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 Chapter 1000: Yang An's Killing Intent

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The arrogant words reverberated through the heavens and earth. The two of them stood facing each other from among the crowd-the banquet had long collapsed.

That strike had truly caused everyone to feel Qin Wentian's power.

To be able to clash with an expert at Immortal Foundation while he was still at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm? What glory was this?

In addition, Qin Wentian didn't seem to be at a disadvantage. Although he was forced back from the impact, his opponent was as well. With just this strike, he already possessed the capabilities that gave him leave to be arrogant.

Immortal foundation experts were those who completed establishing their immortal foundations, and were existences who could wield law energy. They could then infuse this energy into their immortal arts. They contained boundless strength, and if one ascended to immortality from Celestial Phenomenon, that would be a qualitative transformation that no ascendant could surpass. Regardless of how outstanding you were at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm, it would be impossible to win against immortal foundation experts. In fact, immortal foundation experts could effortlessly kill ascendants. These two existences were not on the same level.

This was public knowledge and common logic to all cultivators. But at this moment, Qin Wentian had actually broken that logic, shocking everyone here.

"His palm is too terrifying! And the power of his innate techniques seem to contain traces of law energy, and the law energy isn't merely a faint wisp. Like the Dragon Elephant he unleashed-it actually contained boundless might." The crowd mused in their hearts as they stared at the God's Hand. Exactly what sort of power did one need before they could contend against immortal foundation experts while at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm?

"What innate technique is that?" asked the immortal foundation expert as he stared at Qin Wentian's palms. Regardless of his palms or the gigantic elephant innate technique he'd earlier unleashed, both were extremely terrifying. Both must be a product of a supremely strong innate technique or art for sure.

The name of this immortal foundation expert was Mu Feng. He was the son of a king-ranked character in the empire. With his outstanding talent, he had already established his immortal foundation for quite some time, and his cultivation was relatively stable. There was no doubt that he was a powerful person in his own right. How arrogant was he? He'd wanted to punish Qin Wentian, forcing him to apologize and leave the empire. But after that one exchange, he'd actually been forced back by Qin Wentian, losing all face and damaging his prestige.

"You are not worthy to know." Qin Wentian laughed coldly. "If I break through to the immortal foundation realm, I don't even need to depend on innate techniques to kill you. You want to blame my innate techniques as the reason you were forced back? Don't you have any shame?"

"These people are all shameless. Sending out ascendants failed, so they sent out an immortal foundation expert. If that fails too, they will start crying for their parents and grandparents," Little Rascal said in his baby-like voice, directly smacking the faces of the entire crowd. Everyone in this banquet was evidently targeting Qin Wentian, but none at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm could do anything about him. Hence, immortal foundation experts like this young man had no choice but to act. That in itself was already reprehensible; no matter what, this was still the royal palace.

"Brother Qin, the mouth of your vile creature is too filthy. You had better manage it," The crown prince of the Qi King Manor said coldly. Right now, they were mounted halfway on a tiger and it was impossible to get down.

"Wow, how imposing!" Little Rascal's voice sarcastically rang out once more. He stared at Yang An as he said, "A mere #5 ranker in the Immortal Ascension Rankings, so in your eyes, Zi Daoyang is like that of a God. You regard yourself as inferior to him and assume that others would be too. But the truth remains; Qin Wentian defeated the current Zi Daoyang, who had cultivated for several years in the City of Ancient Emperors after you left. To think that even the likes of you would dare to say that I'm bragging. If this baobao was you, I would have already commited suicide out of shame."

"Little Rascal, better save some face for these people. After all, they are the descendants of nobility and have such lofty statuses. They may be utter trash, but their statuses alone can crush you to death." Qin Wentian patted Little Rascal on his head as he spoke, evidently he had completely disregarded the experts surrounding him.

"Do you really believe you can stand against an immortal foundation expert? Earlier, Brother Mu was merely playing with you. If Brother Qin still wants to obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way, I'm afraid I'll be forced to show Brother Qin the real strength of immortal foundation." A fearsome aura gushed forth from Yang An as a startling immortal might radiated forth from him. It was terrifying to the extreme.

"Didn't you guys plan to come at me together?" Qin Wentian gave a mocking laugh.

"You really like to overestimate your own capabilities. Just one of us is enough," Mu Feng said coldly. He radiated a might that grew even more savage. Resplendent light shone around him as his immortal foundation emitted a rumbling sound. In the air, Qin Wentian saw a constellation of a golden fist so gigantic that it blotted out the entire sky.

No, that wasn't just a constellation. It was the qualitative evolution of a constellation-an immortal constellation. They were much stronger than any constellation an ascendant could conjure. That flowing fist light was like a meteor shower, emitting boundless rays of runic light that shot down meteoric fists containing immortal law energy and might.

"Once immortals have established their immortal foundations, their constellations will undergo an evolution. The immortal foundation can directly control the evolved constellation, allowing them to absorb the immortal energy radiating from it. This will slowly strengthen their immortal foundations, causing their constellations to continue their evolution until they become supreme laws." Qin Wentian stared at the immortal phenomena caused by his opponent's constellation, sensing the pure strength within. This time, fighting an immortal foundation expert would offer him quite the experience.

Mu Feng stretched his hands, instantly transforming his arms into a replica of his constellation, then fusing them together to become one entity. It was easier for him to use the immortal energy from his constellation while in this state and every punch he threw out had the power to tear apart the skies. Although he hadn't left his original location, the immortal fist was already blasting towards Qin Wentian. If an immortal foundation expert acted, they could effortlessly slaughter anyone within a 100-mile radius just by standing there.

Qin Wentian's aura intensified. He stepped out, causing the earth to rumble with the force of his step, and he blasted out with a punch. His divinity of suppression appeared behind him, and the power of his blows were augmented by supreme demon might. Countless explosions happened due to the collision of energies, and the power from the aftershocks ravaged their surroundings.

Mu Feng's expression grew unsightly. Both his palms shimmered with an even more intense immortal might as they blasted out together. The immortal foundation caused the light from his body to grow even more resplendent, flaring brilliantly in response. The light enveloped him protectively as he channeled the might into his fists. Every punch he threw out could shake the heavens, and there was nothing that could block it.

Qin Wentian activated the God's Hand on both palms. This was the first time he'd done so, and it exhausted astronomical amounts of energy. If it weren't for the fact that he had plenty of Yuanfus-as well as a vast amount of astral energy contained within him-it would basically be impossible for him to make it through such a tyrannical battle. How terrifying was he now? Two palms imbued with the God's Hand immediately smashed out, fighting head on with an immortal foundation expert. The space cracked as the sky changed color. Those in the surroundings all retreated far away, feeling more and more perplexed in their hearts as they watched Qin Wentian fighting against Mu Feng.

Qin Wentian was simply too strong, and he possessed perfect control of his movements. His body was seemingly indestructible, with a supreme glow circulating around it. His attacks could shake the heavens and earth, and could resist the immortal might. Evidently, Qin Wentian's attacks also contained law energy. Given how talented he was, it was impossible for him not to have comprehended the existence of laws.

However, it was also impossible for Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants to absorb immortal energy from their constellations. Even for ascendants who had comprehended law energy, they would still be limited by this. They could never wield the same vast amount of law energy that an immortal foundation expert could. The immortal foundation within them was like a vault that they drew energy from. It contained endless might and allowed them to last through many rounds of combat. Although Qin Wentian was someone that could defy the heavens, it was clear that he would eventually be defeated.

But even so, Qin Wentian could already be proud of what he'd accomplished. At the very least, his strength had stunned all these descendants of nobility, allowing them to clearly see the distance between them and him.

The #1 ranker in the Immortal Ascension Rankings, an expert who had defeated Zi Daoyang. Right now, none of them doubted this.

"Qin Wentian, have you shown us all your trump cards?" Mu Feng asked coldly as he continued attacking.

"You talk so arrogantly when your opponent is merely at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm? I truly feel sad for you," Qin Wentian replied domineeringly. The two of them fought from the ground to the air.

"Oh, how embarrassing. I assumed that immortal foundation experts would be very powerful." Little Rascal inclined his head and sighed. He appeared extremely adorable, yet his words caused numerous cold gazes to land on him. They wouldn't spare this vile creature.

"What do you all want to do?" Little Rascal stared at the experts gazing at him with hatred and enmity, and he expanded his form. After which, he said, "If you all want a fair fight with me, at the same level of cultivation, this baobao will accept a match from you sorry losers any time."

"Vile creature, what impudent words. Who has the time to fight fairly with you? I organized this banquet, yet you chose to devour all the demonic beasts here. Since it has come to this, leave your life behind as repayment." Yang An's eyes flickered with coldness as he walked out.

"Using immortal foundation experts to bully ascendants again?" Little Rascal transformed back into a golden-winged roc, then soared into the air and stared sharply at Yang An.

Yang An's gaze was extremely terrifying as it flickered with killing intent. He had always been in love with Qing`er and had tried to pursue her. The sole reason he had invited Qin Wentian here today was to make him understand his unworthiness and voluntarily withdraw. However Qin Wentian had caused chaos in the banquet, and nobody had enough power to stop him. He was so strong to the extent where he could even exchange blows with an immortal foundation expert. What did this make him? As the #5 ranker in the Immortal Ascension Rankings, he had been shuttled to the side like some insignificant being, making him extremely resentful in his heart.

Given the talent Qin Wentian had displayed, and the fact that Qing`er was in love with him, everyone present understood that it was probably impossible for Yang An to compete with Qin Wentian for Qing`er's love. Yang An was an intelligent man, and although Qin Wentian kept saying he had no background, it was evident he had the support of either an immortal king or emperor or he wouldn't have been able to enter the City of Ancient Emperors. In this royal palace, where the elites of the Evergreen Immortal Empire gathered, there was really nothing special about an ordinary immortal king or emperor. Hence, it was normal that Qin Wentian had refrained from mentioning it.

And given Qin Wentian's talent, once he stepped into immortal foundation, it was very possible for him to find another strong supporter.

This made Yang An jealous. Was there really no fate between Princess Qing`er and him? No matter what, he would make Qin Wentian pay the price for his loss of face today.

"We are leaving." Little Rascal suddenly transformed into a golden bolt of lightning, streaking through the air. He knew that Yang An wanted to kill them. He didn't have the confidence to fight against an immortal foundation expert.

"Do you think you can escape?" Yang An stepped out, his entire being glowed with immortal light as waves of immortal might gushed forth from him. Law energy enveloped him, and he moved like a gust of wind chasing after Little Rascal.

-BOOM!- The entire area was instantly enveloped by a surging tornado formed from immortal energy. Little Rascal's body was forcibly halted, locked in place by that terrifying immortal law energy tornado that could lacerate everything. Yang An radiated a terrifying law energy-his talent was of a higher level than Mu Feng. Although he had just entered immortal foundation, his strength wasn't in any way inferior to Mu Feng's.

"DIE!" Yang An shouted coldly. Boundless law runes transformed into wind blades that contained boundless might. They ripped through the sky, aiming for Little Rascal.

Little Rascal spiraled frenziedly about, and he released large amounts of golden light that enveloped him protectively. Those wind blades actually had no way to penetrate his defense. And after that, Little Rascal spun even faster as he soared further up into the sky, transforming into a whirling golden tempest that could lacerate everything wanting to rush out of Yang An's windstorm by force.

"What a powerful defense." The killing intent in Yang An's eyes grew even more pronounced. No matter what, this vile beast had to die here today!




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