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 AGM 0112 - Dangerous Orchon

There were already many people gathered outside the Astral River Hall.. Not only that, there were also some students with extraordinary talent that had obtained the approval of the elders already waiting there.

At the same time, the news about the opening was also being spread to every corner of the Emperor Star Academy. And swiftly after, all the students gradually knew about this.

The white crane flapped its wings slowly, hovering in the skies, surveying the entire Emperor Star Academy before it descended.

On top of the white crane, there were two silhouettes. The male was young and handsome, while the female was a beauty capable of toppling empires. This involuntarily caused those that witnessed this sight to praise them as a perfect couple.

However, there were also several that had negative emotions. Envy, jealousy, malice, resentment were all among them.

The crowd naturally recognised the two silhouettes sitting on the white crane. Qin Wentian, as well as the number one beauty of Chu, Mo Qingcheng.

It seemed like the rumors about Mo Qingcheng having a close relationship with Qin Wentian were real. Seeing both of them sitting together atop the white crane of Mo Qingcheng undoubtedly caused Qin Wentian to become the focal point of attention once again. Not only that, this time round, he was standing right in the heart where the wind and waves were the strongest.

Qin Wentian felt the weight of the stares and glares riveted on him, and he couldn't help but smile as he cast a glance at Mo Qingcheng beside him. "This time round, I'm really going to be so dead because of you."

Mo Qingcheng gazed at Qin Wentian, as an adorable smile appeared on her face. With a single hand propping up her chin, she laughed, "Why? Don't tell me you're not willing to seat here with me."

"How can it be, with a beautiful lady as my companion, my heart is warmed. Moreover, it's a delight to my eyes." Qin Wentian smiled as he replied.

"So, the dumbo also has moments where he is not as dumb." Mo Qingcheng's radiant smile almost caused Qin Wentian to lose his focus. Silently, he stated in his heart, femme fatale.

Ever since the beginning of time, beautiful women had always been sought after by others. Naturally, conflicts and competition would occur between those who wanted to woo the women of their desires. Thus the term, Femme Fatale.

Only now did Qin Wentian fully comprehend the meaning behind the two words. He hadn't yet claimed the beauty as his own, but just a closer relationship with Mo Qingcheng already brought him an immense amount of hatred.

"Have you entered the Astral River Hall before?" Mo Qingcheng asked in a gentle voice as she gazed at the great hall before them.

"No, but I've heard that the Astral River Hall can mimic the astral pressure of the Nine Heavenly Layers. It was training for cultivators that wanted to condense an Astral Soul from the higher Heavenly Layers. Hence, I have never been in here before." Qin Wentian replied.

"Dumbo, you are not modest at all." Mo Qingcheng smiled. From his reply, Mo Qingcheng could infer that Qin Wentian was saying he temporarily did not need to use the Astral River Hall to help him condense Astral Souls from a higher Heavenly Layer.

"I have a name, okay?" Qin Wentian looked at Mo Qingcheng as he stated this. When had he become 'dumbo'?

"I shall still refer to you as dumbo. Why? Do you have any objections?" Mo Qingcheng planted her hands on her hips, glaring at Qin Wentian as mock anger could be seen on her face. This anger also contained a hint of mischief, stirring Qin Wentian's heart. When a woman's beauty exceeded a certain limit, each and every one of her movements would cause people's hearts to palpitate wildly.

"You win." Qin Wentian shrugged his shoulders, utterly defeated.

A victorious expression appeared on the countenance of Mo Qingcheng as she laughed, "Not only does the Astral River Hall emulate the pressure of the Nine Heavenly Layers, there is also a mysterious profound theory hidden in there that few can decipher."

A strange glow lit up in Qin Wentian eyes. This was something he had not known before. But since Mo Qingcheng's maternal grandfather was his Grand Teacher, what she said shouldn't be wrong. The Astral River Hall shouldn't merely be so simple as emulating the astral pressure felt in the higher Heavenly Layers.

The people gathered outside the Astral River Hall increased, and many teachers of the academy were also present. They stood in front of the Astral River Hall as they regarded the students gathered there.

It was unknown if there would be any talents that was able to step into the higher levels of the Astral River Hall this time round.

Qiu Mo, Jiang Xiu, Luo Huan, Luo Cheng and the rest also arrived. They were standing outside the Astral River Hall, gazing at the white crane soaring in the skies.

An extremely cold glint of light could be seen flickering in Qiu Mo's eyes. That earlier amiable and approachable demeanor had disappeared totally, and only intense jealousy, rage, and vengeance remained. His original plan to humiliate Qin Wentian had failed at the Emperor Star Monuments, and he had even been counter-humiliated by a junior.

What was even tougher for him to accept was the disregard Mo Qingcheng had towards him, as well as the totally opposite treatment she had shown towards Qin Wentian. This obvious contrast in treatment has already caused him to lose all his face.

Jiang Xiu, likewise, was also feeling terrible.

However, the two silhouettes sitting atop the white crane didn't even bother to glance in the direction of these two people. Mo Qingcheng didn't even know much about the two of them. She only knew of their existence.

Despite the fact that both of them were part of the 10 prodigies, Qin Wentian didn't place that much regard upon the two of them.

"Idiotic girl, you actually chose him over me." Nolan stood below with her hands planted on her hips, shouting at the white crane hovering in the skies.

Mo Qingcheng had a mischievous expression on her face as she regarded Nolan standing below. "Nolan, be careful of what you say; if not I won't send you back later."

"If you won't send me, then don't. How dare you threaten me!" Nolan angrily replied. This girl had actually forsaken her for Qin Wentian, how could she not be infuriated?

"You should stop yelling, Mo Qingcheng will become the wife of my junior brother Qin sooner or later. At that time, you will become an outsider." Luo Huan laughed loudly, seemingly wishing for the whole world to be in chaos. Momentarily, flames could be seen spitting out of Nolan's eyes as she glared at Luo Huan, "A mere smelly little brat wanting to marry Qingcheng? No way."

"As long as they are both willing, it's fine. You are not the one he is marrying anyway."

How could Nolan win the war of words between her and Luo Huan? Nolan was already speechless. After only a few exchanges, her face had already turned red from suppressed anger. However, the words of Luo Huan caused the surrounding crowd to be stunned.

The number one beauty of Chu and Qin Wentian were actually mutual lovebirds? When had this happened?

"Your senior sister, her words are too......" On top of the white crane, Mo Qingcheng didn't know whether to laugh laugh or be offended as she glanced at Qin Wentian. Although she treated Qin Wentian as a good friend, her feelings for him had not reached the level of a couple.

"You should understand the personality of senior sister Luo Huan, this is her usual character." Qin Wentian was also speechless. Luo Huan was incurring hatred for him, he could feel the gazes of the crowd below getting colder and colder.

Luo Huan evidently didn't feel like this. She was smiling as she gazed at Qin Wentian atop the white crane, thinking in her heart. "Smelly brat, your senior sister is campaigning for you, helping you to stake your claims on her. After this, it's all up to you now."

Janus, at this moment, was also standing in front of the entrance to the Astral River Hall. When he shifted his gaze onto the white crane flying in the air, a cold light could be seen in his eyes.

"The dog-shit luck of that little bastard." A baleful air could be felt emanating from him. He naturally had reasons to hate Qin Wentian. Even before Qin Wentian had enrolled in the academy, he had already formed grudges with Qin Wentian. But to think that despite him silently adding pressure, Qin Wentian's situation had actually gotten better and better, to the point where he'd obtained the recognition of the Emperor Academy. The current Janus had no face to speak of among all the Elders.

He had also never forgotten the threat that Qin Wentian had made. "Since today I can kill him, similarly, I can kill you in just a few years. If you have the guts, either you kill me right now, or f*ck off and stop bothering me."

"Teacher." At this moment, a silhouette approached Janus and called out to him.

"Orchon, work hard. Maybe you will step into Yuanfu in the coming year. Treat the entry into the Astral River Hall seriously, this could serve as preparation for when you condense your 3rd Astral Soul in the future." Janus instructed.

"Your student understands." Orchon nodded, as a sharp light flickered in his eyes. Compared to the past, his aura was now several times colder, as well as many times sharper, emitting a sense of danger to those that saw him.

"Not bad, you are almost ready to attempt your breakthrough to Yuanfu." Another Elder that had good relations with Janus praised Orchon as he nodded.

Those standing in the crowd paid close attention to Orchon. Orchon had disappeared from the Emperor Star Academy for a period of time, and had supposedly been training himself arduously for the Jun Lin Banquet, breaking through to Yuanfu.

Orchon turned, and walked towards the crowd. He directed a sharp glance filled with killing intent at the white crane in the air, towards Qin Wentian. Despite the distance, Qin Wentian clearly felt that coldness of that killing intent within Orchon's sharp gaze.

The countenance of Mo Qingcheng changed slightly as she whispered to Qin Wentian, "Dumbo, Orchon is many times more dangerous compared to the past. You have to be careful of him."

"I know." Qin Wentian nodded his head. He naturally understood the hatred Orchon had for him was so deep that it had already seeped into the bones. It was mutual for him as well.

"Mustang, today I want to see how high can this student of yours climb to in the Astral River Hall today." Janus coldly snorted to Mustang, who was standing not far away from him.

"Don't forget, his 2nd Astral Soul came from the 4th Heavenly Layer. How could Orchon compare to him?" Mustang's countenance remained calm, Just like the confidence Janus had in Orchon, he was similarly also very confident in Qin Wentian.

"Okay, you all can enter the Astral River Hall now. Those with jade medallions at the 4th level and above will be the first batch of students to enter." The gates of the Astral River Hall opened, and a silhouette walked out of it, instructing the students.

Although the Astral River Hall was spacious, it was not so spacious to the extent where it could accommodate all the students in one go. To enter, they would have to separate the students into batches, allowing those with higher leveled medallions to enter first.

"Let us enter as well." The white crane descended, as the students around automatically parted, opening up a path for Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng. At this moment, Nolan ran up and scolded, "Idiotic girl."

Mo Qingcheng pulled a comical face as she smiled. "Don't be so petty."

"Qin Wentian, I heard that your 2nd Astral Soul came from the 4th Heavenly Layer. I hope you won't disappoint us later." From the side, Qiu Mo's voice drifted over, as he slowly entered the Astral River Hall.

"A pity. I'm afraid you won't dare to participate in the Jun Lin Banquet at the end of the year." Jiang Xiu followed Qiu Mo, and also entered the Astral River Hall.

"How troublesome." Qin Wentian glanced around him, his lips curling up into a cold smile. After which, he smiled and stated, "Beautiful Qingcheng, shall we enter?"

"Beautiful Qingcheng?" Nolan and Mo Qingcheng were stunned upon hearing that, and they stared blankly at Qin Wentian.

"Er......" Qin Wentian blinked rapidly, before awkwardly laughing, "Just a natural reaction, a natural reaction."

After which, Qin Wentian pretended that nothing had happened as he walked towards the entrance of the Astral River Hall. Looking at his back, Mo Qingcheng's eyes flickered, and she burst out into laughter. Her brows arched into the shape of crescent moons were making her look exceptionally beautiful.