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 Chapter 94: Jing Minfeng's Action, Preparing to Retaliate?

Bai Yunfei shrugged his shoulders without a care for the 'fighting words' of Jing Mingfeng. Turning around, he prepared to leave the alleyway.

As soon as he put away the brick into his space ring, Bai Yunfei suddenly came to a stop. Looking at the space ring in his hand, he spoke with narrowed eyes, "Crap, when I took the space ring, it had been worn on his hand! That means he already knows about the special effect of this space ring. If he manages to...."

Thinking about it a little longer, Bai Yunfei shook his head and muttered to himself, "He gave off a similar vibe from that of Chengfeng. Plus, he lost control of himself from just a few words. He's most likely a man of bitter fate, with his clan all killed.....agh, does that mean to say he's all alone? With so many people trying to kill him for some sort of secret he holds....isn't that situation the exact same as mine own! Is that why I had such a good impression of him ater? But even if he does know about the unique property of this space ring, he won't be able to guess the reason, so it should be fine. In any case, if he's interested, he might be willing to settle for a deal...."

Bai Yunfei turned to look off at the direction Jing Mingfeng disappeared behind. Thinking heavily, his eyebrows had smoothened out before he walked out from the alleyway.


In the other direction, Jing Mingfeng had made his way two streets over and carefully entered into one of the inns in the area. Renting a room, he walked in and closed the door with explicit orders to the waitress to not be disturbed.

After changing out from his crumpled clothes, he took out a fresh new pair or azure robes. With a wave of his right hand for a mirror, he grimaced in pain as he looked at his own face in it. Then, he turned the mirror to focus onto his eyes and began to pay rapt attention as if trying to control something.

Half a moment later, the crinkles on his face had began to wriggle and squirm in an odd fashion before disappearing from sight completely. His nose began to change in size and shape, his chin began to widen, and even his cheeks began to stretch. His mouth, eyebrows, forehead....the entirety of his face had seemingly made a gradual transformation.

Not even a minute later, the elderly man in the mirror had transformed into a kind-looking 20 year old youth!

Taking a look at the scholarly face of reflection in the mirror, Jing Mingfeng gave a satisfied nod of his head before speaking to himself, "Yea, that'll do. I'll use this one for the time being."

Collecting the mirror, he suddenly felt a little tired. Walking over to his bed, he laid on top of it and let out a long sigh before staring blankly at the ceiling.

"I thought that I had found a kid who was out in the world by himself to seek fortune, but who would have known that he was actually stronger and capable of finding me~!" Jing MInfeng thought back to his first encounter with Bai Yunfei with a thoughtful look. "My 'Soul Concealment Art' and 'Face Change' technique are both perfect. Even a Soul Ancestor would be unable to detect it, how was he able to find me so fast?"

"Maybe...it's not a problem with me but....the space ring?" Jing Minfeng's eyes began to glisten. "It has to be. After he found me he immediately grabbed onto my left hand where it was. Clearly he was well aware of the exact location of the ring. How unlucky that I didn't have time to look inside the ring to see what it had. But still, that ring...."

Jing Minfeng's eyebrows crinkled together as if he was thinking of some sort of unsolvable question. "When I wore the ring, there was a strange sensation, a sort of a strong sensation of power? If only I had some time to look at it, otherwise, I'd know if I was wrong or not...."

"There's also that ineffable brick. It's the first time I've ever seen a soul cultivator use a brick as a weapon. And clearly, that brick is not any ordinary one. It isn't a soul item by any means, but it's at least half a soul item! I was sent flying by it so easily and there was even a dizzying sensation at one point....maybe he used some sort of soul technique that can only be used with a brick? That's ridiculous, I've heard all that I've seen before, but am I really lacking in knowledge?"

"Bai Yunfei...hmph! I'll remember this! You've played me like a monkey, but sooner or later you'll know just how serious angering me is!"

Jing Mingfeng growled angrily. He had not thought about how it was him that had first provoked Bai Yunfei and ended up having the space ring taken back and hit with a brick....

After resting for a spell, Jing Mingfeng exited from the room and left the inn to mix in with the hustling crowd of people. Even if he were to walk across Bai Yunfei right now, even he wouldn't be able to tell that this person was the very same one that had stolen his space ring.


Jing Mingfeng had pretended to walk up the street as if he was window-shopping for a book to read. He was now a scholar out on the road to recollect himself. In reality, his eyes were keenly looking all over the streets to seek out his next 'prey'.

"Agh, although this is the most prosperous city in the Beiyan province with plenty of soul cultivators, why can't I meet one that's wearing a space ring and can be stolen?" Jing Minfeng grumbled to himself while eyeing the crowd. "If I come across another second generation showing off his treasure, that'd be great. The space ring I got from the fourth master of the Chen family was by no means lacking in riches. I could swap them out for money and soul crystals later."

Jing Mingfeng took notice of two arrogant looking soul cultivators from the side with a disdain curl of his lips, "Only idiots show off in front of the public. With how arrogant the soul cultivator world is, it's a wonder how it didn't die out yet."

"Miss, it's getting late. Why don't we return to the inn and come back tomorrow to buy the rest of the items that are needed?"

Jing Mingfeng had just walked past a clothing store when his ears had heard a middle-aged woman speak. He had heard someone else speak before his own eyebrows curled up in wonder, "Soul cultivator! And a strong one at that!"

Within the extremely spacious interior of the store, two figures could be seen standing by the counter. On the outside was a single strong-looking middle-aged woman with a tall stature at around the same height of Jing Mingfeng himself. She was most likely a wife who had grown accustomed to doing the heavy work back in her village, but Jing Mingfeng didn't dare underestimate her. When he had been looking for soul cultivators before, she had registered to be at least at the level of Soul Sprite level. She was currently putting away all her bags into the space ring on her hand while also simultaneously talking to the woman next to her.

Having seen enough, Jing Mingfeng couldnt help but feel his eyes lighten up-white robes and beautiful hair that was like a waterfall. A snowy white face that had reflected the lights from the candles to create a flushed red color. Although it was only from the side, Jing Mingfeng could already determine this was a stunning woman.

Stunned for a moment, Jing Mingfeng shook his head wildly before pretending to be a passerby walking down their way. As he drew close, the middle-aged woman seemed to have snapped over to watch him attentively with her guard up. But it had thankfully not activated and left Jing Mingfeng undetected.

"The men of the Jing family don't steal from the elderly, poor, woman, or children. I'll find another way." Jing Mingfeng thought to himself. Thinking inwardly to himself, Jing Mingfeng walked over to another area before coming to a sudden stop as if he had seen something to cause his eyes to twinkle nonstop.

Several seconds later, a malicious smile overcame his face as he began to growl angrily, "Bai Yunfei, I didn't think that there would be such a good time t take revenge on you so soon.I will let you know then, what it means to 'come unexpected and to cry without tears!"


After several streets had been crossed, Bai Yunfei had found an ordinary-looking inn where he sat on his bed in a closed-shut manner.

"Just why am I feeling nervous? Why is it that I feel that something bad is about to happen?"

Thinking for a bit, Bai Yunfei shook his head and thought to himself, "It's just my imagination, I haven't provoked anyone at all yet...."

"That Jing Mingfeng shouldn't be considered to be an enemy of mine I think."