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 Chapter 1016: Hunted by the Entire World

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Qin Wentian's body soared into the air. He stared in all four directions, at a loss for a moment, not knowing where to start his search.

Although his speed now was extremely fast, having to search through a particle world bit by bit was still going to be a long and cumbersome process. His current cultivation was not enough. Unless he was an extremely powerful immortal king character, his immortal sense would naturally be several times more powerful compared to immortal-foundations experts, and would be able to instantly envelop the entire particle world.

"Purgatory." Qin Wentian spoke.

"Master." Purgatory walked up, she could sense Qin Wentian's current emotions.

"Qingcheng is familiar with you. Transform into your original form and release your purgatory flames while flying high in the air. If Qingcheng sees you, she would understand that I've returned." Qin Wentian spoke.

"Understood." Purgatory nodded. A long screech emitted from her as she transformed back into a vermilion bird, soaring up into the clouds, igniting the space around her. The people from afar were all stunned when they saw this. The vermilion bird was an immortal demon.

"Little Rascal, transform into a golden-winged roc and search Chu. If you find her, summon me immediately." Qin Wentian spoke to Little Rascal who was standing on his shoulders.

"Okay." Little Rascal was also extremely obedient at this moment. He instantly transformed amidst a gust of raging wind, becoming a golden-winged great roc as he shuttled with great speed towards the Country of Chu.

"This..." Everyone was speechless when they saw this. The Monarch of Grand Xia was back, and the two demonic beast companions he had before, were all immortals now.

"Where is the Star River Association in Grand Xia located?" Qin Wentian stared at the people in the royal palace below as he asked.

"Not far from here, in the western direction." A person spoke. Qin Wentian turned and stepped out, flying towards the west. And not long after, under the surveillance of his immortal sense, a towering majestic building appeared. This was even more grand than the Grand Xia Royal Palace and was none other than the Star River Association that was built in Grand Xia.

Right now, everyone at the Star River Association felt a little nervous. They were all flying out of the association as though in preparation to leave. Before this, Qin Wentian's brazen voice rang out through the heavens and earth. They knew that Qin Wentian had returned and the Star River Association in Grand Xia was nothing more than a branch, no one there was strong enough to stand against Qin Wentian.

But at this moment, the outline of a silhouette suddenly descended on the airspace above the Star River Association. The figure's cold gaze took in everything in the surroundings.

Qin Wentian discovered that although there were some people from the Star River Association preparing to flee, there were still many experts remaining. Evidently, after the experts from the other worlds descended, they used an overwhelming method to dominate the entire particle world, while many experts of this world chose to join with them.

With a sweep of his immortal sense, Qin Wentian could see the reward list of the Star River Association. His anger intensified, generating a palpable wave of might that gushed forth from him. What hefty rewards were to be given out - killing of core members from the Grand Xia Royal Palace would result in one obtaining fifth-ranked divine weapons from the Star River Association. It was truly luxurious.

At the top of the list, the names of the Medicine Sovereign, Fairy Qingmei, Ye Qingyun, Ouyang Kuangsheng and Mo Qingcheng could all be seen. There wasn't a single missing one among his friends that was to be hunted. Among these, the rewards for the Medicine Sovereign and Mo Qingcheng were the highest. The immortal-foundation experts from the Star River Association couldn't be bothered to personally hunt them down. They believed that with such luxurious rewards, everyone in this particle world would feel tempted to do their bidding.

No matter where this group of people hid, they would be captured sooner or later. There was no chance of survival for them. This was why the Star River Association couldn't be bothered to personally go after a bunch of defeated characters.

This reward list was also a method for the Star River Association to establish their dominance. Most probably, this reward list was something that is shared to all the current branches in this entire particle world.

"Bzzz!" Qin Wentian's body shuttled forth, his sword qi sweeping across heaven and earth. Everywhere he passed by, experts wearing the robes from the Star River Association could be seen falling from the air, directly vanquished by the power of his sword qi. Countless people from afar stared at this scene with immense shock in their eyes.

Qin Wentian stood at the top of the Star River Association's building. From him, a fearsome sword qi swept frenziedly across everything, enveloping the entire Star River Association. Qin Wentian's long robes fluttered despite there being no wind, resembling a god of slaughter.

The Star River Association issued such hefty rewards for the killing of his closest friends. The instant he saw the reward list, it was already destined that both the Star River Association and him stood at absolute opposite ends. There was no way for the grudge between them to be dissolved.

The Star River Association wanted the lives of his closest friends, including the life of his wife, Mo Qingcheng.

The violent sword qi gushed forth, causing piercing sounds to ring out. When the towering sword qi sweep across the Star River Association's building, the entire building was instantly demolished into rubble. The waves of sword qi stacked endlessly upon each other, transforming into a windstorm ever-increasing in might and ferocity. To the Star River Association of Grand Xia, it was like apocalypse had come.

Under Qin Wentian's feet, the rubble further crumbled, transforming into nothing but a pile of dust. The countless dust particles drifted through the air, this glorious newly built Star River Association, only lasted for such a short period of time before becoming history, lacerated into motes of dust by the power of the sword qi windstorm.

Qin Wentian's silhouette flickered as he vanished. The spectators from afar stared at the vanished Star River Association as they felt a shuddering from the depths of their souls. The return of Monarch of Grand Xia...Was the flames of revenge in his heart going to combust this entire world?

"Luckily for me, I didn't choose to join the Star River Association." Someone sighed at his own luck. For those individuals who wanted to join but were rejected, all were perspiring cold sweat now. Before Qin Wentian arrived, they were still saying that the newly built Star River Association was a sacred ground and would become the hegemon of this world, so strong that nobody could defend against it. Once you managed to join the Star River Association, what awaited you was a life of riches and glory. However, nobody would imagine that all of this would be ripped into pieces in nothing but an instant. For those people who joined the Star River Association, all felt their hopes burning away, turning into despair.

Was Qin Wentian wrong? Nobody would feel like this. They could well imagine the rage in his heart. He was once the Monarch of Grand Xia, a legendary character that united Grand Xia. The moment he returned, he actually saw the Star River Association having a reward list specially for the hunting down of his friends and companions. It was apparent how hot the flames of anger burning in his heart was.

Those who joined the Star River Association also understood that since they have already joined, they were destined to stand in opposition with the Monarch of Grand Xia.

Far up above the Grand Xia Empire, a vermillion bird releasing red flashes of light could be seen. The vermilion bird flew in circles around the Grand Xia Empire with extreme speed. The eyes of the bird were like flaming torches, peering at the people below. She knew how anxious Qin Wentian was, so even if she had to look through every place in this empire inch by inch, she wanted to find Mo Qingcheng.

Qin Wentian similarly didn't stop. After leaving the Ginkou Continent, he directly sped towards the Demon Continent. He wanted to visit every place Fairy Qingmei once stayed in, hoping to be able to find her. However since the Star River Association announced to the public that they were hunting Fairy Qingmei, it was also possible that Fairy Qingmei might have hidden herself in some location unknown to everyone.

Outside the Demon Continent's capital city, the Celestial Lake Palace of yesteryear was located there. Qin Wentian wished to go there to take a look.

This was a city that was surrounded by countless ancient trees, deep in a dense forest where many demonic beasts lived. Qin Wentian was disappointed when he arrived at the Celestial Lake Palace. There wasn't the slightest trace of Fairy Qingmei and the others. But traces of combat could be seen etched in the surroundings as the buildings nearby were all destroyed.

"Swish~" Qin Wentian vanished once more, as he continued heading to other places. This time, he prepared to head to the revived Azure Emperor Palace, and to the other locations where he thought that there was a possibility for Fairy Qingmei and the others to go to.


In an extremely secretive place in the Grand Xia Empire, there was a lush green forest. Within here, there were many small huts being constructed, seemingly like the living quarters of a tribe hidden from the world.

In a certain part of the forest, several figures could be seen. One of them was extremely fat. He laid on the ground and complained in a low voice, "This kind of life where we flee again and again truly sucks. When will it end?"

"You can't take it anymore?" A mature-looking beauty wearing a smoking hot dress smiled.

"Nah its fine, being able to see senior sister daily, I can still be considered blessed." The smile on the fatty's face when he saw beauties, could cause one to have the shivers.

"Oh is that so? I better have a good chat with Xuan Xin." The beauty laughed.

"Sis, please spare me..." The fatty trembled.

"Hmph." A tender-sounding voice drifted over as several figures walked out of the forest nearby. One of them appeared elegant and distinguished and there were two beauties by his side. One of the beauties was none other than Xuan Xin, she walked towards the fatty and spoke, "Fan Le, all of us have finished discussing. Starting from tomorrow, it will be your turn to go out and scout for information."

"My beautiful wife, you can't treat your hubby like this." The flesh on the fatty's face trembled.

"Damn fatty, this should be a grand occasion. All our lives are in your hands." Ouyang Kuangsheng walked over, laughing as he stared at the fatty.

"Forget it, I feel that in the short term at least, they won't be able to find this place."

"It's still better to be more cautious. Many seniors are already injured. If we are hunted down again, it's highly probable that we won't be able to survive this calamity." Ouyang Kuangsheng's expression turned heavy. Given how vast this world is, there seemed to be no place for them. Now, they were scouting for information on the outside world to avoid capture. It was no easy task given that all of them were on the reward list, to be hunted down by the entire world.

"I heard that that fellow once recuperated here for quite some time, with Qing`er taking care of him. The old forces from the hidden factions of Azure Emperor Palace also used this forest as a gathering point. I wonder how he is doing in the immortal realms now." Fatty glanced up at the sky as he sigh. "How far away do you think the immortal realms are, from our particle world?"

"Who knows? Isn't it said that the immortal realms are boundlessly vast? I'm afraid he wouldn't be able to return so easily." Ouyang Kuangsheng sighed.

"Yeah. Even if he's back, it's useless as well. Who would have thought that the Star River Association would be so powerful. Seems like for us brothers, most probably we won't be able to reunite ever again in this lifetime." Fan Le shook his head in resignation. He stared in the air in a daze, thinking unknown thoughts.

"Maybe there might be a miracle!" Jiang Ting who was beside Ouyang Kuangsheng, smiled. "Back then, weren't there many miracles as well? Before the very last moment, who knows what would happen?"

"I guess we can only resign yourself to fate. I, the senior sister, truly have been cheated badly by that little brat. This whole life, I slogged wholeheartedly for him. When can I ever enjoy life?" Luo Huan grumbled nearby. Although she was grumbling, a radiant light could be seen flickering in her eyes when she thought back to that fellow. There was also a beautiful smile on her face.