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 AGM 0101 - A Promise

As the crowd personally witnessed Qin Wentian passing that painting to Mu Rou, they couldn't help but to silently sigh in their hearts. This fellow was actually willing to give the painting away. They couldn't help but to be jealous of Mu Rou.

Naturally, this proved that what he said earlier was true. This Divine Inscription painting was something he really created. If not, why would he be willing to give it away as a present.

"A good lass was born to the Mu Clan." An elderly figure smiled to Mu Rou. Upon noticing this figure, Mu Rou involuntarily felt her heart trembled with shock. This person had an extraordinary status in the Royal Capital.

Not only him, several of those who came today hailed from prestigious backgrounds. There were even quite a few 3rd level Divine Inscriptionists mixed in the crowd.

"Haha, lass from the Mu Clan. Not bad." Another figure laughed. Mu Rou slightly bowed to all those who spoke, indicating her respect.

Suddenly, Mu Rou had become the focus of everyone's attention, causing her to be slightly overwhelmed from all the attention.

"Mu Rou, as for this painting, why don't you sell it to me?"

That ordinary-looking old man clad in simple robes spoke out once again. The volume of his voice wasn't great but as the sound of his voice rang out, it seemed to possess a mystical element to it suppressed the other noises in the hall.

Mu Rou glanced over and upon noting the attitude of the surrounding weaponsmiths toward that old man, she guessed other than having an extraordinary background, he also must be someone highly respected. Involuntarily, she cast a look towards Qin Wentian.

"Little lass, you should understand the logic of holding onto this painting. Even the Elders from your academy all have their hearts filled with greed, not to mention others. If this painting remains in your possession, I'm afraid that it will only bring you endless troubles." That old man continued.

Although his words were unpleasant to hear, Mu Rou understood that it was true. That Elder from the Royal Academy had an ugly looking expression displayed on his countenance. Today, all of his face had been thrown away.

Mu Rou was silent for a moment. This gift was something Qin Wentian had given to her for her birthday. It wouldn't be too good if she exchanged the painting for wealth. But since keeping it with her was not an option either, what should she do?

Not to mention these random people. Her clan would also undoubtedly command her to turn the painting over. If that was the case, how could she disobey?

Qin Wentian slightly nodded his head in response to Mu Rou's silent inquiry.

Qin Wentian had experienced it deeply with regards to the treachery humans were capable of. If this painting had not been made known to the public, there wouldn't be any problem at all. But now that it managed to even create such waves of commotion, if this gift of his still remained in Mu Rou's possession, it would undoubtedly be a disaster and not a fortune.

Mu Rou understood the intent of Qin Wentian, as she replied. "This gift has an extraordinary value in my heart. What would senior use in exchange if I'm willing to sell it?"

That old man glanced at Mu Rou, and he replied after a moment of silence. "A promise from me. I promise to accomplish a task for you, regardless of what it is."

If this sentence had been spoken by someone else, the crowd would doubtlessly jeer the speaker in ridicule. However, when the old man spoke these words, silence descended in the gallery. Especially for those who knew the identity of that old man, their hearts were involuntary trembling.

Sometimes, even riches wouldn't be able to secure a promise. Especially a promise from that old man.

At this moment, there wasn't anyone who dared to stand out and vie for the painting with that old man.

Mu Rou's countenance froze as she hesitated, only to hear a voice drifted over from her back. "Mu Rou, agreed to his terms."

The owner of this voice appeared by the side of Mu Rou. And as she saw the figure, she couldn't help but reveal an expression of shock.


"Hmm." Mu Rou's father nodded his head. "Agree to him."

"Okay." Noting the solemn expression on her father's face, Mu Rou shifted her gaze towards that old man. "Senior, I agree."

The old man lightly nodded as he stated. "Your clan members should know where to find me."

"Right." Mu Rou walked forwards and handed the painting to the old man.

After receiving the painting, the old man glanced at Qin Wentian as a smile could be seen on his visage.

"The younger generations are fearsome indeed. Little fellow, continue working hard. Your future is boundless. When you have time to spare, you are always welcome to look for this old man for a chat."

That old man nodded to Qin Wentian before departing.

However, his parting words caused an uproar among the remaining crowd.

The first half of his words praised Qin Wentian. The latter half meant that Qin Wentian was welcome to meet with him anytime he wished.

The spectators were all clear on what the words indicated. One must know that among the crowd, there were even some 3rd level Divine Inscriptionists who wouldn't able to have a chance to meet with the old man, even if they begged for it.

But before that old man left, he actually said that if there was time, Qin Wentian would be welcome to meet with him for a chat!

Other than immense shock in their hearts, many people also felt pity. That heaven-defying creation, there wouldn't be any chance for them to view it in the future.

Unless...Qin Wentian created a similar painting once more.

"Mu Rou, you had it rough during this period of time. Come home with me after this, okay?" Mu Rou's father told Mu Rou.

Glancing at her father, Mu Rou felt some unwillingness in her heart.

"Don't worry. As for the cultivation resources the clan withheld from you, you will be duly compensated for all of them." Mu Rou's father gently smiled. Mu Rou froze. Was this all because of the promise of that old man? If that was the case, wouldn't that be because of Qin Wentian?

"Okay." Glancing at Qin Wentian, she added. "I will return first."

"Right." Qin Wentian smiled.

Mu Rou's father also smiled in response and nodded lightly to Qin Wentian before departing the hall with Mu Rou.

At this moment, Qin Wentian also prepared to leave. Although there were many people here, they didn't welcome his presence.

However, before he departed, Qin Wentian shifted his gaze to that Elder from before. He calmly stated.

"I have a question for you. Are all the Elders in the Royal Academy as shameless as you?"

After completing that sentence, Qin Wentian walked away. His parting words were targeted at that Elder's humiliating words from before. Are all the students of the Emperor Star Academy as shameless as you?

The humiliating tone of that sentence included the entirety of the Emperor Star Academy. Qin Wentian would naturally remember it.

The parting words he left behind at this moment were akin to a loud slap on the face of that Elder.

Not long ago, when Qin Wentian stated that the Divine Inscription painting was his, many tried to make things difficult for him, jeering at him with ridicule and even humiliating him.

The best reply to answer these types of people was to slap their faces with reality.

As Qin Wentian walked towards the exit, the crowd automatically opened up a path for him. Many of those with extraordinary statuses started to surround him, wanting to have a chance to chat with him.

Naturally, among them were several weaponsmiths who had met a bottleneck with regards to their comprehension of Divine Imprints. If they could forge a friendship and have future interactions with the youth who created that heaven-defying Divine Imprint, it would undoubtedly be of immense help to them in the future.

The 'clown' from earlier had somehow obtained such an important status. Even if it wasn't for his talent in inscriptions, just merely his talent for cultivation alone would already be sufficient enough to cause others to respect him.

Ye Zhan and Liu Yan were standing together. Both of them watched silently as Qin Wentian walked past them.

Qin Wentian was chatting to those around him with smiles on his face. He didn't even glance in their directions. Perhaps, they no longer had the qualification to attract Qin Wentian's attentions. The arrogance Ye Zhan had when he first arrived was now crushed into nothingness.

Especially Liu Yan. She was standing with her head lowered, not daring to make a sound. Maybe, they were truly people belonging to different worlds.

Ye Zhan's countenance was filled with anger and even some traces of regret. Previously, Qin Wentian had no interactions with him but had also never humiliated him. But because of the pride in his heart, he had chosen to offend him.

What worth did Ye Zhan have? In the Ye Clan, there were many youths who were countless times more talented than him. If not for the backing of his clan, he would be evaluated as utterly worthless. Just the hard work and talent of Qin Wentian alone had left Ye Zhan far behind in the dust.

This comparison was like a knife that mercilessly stabbed at his heart. However, Ye Zhan forcefully suppressed the emotions of self pity deep within himself.

In reality, Qin Wentian had never even bothered to compare himself with him, because in Qin Wentian's eyes, Ye Zhan was never someone important.

Other than Ye Zhan, Murin and Gretchen were also feeling this way.

She had once nothing but contempt towards Qin Wentian. But after today, she realized that her talent that she was so proud of was nothing but garbage in front of him. Be it combat ability or talent in comprehending inscriptions, Qin Wentian effortlessly smashed her down.

The representatives of the Sky Transport Network silently left as well, while Xue Yuan stood there mutely, not even daring to make a sound.

The Elder from the Royal Academy glared at her as he angrily berated, "Look at what you have done."

At this moment, the Elder really wanted to unleash all the humiliation and rage he felt today on Xue Yuan.

Xue Yuan lowered her head in silence. Although she was wrong on her part, the Elder had no rights to criticise her like this.

Using his status as an Elder of the academy to borrow the painting from her, how could she have dared to disagree? And as for the events that transpired later, weren't they all caused by his arrogance and individual decisions? It had nothing to do with her whatsoever.

Mu Rou could criticise her all she wanted, but this Elder did not have the rights to do so.

However, this world never runned on logic. Facing the Elder's harsh beratement, as an ordinary student of the Royal Academy, she could only silently bear with it. Was this not also a form of tragedy?