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 In the real world while Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi were in the middle of becoming Mid-stage Soul Kings.

The entirety of the skies of Tang Manor was a combination of four different colors of light. They weren't the only ones, the entire southeastern section of Mo City was currently the same as energy from all overflowed across the skies towards Tang Manor.

Everyone that was awake and outside in the city was staring up at the skies now. Both soul cultivators and commoners alike were pointing at the skies and gesticulating to one another.

They could all see that it was Tang Manor where the energy was flowing towards. The majority of people were already making their ways over, either by running or by flying soul armament, but most of these people were Soul Exalts at the very least. And there were a few people teleporting through the skies-these were the Soul Kings!

In Tang Manor, a few key members of the family, such as Tang Zhan, were standing in shock outside in the courtyards to stare at all the elemental energy gather.

"Uncle....what's going on? Is Bai Yunfei causing all of this?"

Tang Jing asked Tang Qianchi about the reason why so much elemental energy was gathered here.

"I'm not clear myself, but there's a crack in space where Bai Yunfei is. My soulsense can't go into that crack, but... there's a few possibilities on what could be causing this much elemental energy being drawn in.

"Either it's the King's Phenomena, a heaven-tier soul armament was crafted, or...someone has just advanced a stage."

"Then...which one do you think is most likely, uncle?"

"Bai Yunfei was already an Early-stage Soul King when he rescued little Yun yesterday, so it can't be the King's Phenomena. And neither should it be the crafting of a heaven-tier soul armament, since one night is far too short of a time frame to craft one, and neither do I sense the key energies one would expect from that. So I would wager that...someone advanced a stage in their training..."

"Advanced a stage?!" Tang Jing repeated, "Can it be Bai Yunfei? He was an Early-stage Soul King yesterday, could he have become a Mid-stage Soul King?! That's...that's just..."

Tang Qianchi had no words either. He couldn't believe his eyes on what was going on, and neither did the people besides him.

"Great-grandfather, can you sense what's going on? Is Bai Yunfei really advancing in a stage?" Extremely curious for an answer, Tang Jing asked Tang Zhan for assistance.

Tang Zhan's eyes shined brightly as he observed the sight in front of him. "There's far too much elemental energy. I cannot see what's happening beyond that spatial tear either. It'll be trouble if anyone tries to get close. We should wait until this matter resolves itself for an answer..."

"Even great grandfather can't look into that?!" Tang Jing's eyes were wide open in shock at the answer.

Tang Zhan's eyebrows rose up on his face a moment later to look towards the direction of the center of the city. Like him, several others followed his gaze.

Then someone from the crowd cried out, "That's...lord Xuanyuan! Even the lord-mayor is here!"


While the rest of the city was in a stir, back in the Core World.

Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi's aura exploded to the levels of a Mid-stage Soul King at the same time, but the amount of elemental energy coming into the Core World wasn't stopping just yet. Less and less was starting to pour in, but there was still a substantial amount coming through.

Soon, Bai Yunfei came to a point in his advancement where he no longer needed any more elemental fire. The flames in the air quickly started to disperse now that they had nowhere to go, and the maelstrom of fire around Bai Yunfei was now transformed into a small ball to obscure Bai Yunfei from sight.

On the other side, Xiao Qi was still taking in as much as the elemental energy the Core World had to offer. His aura was still climbing even after reaching the levels of a mid-stage class seven. Killing all those Soul Kings had clearly given him a lot more benefit than initially expected. Despite it being impossible for Xiao Qi to jump straight to the late-stage level, the bird had still built up a decent amount of progress towards it.

Minutes passed before the ball of fire Bai Yunfei was in trembled once before starting to shrink in on itself.

Bai Yunfei's figure could soon be seen behind the flames, but he wasn't alone. Something else was floating up in front of him, the Fire-tipped Spear.

It looked different than before too. It was pulsating a faint red light while a stream of fire encircled it almost like if a dragon was trying to coil around it. Even more importantly was the aura radiating from the Fire-tipped Spear. It didn't feel like an 'object' that was without life, something about it felt...alive!

Bai Yunfei looked ecstatic at the Fire-tipped Spear. He wasn't even paying attention to the fact that he was a Mid-stage Soul King. All he was paying attention to was the Fire-tipped Spear in front of him.

Raising his right hand up to touch the Fire-tipped Spear, he watched as it spun around Bai Yunfei as if it was alive before finally floating back to his hand.

When the spear touched his hand, the stats of it immediately appeared in his head.

Equipment Grade: Low Heaven

Elemental Affinity: Fire

Upgrade Level: +13

Attack: 2300

Additional Attack: 5000

Soul Compatibility: 100%

+10 Additional Effect: 30% Chance to create an explosion with an attack of 150% of this equipment's attack when stabbing.

Cooldown of 10 seconds.

+12 Additional Effect: Summon two doppelgangers with strength equivalent to 70% of the user's total strength for up to 3 seconds.

Cooldown of 1 minute.

+13 Additional Effect: Expend 40% of the user's soulforce to ignore any one elemental-based defense upon the next strike.

Cooldown of 10 minutes.

Upgrade Requirement: 130 Soulpoints


The curls of Bai Yunfei's lips grew even wider as he read the stats. Then, he started to laugh out loud.

"Haha!! A lifebound armament! Finally, the Fire-tipped Spear is a lifebound armament! This...this is great!!"

Yes. The Fire-tipped Spear had finally reached 100% soul compatibility with Bai Yunfei. In other words, it was now just as compatible with him as the Cataclysmic Seal or Soul Sentinel Scarf to become his third lifebound armament!

Lifebound armaments are soul armaments that reached the highest level of compatibility with their users. For soul cultivators who were Soul Kings at the very least, they could use the power of their soul to try and craft or refine a soul armament into a soulbound armament. It wasn't a process as special or simplistic as the ones a crafter would use, but it still served its purpose. Lifebound armaments were something only those from the Crafting School would be able to make.

The process of crafting a lifebound armament required one to be a Soul King. It wasn't limited to that one moment when one broke through to become a Soul King, but it was generally the easiest time. The soul would undergo a great boost in strength during the breakthrough and so the chances of successfully crafting something was much much higher then.

Bai Yunfei had actually planned on trying to make the Fire-tipped Spear into a lifebound armament when he became a Soul King beforehand. He knew that one of the criteria was to have the Fire-tipped Spear reach max compatibility with him, but it was only 90% the last time he checked, Barring the Cataclysmic Seal and Soul Sentinel Scarf, the Fire-tipped Spear was the next soul armament with the highest level of compatibility with him. The next soul armament would be the Critical Gloves with 86% compatibility. Both items were what he used most to fight, but it seemed only natural that the Fire-tipped Spear would be the first to gain the chance.

His plans were rushed a bit due to the events with Tang Xinyun's kidnapping. When he undid the seal for Realm Accretion to breakthrough and become a Soul King, Bai Yunfei tried to refine the Fire-tipped Spear while the King's Phenomena blocked him from sight. In the end, he was far too rushed to do a good job at it, and the Fire-tipped Spear stopped just shy of the goal at 99%.

Xiao Qi becoming a mid-stage class seven soulbeast affected Bai Yunfei's growth due to the bond they had, allowing him to become a Mid-stage Soul King. And in that moment of advancement, the elemental fire around his person was powerful enough to finish the job on the Fire-tipped Spear.

For the most part, crafting a lifebound armament outside the time period of breaking through to become a Soul King was an improbable event. But for Bai Yunfei, the 'improbable' was merely just a guideline for Bai Yunfei to be exempted from.

Today was a repeat of when Bai Yunfei became a soul Sprite. During that time, the Fire-tipped Spear was elevated a tier in grade, and now the same thing was happening when he became a Mid-stage Soul King!

From a high-earth tier to a low-heaven! And not only was its attack stronger by several times now, but its additional effect was also a lot stronger!

It had started out as a low-earth tier when it was first given to Bai Yunfei. Following him throughout all this time, the Fire-tipped Spear had grown stronger whenever Bai Yunfei grew stronger. The change throughout the journey was almost magical with how it became so powerful!