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 Chapter 95: Taking Liberties With Women

Jing Mingfeng looked left and right before looking down and sprinting his way over to the left side of a house. Pretending to lean against the building in weariness, he stared ahead with a calm expression.

Lowering his head, both of his eyes closed like he was trying his hardest to remember something. Muttering to himself, he spoke, "Thin, big forehead, chin..."

As he recalled his memories and muttered to himself, the muscles on his face began to squirm. Ten seconds later, he opened his eyes and brought his head up. His facial appearance was completely different from before. He looked nearly 70-80% similar to Bai Yunfei!

"Yeah, this is the best I can remember. Although it's not a perfect match, it's a good estimation. At least there won't be any problems this way." Jing Mingfeng felt his face with a rather satisfied nod. Then, aside to himself he said, "Plus, he has short hair, that saves me time."

Afterward, he revealed a devious smile with the strikingly similar face of Bai Yunfei. If Bai Yunfei were to look at him now, he would surely lay down a beating onto Jing Mingfeng. For this smile had truly been too vulgar.

"Oh, right. Now's not the time to be happy with myself." Jing Mingfeng ceased his smile. He quickly began to walk up the road in the direction of the nearby fabric store.

There was practically no one in the fabric shop. Standing on his tiptoes, Jing Mingfeng looked around the area before a look of glee suddenly appeared on his face. There were two figures several hundred meters who were just about to walk into an alleyway to his right.

"Ha, they're walking into an alleyway with little to no people, that saves me even more time." Jing Mingfeng laughed darkly before quickly chasing after them.

That particular street was not as busy as the others nearby. It was also getting quite late, and all of the vendor stalls on the side had already packed up for the night. There was only the sporadic light from the nearby buildings along with the moonlight to illuminate the streets clearly.

"Miss, why don't we stay in Yanlin City for a few days. It's already been two months since we left home, you haven't rested at all since then..." The middle-aged woman spoke to the young woman next to her with a loving and devoted expression.

"There's no need, aunty Zhao. Do you think a late Soul Warrior leveled person like me won't be able to take a little exhaustion?" The girl turned around with a smile. She brought up her left hand to push a few strands of hair hanging in front of her face to behind her ear. Her skin was as fair as jade with eyebrows bent like willow leaves. The light in her eyes was even brighter than the night sky above her, and when she looked up to admire the starry ceiling, her eyes seemed to glisten along with each individual star. "Besides, we've already stayed here for two whole days. I know you want me to rest a little longer, that's why we didn't buy anything today. I feel that we've stayed here long enough. We'll buy the remainder of what we need and then hurry up on our way..."

"And..." The girl looked back to stare down the end of the street. Slowly, she spoke, "The faster we get to that place, the sooner you'll be able to go home and look after mother."

The aunt's eyebrows furrowed together before she sighed, "Miss, actually you..."

"Aunty Zhao, I know what you're going to say, there's no need to console me." The girl shook her head. "I've endured eighteen years before finally making my way out from that birdcage of a household. I just want to do as I wish. As long as I have enough strength, then I'll be able to break my mother away from the chains they put on her... the ones who took mother, in my personal opinion, I don't really care. But still... they had added to the suffering of my mother. There'll be a day where I'll definitely return the favor in place of my mother tenfold - no - a hundredfold!"

By the end of her words, the girl's face had begun to grow brighter and brighter with fury as well as a hint of helpless sorrow appeared...

Aunt Zhao's eyes revealed a sliver of pain as well. Seeing the depressed little girl, her eyes reflected her own suffering. Just as she was about to speak, her eyes suddenly flew to the side and shouted angrily, "Youngster, what do you want?!"

As soon as she spoke, a furious burst of energy could be felt as an orange ring of light flew toward them. A single right hand flew out and grabbed onto the little girl's butt with a lecherous claw.

The aunt's reaction had been quick, but the owner of that hand had predicted such a response. With a rapid twist of his wrist, the hand had flown up after grabbing the seam of the girl's clothes.

"Tzzkk!" A ripping sound could be heard as a palm-sized hole began to appear in the girl's clothes. It had been fortunate that the young woman's reaction wasn't slow. With a hurried grab at the top part of her clothes, she had prevented it from being ripped any further.

The aunt had been furious and shocked. It was not that she had not realized someone was nearby. She had indeed realized someone was there, but it was clearly the presence of a regular person whose footsteps suggested they were trying to rush home, so she did not pay him any attention. What she didn't imagine was that that person would suddenly commit an action like this. If she had not reacted as quick as she did, she feared that her distracted mind would have allowed her young charge to be molested even more.

With his sneak attack a failure, the figure gave off another burst of soulforce to propel him five to six meters away to face them - it was Bai Yunfei! Oh, that's not right. It was actually Jing Mingfeng who was pretending to be Bai Yunfei.

Jing Mingfeng looked at the young woman in front before glancing at the infuriated older woman. His eyes moved back to the little woman who had only just realized the situation. His eyes swiveled to the cloth in his hand. With a vulgar smile, he gave the fragment of cloth a good sniff as if intoxicated and laughed darkly, "What a charming girl, even her clothes are oh so sweet. Hehe... young master has really good luck with ladies. Pretty lady, allow this young master to look after you. Come with me and I'll love you nice and well, hehe..."

The girl stared blankly at him as if at a loss for words. It was most likely that she had never come across such a situation like this before. Jing Mingfeng giving her clothes a sniff was so rude that the woman's eyebrows had frozen in place while her face grew red. Her eyes reflected with anger and her entire body had begun to tremble.

"Kid, I forbid you to treat the young miss so rudely!!" The aunt's reaction was much faster. Her foot slammed against the ground before Jing Mingfeng had even finished speaking, causing the stone ground to crater underneath her. With a hop into the air, she flew several meters forward with her right leg ready to smash Jing Mingfeng's chest.

"I'm going, there's no need to be so rough!" Jing Mingfeng let out a strangled shout. With his right foot tapping against the ground, he slid to the side with difficulty and narrowly dodged the leg strike.

"Boom!" An explosion rang through the air as a gust of dirt and wind blew in every direction. Jing Mingfeng shut his eyes tight and quickly flew back several steps. The aunty's foot had left a crater about a meter wide and a third of a meter deep where he used to be standing!

"Phew, how dangerous. She's an earth property user, what power she has! It's a good thing I'm fast enough..." Jing Mingfeng wiped away the sweat on his forehead while he secretly rejoiced to himself.

When she saw that her move had missed, the aunty did not feel shocked or even stopped moving. Instead, the fury in her face increased even more along with the depth of the crater as she kicked off of it toward Jing Mingfeng.

"You're still coming?!" Jing Mingfeng shouted as he dodged the incoming fist, "Aunty, you're too savage! You're going to kill me this way!"

"You depraved scoundrel! After violating the young miss, if I don't kill you here and now, I'll at least snap one of your arms!" The aunt vented while sweeping at Jing Mingfeng's feet with her own, but Jing Mingfeng just nimbly leaped over it.

Jing Mingfeng yelled again and again as he leaped and dodged the aunt's assault. Although the aunt was a middle Soul Sprite, her strong attacks were no use against the speed of Jing Mingfeng. Jing Mingfeng wasn't attacking back either and was completely focused on dodging. More importantly, he was trying his best to find an opportunity to charge at the young woman behind the aunt. At every opportunity, the aunt vigilantly blocked him from doing so. After ten bouts, she failed to land a single strike on him.

While he spent his time dodging, he would always find the time to tease and poke fun at the girl with crude words and very vulgar phrases. The words were enough to cause the girl's face to grow very red with anger. There had been many times where she was extremely tempted to charge in with her aunt to help teach this wretched man a lesson in manners.

Dodging an explosion that had rocked the area in front of him, Jing Mingfeng suddenly let loose a strange laugh, "Watch this!"