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 The auction house was in no small amount of uproar now that Bai Yunfei had 'appeared'. Everyone was discussing madly to one another on Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun as they were being led by Yan Jiangjing out from the first floor. It was only when the three of them were gone from the first floor that the audience started to settle back in and resume the auction.

In one of the private rooms on the left side of the third floor.

"Bai Yunfei! He's here in this house! And that slut Tang Xinyun! They have the guts to show themselves in front of me!!"

Qin Shoufeng's eyes were practically bloodshot as he shot complaint after complaint at the appearance of the two. It looked like he had gone mad and was about ready to cannibalize someone.

Zhang Qian and the others leaped to attention at once. "Lord Feng!" He cried, "What are you doing?! Refrain yourself! This is the auction, causing trouble here will be huge trouble!"

Qin Shoufeng looked absolutely strange compared to normal. The anger in his eyes was uncontrollable and his body was shaking intensely like a beast gone feral. He wasn't listening to anyone, and the only thing stopping him from charging out of the room was Sun Jian.

"What are you doing, little Feng!!"

The doors to his room burst open as someone else came striding inside to block the way and stop Qin Shoufeng.

It was Qin Shouhao.

"Move out of the way! I'm going to kill those two cheaters!!"

Not even his own family member seemed recognizable to Qin Shoufeng in his current state as he lashed out to force his own brother aside. The only thing he was seeing was red!

"You're being too noisy!!"

Right beside Qin Shouhao was Qin Pingzhi. Angered by the outrageous display of Qin Shoufeng, Qin Pingzhi enveloped the younger male in a bubble of green energy before forcing him into the ground.

Zhang Qian, Sun Jian, and the others immediately fell silent when the Soul King took action. They were like cicadas that had been intimidated into silence.

Not even when Qin Shoufeng fell down did any of them move to pick him up.

Qin Pingzhi and Qin Shouhao closed the door behind them to prevent anyone from going out. Inwardly, Qin Shouhao was glad at their early prevention. Had they not been here sooner, he was afraid Qin Shoufeng would've gotten himself into even more trouble.

"I had thought you'd learn your lesson." Qin Pingzhi rebuked, "But clearly you still haven't! That Bai Yunfei could kill you with a pinch of a finger if he wanted! Just how deep of a hole do you wish to find yourself in?! Until this auction is over, you are forbidden to step even half a step beyond this room!"

Like Qin Shouhao, Zhang Qian and the others were relieved, though they were also slightly confused.

Hadn't Qin Shoufeng said yesterday he'd endure the humiliation Bai Yunfei had dealt him? Hadn't he also said he'd not anger Bai Yunfei? Then why was he acting in such a completely opposite way than yesterday now?


Yan Jiangjing led Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun to an expensive-looking room on the third floor with a smile. "This is your room, please enter it. Should either of you two have any queries or needs, please do not hesitate to instruct the employees outside. I will leave you two to resume your enjoyment of our auction."

Bai Yunfei glanced a quick look at the room to their left. "Thank you brother Yan..." He cupped his hands in gratitude. "Please don't mind us and resume your business."

Yan Jiangjing left the two afterward, leaving Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun to go into the room and closing the door behind them.

The interior of the room was equipped with several facilities that were otherwise not seen on the first two floors. Furthermore, the side facing the front of the auction was made of transparent glass to allow the viewers inside a nice view of whatever it was being auctioned. Bai Yunfei recalled not being able to see through the glass from the other side, so the glass was definitely made of some sort of special material to allow for one-way viewing.

Just behind the glass viewing screen was a large table and chairs. Pulling them up for him and Tang Xinyun to sit in, Bai Yunfei smiled. "Haha, this must be what it feels like to be privileged. This is far more comfortable than down below."

"Why didn't you announce yourself in the very beginning then?" Tang Xinyun smiled back. "We could have enjoyed this room from the beginning!"

"I wanted to keep a low profile at first..." Bai Yunfei shrugged. "Who knew we'd be found out so fast...but I guess it doesn't matter. We don't have anyone to be afraid of, and it's nothing bad if they recognize us since we'll be leaving after today."

The auctioneers on the podium down below were in the middle of presenting a brown-colored spirit root, to which many people were in the middle of trying to buy.

The spirit root was bought shortly afterward, and the next item to be brought up were nine green-colored leaves the size of candlesticks.

"These are wind immortal grass, a heaven-tier ingredient with effects on par with the core blossom. It has the great ability to increase a Soul Exalt's chances of becoming a Soul King, but is hard for a soul cultivator to take in. Only soulbeasts can take in this rare ingredient without harm. It'll be extremely beneficial for a class six soulbeast to eat this to become a class seven. Our starting bid will begin at eighty thousand low-grade primal stones."

Wu Mei'er announced the item succinctly before opening the floor to start the bidding process.

"Wind immortal grass?" Bai Yunfei's eyes narrowed in interest. People were already starting to bid on the item as he concentrated on it.

This was the item Jing Mingfeng wanted to buy. If he wasn't wrong, the final person to bid for this item would most likely be Jing Mingfeng.

"Ninety-thousand low-grade primal stones!"

"A hundred-thousand low-grade primal stones!"

A hundred and ten thousand..."

Despite the wind immortal grass being only effective for soulbeasts, there was still plenty of people with wind-type soulbeasts as their bonded partners. The price of the item quickly soared up to a hundred and seventy-thousand before only two people were left to haggle.

"A hundred and eighty-thousand low-grade primal stones!"

An elder dressed in green spoke out to usher the hall into silence. Bai Yunfei stared at the man. Was this person Jing Mingfeng? Disguising himself as an elderly person wasn't something Jing Mingfeng would normally do.

Silence reigned for several short moments, but long enough for Wu Mei'er to open her mouth to close the bid.

"A hundred and ninety-thousand low-grade primal stones!"

A young man cloaked in green and wielding a folding fan called out. This man hadn't participated in the bid from start to finish before making this final bid to close it.

"That's him!!" Bai Yunfei thought to himself. He didn't know what Jing Mingfeng's aura felt like now that he was disguised, but this type of attitude towards bidding was something that'd definitely fit Jing Mingfeng's nature.

The elderly man that had given the previous bid faltered. He wouldn't make a second bid for the item. When it seemed like no one would compete with the youth, a deep voice boomed out from the second floor.

"Two-hundred-thousand low-grade primal stones!"

Another Soul King was speaking out!

Someone in the audience gasped before turning back to the green-robed youth.

The youth's eyebrows furrowed for a brief moment before he called out an even higher bid.

"Two hundred and ten-thousand!"

"He's done it! He's prepared to fight a Soul King for it!"

Another person gasped out in disbelief at the audacity of the youth.

"Two hundred and twenty-thousand!"

The elder from the second floor called out a second bid as well, though his voice was laced with an icy-edge now.

"Two hundred and thirty-thousand!"

The youth was adamant and refused to budge.


From his room on the third floor, Bai Yunfei watched the proceedings take place with a finger to his chin. "That Early-stage Soul King must be ready to help his class six soulbeast become a class seven."

"Two hundred and forty-thousand!"

Again, the Soul King called out with an even higher bid than the youth.

The youth was starting to hesitate now. The fan in his hand was no longer being used to fan his face.

Then, a voice came out from one of the rooms on the third floor...

"I bid a low-heaven tier soul armament!"


"That's...that's Bai Yunfei! He's planning to bid now?! What's he want with the wind immortal grass? Wasn't his soulbeast partner already a mid-stage class seven soulbeast?"

"Another low-heaven tier soul armament! Just how long is he going to stick to a bizarre way of bidding like that?! Trading a heaven-tier soul armament for something like the wind immortal grass-what a spendthrift!"

Amidst the confused chaos that was the audience, an employee was already rushing out from Bai Yunfei's room with a curved sword in hand. It was taken to the appraiser behind stage and then quickly evaluated to be worth two hundred and sixty-thousand low-grade primal stones!"

The entire hall fell silent at such a price and looked to the two bidders as if waiting for them to challenge.

The Soul King on the second floor was silent, meaning he had given up. It wasn't the price he was balking at, but the fact that it was Bai Yunfei making the bid. Like the person who had wanted the core blossom, he wasn't willing to fight Bai Yunfei for it.

As for the youth, he stood there in bewildered amazement to stare at Bai Yunfei's booth. Blinking several times, he flashed the booth a smile before holding his fan to his face again. He did not offer another bid.

With no one else to contest Bai Yunfei's bid, Wu Mei'er announced Bai Yunfei to be the winner of the wind immortal grass.


"We are now concluding the herbal and natural ingredients segment of our auction. In this section of our auction, we will be displaying materials for crafting."

Wu Mei'er called out and looked to each of the three floors as if waiting for any questions. Receiving none, she brought up the first item.

"Our first item is some desert goldwood. This is an extraordinary type of long-living tree that exists in the middle of the Endless Desert. It's filled with an abundant amount of elemental metal and is also of the wood-type. Harder than some metals, the wood can be used to craft many types of high-earth tier soul armaments. Our starting bid will begin at thirty-thousand low-grade primal stones. Please begin bidding."

The portion of the tree they were displaying was about the length of a leg and had plenty of markings on it. It looked almost as if it was made from gold itself, thus giving the feeling that it was as hard as metal.

"Thirty-three thousand low-grade primal stones!"

"Thirty-six thousand low-grade primal stones!"


The bids came one after another as several interested parties started to bid. If they bought this item, they could take it to the Crafting School and have the crafters there craft a powerful high-earth tier soul armament for them.

As the bids grew higher and higher in price, the loud voice of one of the bidders immediately made a bid that brought every other bidder to a grinding halt.

"I bid a high-earth tier soul armament!"