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 The sun was starting to set now. The night was nigh, and Swallow City was currently basking in the last of the sunny-red glow of daylight.

Suddenly, the skies above Swallow City was beset with a fierce squall. A gigantic tornado engulfed the skies, but never once touching low enough to the ground to cause environmental damages. The tornado felt as though it was sucking in the night itself as tendrils of darkness started to stain the previously green glow. More than half of Swallow City was covered by the circumference of this tornado, and it truly looked as though the city was soon to be engulfed by a black and green twister.

The entirety of Swallow City was immediately in high alert at the sight. Commoners and soul cultivators alike started to cry out in fear and shock. To the commoners, this was the sign of a disaster! They were terrified beyond belief-especially those directly underneath the tornado.

Several of the more stronger soul cultivators had only a surprised look on their faces as they flew up to take a closer look at the strange tornado.

Most of them had caught onto the fact that the tail of the tornado seemed to be originating from a particularly tall building at the center of the city. Even more strange was the fact that the building wasn't harmed at all. The tail was simply standing on the top of the room as if there was something taking in the tornado and preventing it from damaging the roof.

"Such powerful elemental wind and darkness, what's going on here?!"

"What's...what's all this?! Is this the King's Phenomena?!"

"The King's Phenomena? Someone's becoming a Soul King here?! And one with an affinity for both wind and darkness?!"

"Wait! That's not the King's Phenomena! I've seen it before, and the feeling was different to this!"

"This isn't the aura of a soul cultivator, this is...a soul armament!! A Worldly Phantasm...this is a sign of a heaven-tier soul armament being crafted! Someone's crafting a heaven-tier soul armament in Swallow City!"

"What?! A heaven-tier? Did Swallow City even have any crafters? And one that could even craft a heaven-tier, no less? Is it an elder of the Crafting School?!"

"This Worldly Phantasm is far too strong, a low-heaven tier soul armament isn't being crafted. Could...could it be a mid-heaven tier?!"


Most of the Soul Exalts were wildly gesticulating to themselves with several of the more experienced ones supplementing their knowledge together. With this collaboration, all the soul cultivators were soon able to realize that this was the sign of a heaven-tier soul armament being crafted.


The skies above Qin Manor had plenty of people watching the Worldly Phantasm. Qin Long was there along with Qin Hu and Qin Shouhao by his side. All three of them were watching the black and green tornado rampage in the sky with a look of utter awe.

"A Worldly Phantasm...a soul armament with an affinity for wind and darkness...and it's a mid-heaven tier!!"

Even Qin Long had a hard time finding the right words to say. He was too heavily shocked at the fact that a mid-heaven tier soul armament was being crafted.

But he did have a pretty good guess on who was responsible for it.

"Bai Yunfei...it has to be him. Not only is he a Mid-stage Soul King, but he can craft a mid-heaven tier soul armament? How unbelievable..."


In the southern district of the city.

Jing Mingfeng was currently watching the tornado spin wildly in the sky from his window, stunned, but excited by what he was seeing. "Haha, that's Ol'Bai for sure! He's actually managed to craft it! Elemental wind and dark...he's definitely used the darkwind meteorite! And a mid-heaven tier! Haha! That's my new soul armament! Kickass!!"

A calm Jing Wuying was looking at the sky from his bed. He was silent, but his eyes twinkled with the light of surprise.


In the western district of the city.

Mo Ni twiddled with the black needle in his hand as he stared at the tornado. There was an uncertain light playing about in his eyes.

"A mid-heaven tier soul armament...so he can already do something like that..." Mo Ni muttered rather enviously. "That's fine then. People will know Bai Yunfei is in Swallow City, that suits my plans just fine..."


The outside world watched as the green and black tornado rampaged on while the Core World was currently undergoing something similar. But in the Core World's case, the tornado's tail was coming from the Lightningfire Cauldron.

It was like a bottomless hole where the tornado never seemed to stop pouring into it.

Time went on for some time before the tornado started to shrink. Smaller and smaller, the tornado was soon completely drained into the cauldron so that the Worldly Phantasm was gone. Next to the cauldron, Bai Yunfei had both of his hands pressed against it. His forehead was slick with sweat, and his soulforce was working overtime to try and maintain the flames within the cauldron.

A tremor went through both Bai Yunfei and the Lightningfire Cauldron before an invisible wave of energy descended onto the place and calmed the area immediately.


Withdrawing his hands from the cauldron, Bai Yunfei let out a sigh of relief. He had worked hard, and his entire body was thoroughly drenched as a result.

He was feeling a little faint from his most recent endeavor. Taking the soul armament from out the cauldron was probably impossible for him. Left with only the energy to wave his right hand, Bai Yunfei had the fireseed within the cauldron back into his body.


He gasped as the fireseed entered its body. Something was strange about it. But still a little tired, he hadn't the mind power to think too much about it. Forming a single hand seal, he quickly started to use the Dual Flame Artes to regain some of his lost soulforce.

Far away, Tang Xinyun watched as Bai Yunfei tried to regain his energy without at all disturbing him.


Three hours passed before Bai Yunfei was back to optimal conditions.

"Are you alright, Yunfei?"

The very first thing Bai Yunfei saw and heard was a beautiful face and voice.

Bai Yunfei smiled. "Haha, I'm fine. It's just crafting, what's the worst that could happen? I just need to rest a bit and then I'll be back to normal."

He reached out to pull Tang Xinyun to him. Sitting her down, he turned his eyes back to the crafting cauldron. He was a little impatient to see the results of his work. With one wave of his hand, Bai Yunfei had the soul armament fly out from the cauldron and into his hand.

It was a dagger about two fingers wide and completely plain in decor. The blade also shined a faint dark light every so often.

Equipment Grade: Mid Heaven

Elemental Affinity: Wind, Darkness

Attack: 4400

Soul Compatibility: 10%

Equipment Effect 1: 30% Increase in attack speed.

Equipment Effect 2: 30% Decrease in presence. 20% Chance to evade being scanned.

Upgrade Requirement: 230 Soulpoints

The stats of the dagger was anything but 'normal' compared to its outwards appearance.

"Mid-heaven tier! 4400 Attack points!!"

Bai Yunfei's eyes gleamed with excitement-he was finally able to craft a mid-heaven tier soul armament!!

"Increase in attack speed is...probably an effect of the wind element. It's rare to see it on a weapon though..." Bai Yunfei muttered.

"Decrease in presence? That's similar to the Walk-on Strawhat, but it can also allow you to evade being scanned? That effect suits someone like Mingfeng."

The attributes of the equipment were definitely beyond what Bai Yunfei was expecting, but he wasn't going to complain about it. Just crafting the soul armament wasn't enough for Bai Yunfei. He was determined to give Jing Mingfeng the best soul armament he could possibly offer, and that meant getting the dagger to +10 as well...

It was always his plan to upgrade the soul armament.

But to his surprise, he couldn't even get the dagger to be +1 even after several attempts.

"Is this a result of the grade or the materials?"

The higher the grade, the harder it was to upgrade the equipment. That was something he always knew about manually upgrading soul armaments. Manually upgrading the dagger wouldn't work for now.

And if manually upgrading didn't work, then that left only one thing.

The Upgrade Technique.