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 AGM 0110 - Dumbo

Qin Wentian clutched the ancient halberd in his hands tightly as he infused his astral energy within it, staring at the battle between Luo Huan and Jiang Xiu.

An inch longer equates to an inch of more danger. Senior Luo Huan's long whip danced about like wind and clouds, while Jiang Xiu's swordplay remained incomparably exquisite despite the fact that he was forced into defense. Only upon seeing this did Qin Wentian realised that, that day when he had trained with Luo Huan, she hadn't exerted her real strength.

Just then, the shadows of her long whip filled the sky. Every time it lashed out, a thunderous sound akin to the howl of a demon could be heard.

Qin Wentian slowly walked forwards, and he transformed into a blur of shadows. The spectators only saw a blurry silhouette soaring up to the skies, shooting upwards with the speed of a meteor before finally appearing in the space above Jiang Xiu.

"Buzz." As the wind billowed wildly, Astral Light coalesced into the form of garuda wings appeared on Qin Wentian's back, and he saw that the ancient halberd in his hand was pointing directly at Jiang Xiu below. With a howl of rage, and a pressure akin to that of a mountain, Qin Wentian executed the Green Dragon Stance as the ancient halberd instantly appeared an inch away from Jiang Xiu's head, causing his countenance to turn bloodlessly pale.

"Despicable." Jiang Xiu slashed out with his sword, wanting to use his sword light to intercept Qin Wentian's attack. However, the tyranny of the ancient halberd was boundless, the power behind its attack as heavy as a mountain. As it bore forward heavily on Jiang Xiu's sword, the sword broke into pieces, unable to ever be used again.

"Pa......" A tearing sound rang out as Jiang Xiu's robes were lacerated. Blood flowed like a fountain as the wound of a whiplash could be clearly seen on his chest. Instantaneously, he was flunged away by the impact, and he slammed heavily onto the ground. In addition , his shattered sword fragments also scattered about him like a gentle rain.

Although all this took time to describe, everything happened in an instant. The expressions of the crowd froze, as weird and puzzled looks were exchanged. Jiang Xiu of the 10 prodigies had actually been defeated and humiliated to such an extent. This was really a rare piece of news for the Emperor Star Academy.

"Audacious." Qiu Mo roared in anger, as Yuanfu pressure began emanating forth from his body. Luo Huan stepped in front of Qin Wentian as she stated, "Don't tell me Senior Qiu Mo wants to use his Yuanfu cultivation base to bully me and junior brother Qin?"

At this moment, Jiang Xiu picked himself up from the ground, as a monstrous sword-intent gushed out. His expression couldn't be more ugly.

As one of the 10 prodigies, he had actually lost in front of a crowd. To him, this was an extreme humiliation.

Everyone in the crowd witnessed what has happened. If he did not wash clean this shame, how could he have the face to look others in the eye in the future?

"You guys actually went 2-on-1, and even did a sneak attack." Qiu Mo coldly snorted as he took a step forward. The pressure released by his immense Yuanfu aura, bore down on Luo Huan and Qin Wentian. This pressure was incredibly powerful. The disparity between the Yuanfu Realm and the Arterial Circulation was light years away.

"Jiang Xiu, a genius of the Emperor Star Academy with the status of one of the 10 prodigies, while Junior brother Qin is a mere new student. Earlier when Jiang Xiu made his move against Junior brother Qin, I didn't see Senior Qiu Mo stepping out to stop him." Luo Huan's beautiful eyes stared at Qiu Mo as she continued, "Besides, you can't tell me that Jiang Xiu actually feels threatened by Junior brother Qin's 6th level of Arterial Circulation? The 10 prodigies shouldn't be so weak right? With a gap of 3 levels between them, shouldn't Jiang Xiu still be able to freely ignore Junior brother Qin's attack and still have no harm done to him?"

Luo Huan didn't forget to humiliate Jiang Xiu with her words, and Jiang Xiu's expression got uglier and uglier.

Indeed, Jiang Xiu, as one of the 10 prodigies and with a cultivation base at the 9th level of Arterial Circulation, should by right not be at all threatened by Qin Wentian's cultivation base at the 6th level. Unless, of course, he was suppressed by the Qin Wentian's martial prowess .

"Qiu Mo, their battle has nothing to do with you." At this moment, the sound of Luo Cheng's voice drifted over. Qiu Mo shifted his gaze, and the light of a cold anger could be seen smouldering in the depths of his eyes.

"Since you've already broken through to Yuanfu, you should go look for those Yuanfu Seniors and spar against them. Who do you think you are, acting like a hero here?" Luo Cheng didn't leave a shred of face of Qiu Mo as he continued. "Moreover, this was a battle Jiang Xiu proposed on his own. If he is still a man, he should settle it himself. Otherwise, the name of the 10 prodigies would all be thrown away by Jiang Xiu, even needing help from others to fight his own battles."

"The end of the year approaches. After the Jun Lin Banquet ends, the name of Jiang Xiu will never appear within the ranks of the 10 prodigies ever again."

The voice of Luo Cheng was calm, as though he was speaking about an extremely ordinary thing; However, the content of his words caused the other elites on stage to nod in agreement.

The Jun Lin Banquet that was held every year would result in a change of ranking among the 10 prodigies. Naturally, this year would not be an exception. Luo Cheng spoke bluntly; not only would Jiang Xiu no longer advance within the ranks of the 10 prodigies, he would on the contrary, be totally removed from it, surpassed by others.

"The two of you can come at me together." Jiang Xiu raged as he released his Sword-type Astral Soul.

His pupils were akin to swords as he glared at Luo Huan and Qin Wentian. At this moment, on his chest, one could see his lacerated flesh, slightly blocked by his clothing that was dyed red with his blood. Jiang Xiu currently was at his boiling point.

As the sound of his voice faded, he took another step forward. The sword Qi howled, and a ray of sword light could be seen slashing out towards Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian pierced forwards with the ancient halberd as the faint shadow of the Xuanwu Tortoise materialised. The sword slash's arrival caused the manifestation to crumble as Qin Wentian felt a wave of terrifyingly sharp pressure gushing forth towards him.

"You overestimate yourself." Luo Huan coldly snorted as anger flashed in her eyes. At the same time she released her Astral Soul, the long whip in her hand also lashed out in attack. It was as though the whole sky was covered with a storm of attacks, as the shadow of her whip devoured space, suppressing the attacking sword light.

At this moment, expressions of surprises appeared on the faces of the crowd. So in actuality, Luo Huan was this strong? Even without Qin Wentian, Luo Huan alone would have already been sufficient to suppress Jiang Xiu.

"Truly a sad case of overestimating your own abilities. Can't you see that Luo Huan's power level has already surpassed yours?" Luo Cheng exclaimed, disdain evident in his eyes as he saw Jiang Xiu preparing another attack. Jiang Xiu was ranked as the 10th prodigy during the Banquet last year. It seems as though the competitors last year had been weaklings, and that was how he had obtained his ranking. However, this year was different; the competition between elites would be many times more intense.

Luo Huan did indeed possess the qualifications to fight for the position if she chose to do so. Not only that, he himself also wanted to fight for it. Furthermore, he understood that the martial prowess of Luo Qianqiu, was definitely stronger than his. Soon after Luo Qianqiu had stepped into the 8th level, he'd entered into self-seclusion again. There was only a single target Luo Qianqiu was aiming for - the first position in the Jun Lin Banquet. During the banquet at the end of the year, there would be no Yuanfu cultivators. How many of those in Arterial Circulation could defeat Luo Qianqiu by then?

Qin Wentian didn't strike again. Instead, he sarcastically remarked, "10 prodigies? Even if it was the 15 prodigies, Jiang Xiu, you still wouldn't have the qualifications to be part of it."

As Jiang Xiu got increasingly infuriated from these words, his swordplay started to be affected. From the surface, it seemed as though its had power increased, but it was obvious he had no way to sustain it. As for Luo Huan, the dance of her whip interweaved through the air perfectly, forming a net so tight that even wind and rain wouldn't be able to pass through it.

Luo Huan's lithe figure danced about gracefully. Many began fantasising how good would it be if they could become her man.

However, all of them knew that even though Luo Huan looked 'easy' and flirted constantly, there hadn't been a single man that had successfully wooed her before.

And at this moment, the sound of a bird call drifted over from the far horizons. As everyone's gazes turned towards that direction, expressions of shock and surprise could be seen on their faces. Who in the world actually dared to ride a flying beast as their steed in the Emperor Star Academy?

And as the sound of the bird call got nearer and nearer, the crowd's eyes rested upon the beautiful silhouette mounted atop of that white crane in the distance.

"Mo Qingcheng."

Many males in the crowd gazed at her silhouette with their mouths wide open, seemingly having already forgotten the intense battle that was occurring between Jiang Xiu and Luo Huan.

Far away in the distance, the lady clad in white atop the white crane was akin to a celestial maiden. Her beautiful face, coupled together with the white crane and her attire, made her seem like an angel had descended from the heavens and was flying towards the crowd. In the distance,

As in comparison to Mo Qingcheng, Nolan, who was beside her, could only serve the purpose of a backdrop, forgotten by others. It wasn't that Nolan wasn't beautiful, but when being in such a close proximity to Mo Qingcheng, her looks were totally suppressed.

There were so many ravishing women in the Chu Country, but no matter how many beauties there were, none could hold a candle to Mo Qingcheng.

"How beautiful." Qin Yao also involuntarily praised her. She thought of the words Luo Huan had spoken previously, that Qin Wentian may end up together with Mo Qingcheng. Wouldn't that be a perfect union?

Very quickly, the white crane neared the spectators, hovering in the air.

"Mo Qingcheng also seems to be interested in observing the battle." Some people commented as they saw the eyes of Mo Qingcheng glancing over at them.

Qiu Mo shot a look at the white crane hovering in the air. As he gazed at the beautiful silhouette, a warm look and gentle smile appeared on his face, causing him to appear extremely approachable.

"Why is she here as well?" Qin Wentian displayed a puzzled expression. Everytime he looked at Mo Qingcheng, he would feel the strings of his hearts being stirred. As a young, hot-blooded male, it was extremely difficult for any to maintain their calmness in front of Mo Qingcheng's absolute beauty - a beauty that was even capable of toppling empires. After all, their cultivation levels weren't sufficient for them to be at the 'heart like still water' state.

Descending from the white crane in a graceful somersault, the two beautiful girls landed on to the ground, attracting everyone's attentions. The exciting battle between Luo Huan and Jiang Xiu was thrown to the back of their minds, forgotten in the face of absolute beauty.

"Qingcheng, why are you here today?" Qiu Mo walked forward as he smiled at Mo Qingcheng.

"Oi, oi, Qiu Mo, since when was Qingcheng so familiar with you? Please show some respect when you are talking to her." Nolan glared at Qiu Mo, causing an expression of awkwardness to be displayed on his face. But swiftly after, a gentle smile appeared as he recovered.

Mo Qingcheng didn't pay any mind to Qiu Mo, only glancing at him casually. However, Qiu Mo had already anticipated her response. It wasn't just him, Mo Qingcheng couldn't be bothered with most of the members of the 10 prodigies.

However, as he saw Mo Qingcheng walking towards Qin Wentian, Qiu Mo's expression slightly changed as a dangerous glint of cold light flickered in his eyes.

Rumours had it that during the banquet hosted by Chu Tianjiao earlier, Mo Qingcheng's treatment of Qin Wentian was way different from how she treated the others. Didn't that mean that the 10 prodigies of the Royal Capital weren't comparable to Qin Wentian? Did Mo Qingcheng, the number one beauty of Chu, really have such a good relationship with Qin Wentian?

Just thinking of this caused the unhappiness and irritation in his heart to surge wildly, silently cursing the dogsh*t luck of Qin Wentian. He'd gotten so many 3rd level divine imprints, as well as obtained Mo Qingcheng's approval.

"Dumbo." Mo Qingcheng called out to Qin Wentian as a light smile painted her face. Every time she looked at the expression on Qin Wentian's face, she couldn't help but feel that this fellow was slightly dumb in an adorable way.

"Hmm......" Qin Wentian blinked. Dumbo?

Involuntarily, he thought of that day he'd spent with Mo Qingcheng, gazing at the beautiful falling snow. Smiling bitterly, he thought to himself, was he really a dumbo?

At this moment, Qin Wentian could feel numerous gazes filled with enmity pointed at him. Qiu Mo was the same as well, causing Qin Wentian to feel slightly marvelous.

Could the deliberate targeting of him by Qiu Mo be because of Mo Qingcheng?