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 "Give up? Will I... lose my fireseed just like that?"

Unwillingness flowed through Bai Yunfei's mind. He wasn't willing to accept losing his fireseed.

"No! There has to be a way!!"

The corners of his lips tightened.

Slamming his right hand onto his chest, he brought out the second fireseed within him!

It flowed out from his chest at once and immediately flew into the Lightningfire Cauldron when Bai Yunfei waved his hand.

"Yunfei! Have you gone crazy!? What are you doing?!" Xiao Fang shrieked. "You're throwing your second fireseed into it too?! You'll lose the both of them if the chaotic energy collapses!!"

It was far too late to turn back now, Bai Yunfei was determined to do this. "There's still a chance! I got this. Even if it fails, I can still pull back my fireseed! Don't do anything until I tell you to!"

Relinquishing his hold on the cauldron, Bai Yunfei flipped through several quick hand seals.


The flames within the cauldron exploded with renewed heat as power started to surge from Bai Yunfei over to the cauldron.

The two fireseeds were starting to rotate around one another now. The elemental fire from both fireseeds weaved around one another in intricate strands to form a new wave of fire.

Dual Flame Artes: 'Coil' Form!!

Bai Yunfei was activating the Coil Form in such a state when both fireseeds weren't even in his body!

"It's not enough!!"

Several seconds of being in the Coil Form was already telling Bai Yunfei how unsuccessful his attempt was. Needing even more power, Bai Yunfei went through a second rotation of hand seals and slammed his palms onto the cauldron!


Flames billowed out from the cauldron into the surrounding perimeter. A pillar of fire exploded out from the cauldron as well as a new surge of power!

Dual Flame Artes: 'Berserk' Mode!!

Berserk Mode, or also known as 'fusion'. This was when the two fireseeds normally fused with one another to bring forth power multiple times stronger over the Coil Form. It was normally a technique where both fireseeds would be in Bai Yunfei's body, but he was actually activating this mode when the fireseeds were in the cauldron!

The power of both fireseeds when they were fused together was on a completely different scale of power compared to anything else. It was Bai Yunfei's strongest form of battle, and with this, Bai Yunfei would be able to use the fireseeds and conquer the chaotic energy!


The amount of power that traveled through the cauldron was enough to make it tremble violently.


Under the immense pressure of all the energy it was containing, the Lightningfire Cauldron began to crack a bit!

On the top of her mountain, Tang Xinyun was watching Bai Yunfei and the pillar of fire next to him. Her palms were clutched to her chest in great concern at what she was seeing.

"Yunfei...you have to succeed! You'll definitely succeed!!"

It was a near-silent prayer from her to Bai Yunfei, though the other party wouldn't be able to hear it. But as she was praying...


An ear-splitting explosion a hundred times as loud as any other explosion was set off into the Core World. The pillar of fire was scattered apart to allow for the flames from it to fly everywhere, bathing the surrounding area in a sea of fire!


Meanwhile, in a popular bar in Swallow City, two Soul Warriors were chatting to one another over a meal.

"Hey, what do you think about that Worldly Phantasm last night?"

"No idea. The highest grade soul armament I've seen was only a high-earth tier, and that was more than enough to scare me. People are saying it's a mid-heaven tier soul armament. I can't even imagine just how strong the crafter is to make a soul armament like that..."

"Do you think the crafter is the rumored Bai Yunfei? Why haven't we seen him come out from his inn yet, it's been a whole day already."

"Who knows? I've never seen the guy. With so many rumors though, he has to be here, doesn't he? I could've sworn someone said they recognized him."

"Man...I'd like to meet him myself if it really is him. I want to see just what the prodigal genius of the Crafting School is like."

"That's true. Who doesn't want to see such a powerful and mysterious person like him? So many powerful individuals already went to the inn, but no one's even got past the front door yet, not even the Soul Kings from the Qin. What in the world is that Bai Yunfei doing if he's not even seeing visitors...?"


From the same side of the restaurant, a third patron drew close to the first two. "Hey, you two seem to know a lot. But did you hear about just why Bai Yunfei is here in Swallow City?"

"Oh? I haven't actually, you happen to know any behind-the-scene information there, brother?" Curious, one of the two men turned to look at the newcomer to their conversation.

The man gave them a pleased smile. He turned around as if to look out for peoplep before lowering his voice to speak. "It's not so much behind-the-scenes since it's already spreading through the city, but it's a pretty private matter...I heard Bai Yunfei came to Swallow City to have the Qin rescind their betrothment!"

"Rescind a betrothment? The Qin?" The first person asked, "What for? Is he betrothed to some young daughter from the Qin? Why is he rescinding it?"

"It's not him and a daughter from the Qin, but the betrothment between his woman and the second master, Qin Shoufeng!"

"Qin Shoufeng?! The second son of the Qin?!" The man exclaimed, "Since when was there a betrothment? I've never heard of such a thing."

"Hehe, I heard the betrothment was never made official. Only a few people knew about it. And do you know just who that woman is? It'll shock you."

"Oh? Share the news, brother, and quickly now. Who is it?"

"Have you heard of how good friends the Qin and the Tang from Mo City are? The one Qin Shoufeng was betrothed to was the young daughter of the Tang, Tang Xinyun!!"

"Tang Xinyun?! Are you serious? That...that Tang Xinyun is really Bai Yunfei's woman?! And Bai Yunfei was the one to rescind the betrothment?!"

"Exactly?! And I heard the two of them came to Swallow City together! The two went to the Qin and Bai Yunfei presented a mid-heaven tier and a low-heaven tier as an apology gift for rescinding the betrothment!"

"Two heaven-tier soul armaments! Isn't that just too much?! But the Qin aren't pushovers, why'd they agree to it?"

"Heh, what else do you think they could do? Did you forget just who Bai Yunfei is? An unparalleled genius, Mid-stage Soul King, and crafter capable of crafting a mid-heaven tier soul armament! How could the Qin afford to say no when he has all that behind him and the Crafting School?"

"That makes sense...even the Qin wouldn't dare defy a person with all that. But that's still humiliating for the Qin...they're inferior only to the Five Families as a familial-based power, and yet they were still..."

"Who said it wasn't? That Qin Shoufeng is a laughingstock now! Everyone is snickering about him behind his back!"

"I heard that Tang Xinyun is a beauty among beauties. If she was betrothed to Qin Shoufeng, it'd be unbearable for all guys to see!"

"Heh, that next generational doesn't even have a good reputation to begin with. Him being humiliated is something everyone would like to see..."


The topic of Bai Yunfei and everything surrounded him was a hot topic to the soul cultivators in Swallow City. Practically everyone had linked the Worldly Phantasm yesterday night back to Bai Yunfei, and then the matter of him rescinding the betrothment was quickly circulated as well...