to fight against Jia Nantian. Most probably, only those supreme geniuses ranked at the very top from the peak powers would be able to contend against him.

"Look at the Sky Connecting Immortal Stone. Jia Nantian's image is even more resplendent now, it is being engraved there." Everyone glanced at the immortal rock before their eyes. There were many pictures engraved on it, and these pictures were all silhouettes of humans. They are the strongest batch of people in the Sky Connecting Realm. The people here refer to this stone as the Supreme Might Rankings and legend has it that if you managed to appear on the Supreme Might Rankings, you might be able to receive some rewards from the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy.

At this moment, Jia Nantian glanced at the experts from the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire. His lofty eyes caused the hearts of everyone from the immortal empire to tremble. After that he spoke, "Kill them all."

"Roger." Behind him, the sky rocs all shot out, slaughtering their way towards the people from the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire. At the same time, Jia Nantian transformed into a bolt of lightning and shot forth, instantly killing someone with a slice of his wings. In fact, his speed was so fast that his target had no idea and couldn't even do anything to defend against it. The disparity in their strengths was too great, nothing could make up for it!

Very swiftly, all the experts from the Nine-Emperors Immortal Empire were completely annihilated in the Sky Connecting Realm.