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 Qin Long inspected the two soul armaments in front of him with an attentive eye. He didn't say a word when he was done, and the other three just sat there, waiting.

Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun weren't in the halls anymore, though.

"Father, are you really going to rescind the betrothment just like that?"

Unable to help himself any longer, Qin Shouhao voiced his complaints to Qin Long.

Indeed, Qin Long did agree to rescind the betrothment. That was why Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun were both gone from the halls now.

Qin Long gave his son a careful look, "What would we do if I did not?"


Qin Shouhao moved to speak, but then he thought about it.

Even if they did refuse to rescind the betrothment, what would happen if the Tang said no? How would their family fare? Would they try to force the issue?


They weren't willing to risk conflict with the Tang over a matter like this. And neither were they strong enough to attempt to! Risking the loss of a very long and strong friendship with the Tang with a relatively insignificant issue was a course of action far more damaging than it was rewarding.

"Shouhao, don't underestimate that Bai Yunfei. He says he was here to make amends, but in truth, our approval was never very important. It was a formality made for the sake of giving the Tang some face. Who could stop him being with Tang Xinyun if he wanted to be with her?" Qin Hu stated.

"That Bai Yunfei isn't a simpleton. He's able to speak with your father without flinching from his soulforce. Even I can't do that when we both get serious. Bai Yunfei may be far stronger than what we thought..."

Qin Pingzhi looked quite helpless over the situation as well. "It's not an easy task to even anger a Mid-stage Soul King without any connections. But Bai Yunfei is a special case. We cannot do anything to him lest we wish to wish to anger the Crafting School. And that is something we must avoid at all costs."


All the elders seemed resigned to the outcome, but Qin Shouhou felt his dignity take another blow at this sight.

From since his birth, he always felt that his family was a powerful one. But today, Bai Yunfei had played his family so readily as if it was nothing, and that made Qin Shouhou feel so restless that he wanted to puke blood.

Qin Hu casted a glance over to the two soul armaments still floating in front of his brother. "But that Bai Yunfei was quite 'sincere'. He gave us two heaven-tier soul armaments to make 'amends'. One of them is a mid-heaven tier in fact, how surprising to see..."

What Qin Hu said piqued Qin Shouhao's attention. Skeptical, he turned to face his uncle, "Uncle, what was that you said? One of the soul armaments is a mid-heaven tier?! That's..."

Qin Long's right hand reached forward to grab the azure-colored longsword. There was a slight chiming sound as elemental wind started to flow into the room and develop into a miniature tornado.

"A mid-heaven tier soul armament indeed!!" Qin Shouhao gasped.

The azure light faded away from the room, leaving Qin Long alone to bask in his thoughts. With a second wave of his hand, he sent the sword to float over to Qin Shouhao.

"Shouhao, your younger brother was fortunate enough to make use of the rare materials he found to have the Crafting School craft him a heaven-tier soul armament. I know you wanted one yourself. I originally planned on giving you one of the heaven-tiers we had in our treasury, but since we were given these two as a gift, this longsword is yours."

Qin Shouhao took the sword into his hand reflexively, but his ears were having difficulty comprehending what his father was saying to him. Dumb with shock, he stared at the sword in his hands for a moment. "Father...you're...you're really giving me this soul armament?"

Qin Long narrowed his eyes, was his son not happy with the soul armament? "I can take it back if you don't want it."

"No! How could your son dare refuse this!" Qin Shouhao replied enthusiastically, "Thank you so much, father!!"

Honestly speaking, Qin Shouhao felt it quite unsatisfying that his younger brother was somehow able to procure a heaven-tier soul armament from the Crafting School. His younger brother had somehow managed to get a hold of a priceless material, and yet he himself wasn't even able to get a heaven-tier soul armament even after becoming a Soul King.

But now that a heaven-tier soul armament-a mid-heaven tier at that-had fallen into his hands so readily, Qin Shouhao almost felt like thanking Bai Yunfei for coming to rescind the betrothment...

An indescribable flicker of light entered Qin Long's eyes at the sight of how excited Qin Shouhao was.

He was of the same generation as Bai Yunfei and was so excited to receive a mid-heaven tier soul armament while Bai Yunfei didn't even bat an eye at giving away two of them. This difference was...truly a large one.

Qin Long stored the orange spear into his space ring. "That concludes the matter. Return to what you were doing, this matter is now over. Our plans for the betrothment are henceforth canceled. We will not talk about this issue again..."

Qin Shouhao stored his soul armament into his space ring as he walked out from the halls. "I wonder how angry little Feng will get when he finds out about this..." He muttered to himself.

Then, as if remembering the fact that his younger brother had previously been in trouble, he immediately quickened his footsteps to head for the north courtyards...


At this current moment, Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun were both walking out from Qin Manor to walk around the city again.

Bai Yunfei was glad. Rescinding the betrothment went far more smooth than he expected. Losing two heaven-tier soul armaments weren't too much of a big deal, since they were both actually earth-tiers in fact. The earth-type longsword was a high-earth tier that had been upgraded to +10, and its additional effect was good enough to elevate its attack to the range of a low-heaven tier. The azure longsword was one of the weapons he got from killing the Soul Kings earlier and was originally a low-heaven tier. Once he upgraded it, it became a mid-heaven tier but hadn't a good additional effect like the other sword.

Neither soul armaments were very important to Bai Yunfei, so he opted to give them away to help grease the wheels on rescinding the marriage. And so he had to admit, the attempt was quite successful.

It took them some time to get to Swallow City, so neither was in too much of a rush to leave. They'd take a day's rest before returning to Mo City.

"Where did Xiao Qi and Xiao Bai fly off to, I don't see them anywhere?" Tang Xinyun looked around in the skies in curiosity.

Xiao Qi said prior to them entering the city that he hadn't any intentions of following them in. It would be more fun to go around the city with Xiao Bai, he said, but neither birds were anywhere to be seen now that Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun were done.

Bai Yunfei hadn't been too curious, but he had to admit, he should have heard something from Xiao Qi already. Focusing a bit, Bai Yunfei felt for the direction of Xiao Qi's soulforce.

"Ah...they're out of the city already? To the east I see...isn't that where the primal stone mines are? Is he going to sightsee the mines?"

"The primal stone mine? Isn't that where the Tianhun School and Qin have many strong people defending it? Won't there be trouble if the two of them go there?"

"Haha, don't worry. There's not many people that could intimidate him with Xiao Qi's strength. Plus...they're both flying back to us."

He pointed a finger up to the skies, "Look, here they come."

To the north, two black dots were quickly flying through the air towards where he and Tang Xinyun were. He craned his head to take a closer look, "Is...Xiao Qi holding onto something?"