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 "There's no mistake. They're from the Soul Refining School. I was in the Southward River Province one month ago for the Extreme King Pills when I fought against the person..." Bai Yunfei offered up respectfully before telling the entire audience what happened during that time.

It was certainly a shock for everyone to hear about the intense battle Bai Yunfei had with Mo Ni for the Extreme King Pills and then how Mo Ni had so mercilessly killed all those people. A lot of them had a relieved look though. The Tang had in fact been planning on taking part in the race for the Extreme King Pills, but they ultimately decided not to due to time constraints. Had they did and came across the murderous Mo Ni, most of the participating members surely would've died.

Tang Wei looked even more grim at that compared to everyone else. "A person with that many soul skills, powerful soul armaments, powerful soul cultivators, and even the status of being the junior headmaster of the Soul Refining School...now that I think about it, the Soul Refining School have been quite active recently. That's not a good sign...

"And..." His mind shifted towards a different topic.

"You said before the people he brought with him were all wandering soul cultivators? The fact that they're willing to employ this many wandering soul cultivators, even if only for a one-time goal like this, is not a minor thing. We cannot overlook this."

Bai Yunfei nodded. Now that he thought about it, the people he wiped out were certainly not lacking in power in the slightest. Aside from Gui Wei, none of the others were actually really a part of the Soul Refining School's main force. But the fact that the wandering soul cultivators were even willing to align themselves with the school was certainly not a negligible thing.

Bai Yunfei waved his right hand to throw out a cindered corpse onto the ground.

"Brother Wei and uncle Chi managed to look into the corpses of all those wandering soul cultivators such as Huang Shan, but there was also someone else of major importance. This is an elder from the Soul Refining School, please take a look for yourselves, esteemed elders."

"An elder from the Soul Refining School?" The entire hall gasped at the sight of the corpse, but it didn't seem like any one of them knew that this cindered corpse belonged to Li Fenghai.


Judging from the sharp intake of breath, there was somehow in the hall that certainly recognized the corpse.

It was Tang Zhan. He was looking at the corpse of Li Fenghai with a light of understanding.

And his reaction was all the rest of the Tang needed to hear. None of them had ever seen the elder have a reaction as sudden as this one-that proved that this corpse was indeed special!

Bai Yunfei knew this was a good time to shed some more light onto the situation. He could see Tang Zhan recognized Li Fenghai but wasn't completely confident that it was indeed his corpse.

"I recall hearing Mo Ni addressing this person as elder Li."

"Li!!" Tang Zhan's pupils contracted in recognition of the name. "So it truly is him! Li Fenghai! He is Li Fenghai!!"

Still not sure who this person was, Tang Jing interjected, "Great-grandfather, who is this person? Why is he so important?"

"He..." Realizing that he had actually leaped out from his chair in his surprise, Tang Zhan took in a deep breath to calm himself and sit down.

"Li Fenghai...is indeed a member of the Soul Refining School. A high-ranking elder at that. He became well known sixty years ago when he and the headmaster of the Soul Refining School killed many well-known figures. I fought him once before, but the two of us had only been Mid-stage Soul Kings at the time. It took a whole day and night before our battle concluded with me as the victor, but he managed to flee before I could kill him. He stayed in the shadows after that, and I focused on my own training afterward. So he became a Late-stage Soul King...but. But he was killed by you?! You were the one to kill him?!"

Tang Zhan couldn't believe it. This final thing he spoke about had been a pseudo-secret of sorts that no one really touched upon. But now it was out onto the table to be addressed. The only thing was that Tang Zhan was completely astounded and skeptical that Bai Yunfei was the one responsible.

Everyone's eyes were glued to Bai Yunfei, their breaths tightly held within their mouths as they awaited the answer.

"Yes, I was the one to kill him."

Eight words were spoken without hesitation or dishonesty.

Right away, the entire hall became silent. No words were spoken as everyone simply sat there and stared. Their jaws had dropped open in their shock, but no sound was coming out.

A Late-stage Soul King had...been killed by Bai Yunfei!! What kind of reality was this?!

Not a single person was staring away from Bai Yunfei now. Their gazes were a mixture of shock and terror. Terror for someone that could kill a Late-stage Soul King despite being someone from the 'younger generation'...

The talks were continued after that, but the bulk of the talks were focused on preliminary steps on how to deal with this situation and negotiation for other things.

It was nightfall by the time Tang Zhan allowed everyone to leave, and Bai Yunfei decided to go look at auntie Xue and Tang Xinyun's situation first.

From what he heard, auntie Xue was doing much better than before, but there wasn't much of a change in Tang Xinyun's situation. This worried him as he returned to the room he was given.


Bai Yunfei fell upon his bed with a long drawn out sigh. He was exhausted. Everything that transpired today took a lot out from him, understandably. He would need a good night's rest to cope with the fatigue.

But there was something that he had to do to cheer himself up first before he could waste brain cells on anything else.

Checking the spoils of war.

The battles today were most definitely the most dangerous he had so far. At first, it took a great deal of energy to kill the first Mid-stage Soul King. The other two Soul Kings was slightly easier with him primarily using an overwhelming amount of power to kill them, and even the Late-stage Soul King he killed in the Core World had been easy due to the overwhelming difference in battle strength. In this, Bai Yunfei had to count his lucky stars it went as well as it did.

And their deaths meant a lot of bounties that had fallen into Bai Yunfei's hands. If the people he fought were all strong figures, then the things they left behind would most definitely be of high standards.

Sitting back upon his bed, Bai Yunfei took out one of the space rings he got.

He'd start from the smallest bounty and work his way up. The first up would be the rings of the dozen Soul Exalts killed by Xiao Qi.

There wasn't much to these rings Bai Yunfei had much interest in. The most valuable thing had been a single heaven-tier soul armament, but even that was hardly worth calling a low-heaven tier. The rest of the items in those rings were either earth-tier soul armaments or primal stones. The latter of which wasn't of much use to Bai Yunfei and his training.

As far as rare minerals or herbs went, Bai Yunfei didn't find anything worthy of notice. Separating the items, he sealed them away and moved on.

The next up were the rings from the Soul Kings. First would be the rings of the three Early-stage Soul Kings.

Much to his disappointment, Bai Yunfei failed to find much in any of their rings. Every single one of them had a type of low-heaven tier armor, but it was the armor they had been wearing when they died and were damaged. There were also a few offensive low-heaven tier soul armaments, but they were of general make and had no special attributes to them. For as excited Bai Yunfei was about finding goodies, he was downtrodden to see such a sparse bounty in their space rings. How could Soul Kings be lacking anything valuable and special?

Should the source of his disappointment be known to anyone else, they definitely would've vomited blood. Surely, this was the attitude anyone significantly wealthy enough would have towards riches. A single heaven-tier soul armament would have caused a stir in an auction house if they appeared. Those Soul Kings Bai Yunfei killed definitely must have spent an unordinary amount of time in order to get their hands on said heaven-tier soul armaments. So to have Bai Yunfei treat the soul armaments this way was almost appalling.

Finally, Bai Yunfei came to the space ring of Huang Shan. He took out the orange spear the elder had been using so prominently.

Now, the look on Bai Yunfei's face was much different.

Equipment Grade: Mid Heaven

Elemental Affinity: Earth

Attack: 3600

Equipment Effect: Reduce soulforce consumption of earth-type attacks by 20%. Increase strength of earth-type attacks by 20%.

Upgrade Requirement: 210 Soulpoints

Finally, Bai Yunfei had finally stumbled upon a mid-heaven tier soul armament. And a spear to boot! Bai Yunfei was best with using a spear to attack.

Though admittedly, he was a little disappointed at the equipment effect.

This was definitely a soul armament meant for an earth-type soul cultivator to use. Besides, he had the Fire-tipped Spear which simply couldn't be replaced. He didn't want to use two spears at the same time either, so there wasn't much of a point to this one...

But it was a mid-heaven tier soul armament nonetheless.

Given it some consideration, Bai Yunfei decided to try and upgrade this spear.