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 Chapter 1025: Battle

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Particle World: Royal Sacred Region, Star River Association.

At this moment, a group of experts had gathered together. Powerful people had arrived, even stronger than those from the Star River Association. The immortal-foundation experts who dominated this particle world were all exceedingly respectful towards them.

"Where is Qin Wentian?" The man in the lead asked.

"We do not know, but according to our information network, Qin Wentian set up a grand formation at the Bai Clan of Sky Harmony City. After that, the entire Bai Clan vanished completely. When we went to investigate, our immortal senses were unable to find them," one the people reported, lowering his head. Qin Wentian had disappeared completely.

"Could it be that he left this particle world and has headed to the immortal realms?" The man in the lead made no accusations as he calmly asked the question.

"I don't think so. If Qin Wentian has left this world for the immortal realms, there's no need for him to inscribe a formation at all. He could just bring them all with him by using immortal-ranked treasures," the person replied.

"Mhm, sounds right. Let's head directly to Chu Country, so keep your immortal senses activated permanently. We must find him, even if we have to dig three feet into the ground," commanded the man in the lead. He soared through the air and headed towards Chu, with many experts following closely behind him.

In Chu, a group of immortals descended from the air, sweeping across the entire country with their immortal might. Countless people inclined their heads as their hearts trembled. These experts were all so powerful-each of them had auras that towered up into the sky, and they radiated waves of immortal might. They were all immortals.

The immortals then continued to fly towards Sky Harmony City. But when they discovered that the city was completely abandoned, they frenziedly swept their immortal senses over everything. They scoured the sky and earth in their attempts to find any trace of Qin Wentian and the others.

Two hours later, every inch of Chu had been searched. The immortals gathered back at the airspace above Sky Harmony City, shaking their heads in bewilderment. They couldn't find anyone despite their intense search. It was as if Qin Wentian and his comrades had completely disappeared in the span of a single night.

"Maybe they're no longer in Chu. Do you want to search this entire particle world instead?" someone suggested. With so many immortals here, they would only need to spend a little more time and they'd be able to comb the entire world with their immortal senses.

"Alright, search directly through this particle world. If we still fail then, we will invite an immortal king to help out," commanded the expert in the lead. "Each of you will go to your assigned locations-prepare to move out."

"Roger!" All of them nodded, preparing to search this entire world. They would stop at nothing to dig out Qin Wentian, no matter where he hid himself.

However, it was destined that they would return empty-handed. After several days of searching fruitlessly in every corner of this world, they still couldn't find any traces of Qin Wentian or those from the Bai Clan. Qin Wentian's group of people seemed to have really vanished into thin air.

These experts could only return to the Star River Association and send men to monitor the situation at Sky Harmony City.

When Qin Wentian returned from the immortal realms, he immediately went to Sky Harmony City and landed where the Bai Manor used to be. To everyone else, this place was completely empty. Qin Wentian then stepped around the ground, his movements following a strange rhythm. The previously inscribed runes started to light up as thunderous rumbling noises rang through the air. Below the ground, a vast manor appeared. It was none other than the Bai Manor!

The Bai Manor returned to its original location with the people of the Bai Clan, Qin Wentian's kin, and his closest friends all safely inside. It was highly likely that the Star River Association wouldn't have expected this in their wildest dreams.

"Wentian, the Star River Association was here, and they brought with them many experts. You must leave this place immediately and return to the immortal realms," urged the Medicine Sovereign as he stared at Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian froze at his words, and Fairy Qingmei also took the chance to speak, "They will definitely monitor everything here. Wentian, you'd better leave now while you still can or it will truly be too late. This grand formation might have the ability to conceal the heavens and oceans, but it's already been exposed now."

"The Star River Association came by?" Qin Wentian asked. Apparently, the Star River Association had acted faster than expected. The reinforcements from the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect were still on their way.

"Yes, they sent more than ten immortal foundation experts. Not only that, those experts seemed very powerful as well. We can't let this drag on any more," Mo Qingcheng joined in.

"Don't worry, I brought something back with me. Let's go; we will instantly leave for the outskirts of Sky Harmony City. This place is too small," said Qin Wentian. He controlled the formation and directed it through the air to the crowd's immense shock. He was moving the Bai Manor to the forest outside of Sky Harmony City. Everyone now realized that the 'disappearance' of the Bai Clan was nothing more than a smokescreen created by Qin Wentian. The Bai Clan had always been in the same spot, it was just that no one could see nor sense it.

Outside Sky Harmony City, in the vast forest outskirts lay the place where Qin Wentian had once been rescued by Mo Qingcheng. Staring at this forest, Qin Wentian smiled as he glanced at Mo Qingcheng. "Qingcheng, you saved me here back then, but you left without revealing who you were. It made me think that someone else had saved me."

"Mhm, back then it was Little Rascal who led me to the forest. I'd followed after him for so long, but the moment he met you, he instantly jumped to you and decided to follow you instead." Mo Qingcheng glared at Little Rascal in her arms as she relayed her story.

"This baobao was tying the knot of fate between you two," Little Rascal remarked with self-satisfaction. Both Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng looked at him doubtfully.

"Are we really not heading to the immortal realms?" Mo Qingcheng held on to Qin Wentian's hand-she was still worried in her heart.

"It's fine." Qin Wentian smiled at her. After that, he took a step forward and with a wave of his hand, thunderous rumbling sounds rang out as an incomparably vast ancient city appeared before everyone's eyes. This ancient city was extremely majestic and gave off an aura akin to a divine weapon, resembling a work of art from the heavens.

"Go!" Qin Wentian shouted. Next, Driftsnow City enveloped the entire forest on the outskirts of Sky Harmony City. And a moment later, an ancient city appeared just outside of Sky Harmony City.

"Come on, let's enter." Qin Wentian then smiled. The others beside him were completely dazed; they were all stunned by this sight. Qin Wentian went to the immortal realms and had brought back such a majestic ancient city?

He brought a whole city back?!

The people at the entrance of Sky Harmony City were similarly stunned by this sight. The news soon circulated around Sky Harmony City and soon, countless people headed over for a look. They stood on the city walls, staring at the ancient city that appeared nearby. Anyone looking at the city felt the remarkable stateliness emanating from its walls-Sky Harmony City couldn't even be considered a city when compared to it.

"Is this something Qin Wentian took from the immortal realms? Cities in the immortal realms are actually mobile?" The people of Sky Harmony City couldn't have imagined something like this. As for Qin Wentian's kin and comrades, all of them had entered the city. Fatty Fan Le was the most excited. "Boss, how did you manage to get your hands on such a good city?"

"This city is an almighty weaponized city. I obtained it by chance," Qin Wentian replied, and the people nearby took a deep breath in response.

A weaponized city; a city that was a divine weapon...

"Can this city attack?" asked the Medicine Sovereign.

"Naturally. In the past, when I was at the Celestial Phenomenon level, I could already control it to the extent where it can unleash extremely powerful attacks. Now that I'm at Immortal Foundation, the power it can unleash will undoubtedly be even stronger." Qin Wentian nodded. By borrowing the power of Driftsnow City, he had managed to kill immortals even at the ascendant level.

"It looks like you've planned this for a long time." The Medicine Sovereign nodded his head. Of course, Qin Wentian would know what to do.

The news of the Bai Manor's reappearance was instantly delivered to the Star River Association. Before long, the association's immortal foundation experts soon arrived. More than ten experts floated in the air above the ancient city, and they simultaneously released their immortal might. They lit up the entire area with their immortal light, their power unexcelled in this world.

Qin Wentian's will connected to the Nine Immortality Bells. He stood atop of them calmly, and stared at the various experts in the air.

"Capture him." The immortal in the lead instantly commanded, not bothering to waste time bantering with Qin Wentian.

-BOOM!- Waves of immortal might erupted forth as light radiated from numerous immortal foundations, generating a pressure that blasted down towards the ancient city. Within the city, boundless runes sparkled as heavenly chains shot up into the air. The chains blotted out the skies and aimed for the immortal-foundation experts.

"SEVER!" One of the experts had an immortal foundation in the shape of a sword. Standing there, he seemed like an unparalleled sword of the world, emanating absolute sharpness, as he tried to slash apart the ancient city's heavenly chains.

-RUMBLE!- Qin Wentian's form expanded to over 1,000 meters in size, reaching the height of a giant. He projected an increasingly terrifying faint shadow that surrounded him. From within that shadow, Qin Wentian controlled his arm to grab at those immortals in the air. The immortals were forced to retreat, yet they only saw the light from this ancient city growing even more resplendent. Arrows formed from law energy materialized and shot through the air, capable of slaying even immortals.

The experts instantly drew on more power from their foundations and shattered the arrows. But the shadow formed a gigantic palm imprint that was just too fearsome. It was so large that they had no way to block it.

One of the immortal foundation experts couldn't evade quick enough and was immediately captured by the gigantic palm. With a ferocious, bone-crunching squeeze, the immortal was crushed into pieces amidst screams of pain and agony.

"Retreat!" The leader of the Star River Association's immortals felt that there was something amiss about the situation. This city seemed to be the legendary Driftsnow City, and somehow, Qin Wentian could borrow its strength in combat. And in this case, although they had the advantage in terms of numbers, they were far inferior in sheer combat power.

The other immortals also felt that something was wrong. Borrowing the might of this ancient city, Qin Wentian could actually unleash such a terrifying level of power.

Suddenly, they saw Qin Wentian guiding the gigantic palm to reach up towards the sky. Instantly, a supreme sword might swept over everything, quickly transforming into a sword qi tempest that tried to bury all the experts within. The leader hurriedly soared higher up into the sky and rushed into the clouds. He didn't have time to care about the others.

"DIE!" The palm transformed into the form of a sword finger, piercing outwards. In an instant, a surge of immortal vanquishing might ravaged through the surroundings as a piercing sound rang out. The might penetrated through numerous immortal foundations, and the immortals fell from the air-they had all perished at the moment of impact!

In front of this city, it appeared that immortal foundation experts were as weak and as fragile as ants.

From afar, over at Sky Harmony City, the mortals all felt their hearts trembling. Many of them were fleeing blindly when they felt the waves of immortal might washing through them. But there was also a large portion of people that chose to stay put to watch the battle. Right now, great tidal waves of emotion rocked their hearts. Was this strength truly a level of power a human stellar martial cultivator could unleash?!