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It was impossible not to scream when Mo Ni saw Bai Yunfei's hand come reaching towards him. In what seemed to be one last final attempt of desperation, he flung his hand to send a streak of gold light in between Bai Yunfei's eyes!

At first, thinking that it was the black needle, Bai Yunfei started for a bit before he noticed that the color was off. Instead of black light as expected from the black needle, this streak of light was golden in color and wasn't seemingly dangerous. But before any course of action could be planned or taken, the streak of light suddenly exploded!

Within the light had been three golden tiles of some kind. When one of them exploded in color and light, it transformed into a two-meter sphere of light to encapsulate Bai Yunfei within it!


It materialized around Bai Yunfei so quickly that his hand was still reaching forward when it formed. Slamming against the walls of the sphere a millisecond after, Bai Yunfei was surprised to see his hand bounce off of it!

The soul armament Mo Ni threw surely had to be some kind of defensive soul armament that could be used to protect its master upon being fed soulforce. And not only had it managed to stop Bai Yunfei's attack, it also somehow managed to trap him inside it!

Mo Ni didn't even bother to stick around to admire his handiwork. Kicking his soulforce into overdrive, he took off to try and make his retreat even faster!

He managed to teleport another several hundred meters forward before he slashed out with his right hand to try and teleport. But before he could go through the opening he created, Mo Ni's ears were slammed with a very loud explosion and then the sound of something cracking into pieces!

Having been trapped within the golden sphere, Bai Yunfei slammed his left hand into the golden sphere with the power of his Critical Glove to shatter his prison!

Amidst the golden light that irradiated from the Critical Glove, Bai Yunfei had the +12 additional effect of the glove activate to quadruple its attack power. Brimming with all that power, the Critical Glove shattered the spherical prison almost effortlessly.

He shot out from the still falling pieces of the soul armament with the force of an arrow sprung recently from its bow. He took the golden tile that the sphere formed from into his hand and stored it away into his space ring for further investigation.

Capable of speeds far faster than Mo Ni, it took only a single moment for Bai Yunfei to catch up to him after the prison broke. Again, he reached his hand out to grab onto Mo Ni!


Mo Ni cursed to himself in fear. The repeated attempts to flee from Bai Yunfei's hand was utterly humiliating to Mo Ni. He bit his lips, determined to find his way out of this one way or another. Raising his right hand, he lashed out to punch!

But rather than trying to punch Bai Yunfei as the other male expected, Mo Ni's fist was aimed at the space in front of him!

A little surprised by Mo Ni's plan of action, Bai Yunfei watched as the two jadeite disks around Mo Ni suddenly moved in front of him so his fist slammed into them!


The jadeite disk that had been hit by Mo Ni's fist cracked into several pieces, unable to handle the force!

It was fully disintegrated into ash and was sprinkling around Mo Ni by the time Bai Yunfei's hand was nearly upon him. The next thing Bai Yunfei saw was the space in front of him start to warp before...his hand went straight through where Mo Ni had been!

It was as if Mo Ni had been an illusion. Bai Yunfei skittered to a stop ten meters away to look behind him, but Mo Ni was nowhere to be found!

He grew skeptical at the sight. Looking around, Bai Yunfei started to scan the area for any signs of where Mo Ni might've gone. But a scan with his soulsense was telling him that Mo Ni's aura was no longer here!

"It has to be a teleportation capable Soul armament! Yunfei, that person has a soul armament that lets you teleport! I felt a strong source of spatial energy just now, that person was teleported away!"

Xiao Fang spoke out to Bai Yunfei just at that moment to explain.

"Xiao Fang, can you sense where he was teleported to then?"

"Can't...the fluctuation was far too strong for me to sense. It's very possible that he was teleported beyond my sensory range. I can't sense a secondary source of fluctuation within fifty kilometers of us..."

"Tch!!" Bai Yunfei clicked his tongue in annoyance. "Then in other words, he's gone beyond fifty kilometers of us?! He had some kind of amazing soul armament like that?!"

"It's not too impossible to think about. There were arrays in the ancient past that could teleport people across the entire continent. Soul armaments with distance like that wouldn't be too different. What that person used was most likely a soul armament that could teleport him to a predetermined destination no matter where they are. But those type of soul armaments were rare even two millennia ago. It's hard to believe he'd have something like that...I don't see any way you can catch up to him now."

"Damn!!" Bai Yunfei clenched his fists tightly with anger. He hadn't thought that Mo Ni would be able to get away from him.

Given his strength, Bai Yunfei was totally confident that he'd be able to win against Mo Ni. Mo Ni had thought of the same exact conclusion and decided to run away instead.

Bai Yunfei had also been confident that he'd be more than strong enough to stop Mo Ni from running away, but the other male had somehow managed to do so with the help of a soul armament. Had Bai Yunfei known, he would've used the Soul Anchoring Technique to stop Mo Ni. Unfortunately for him, Bai Yunfei thought the technique was unnecessary...

Who would've thought that Mo Ni would have a soul armament capable of traveling over fifty kilometers away?

Thinking back on it, Bai Yunfei did remember Mo Ni using those jadeite disks before. Back then, Mo Ni used it in order to avoid being hit by one of his moves. When the disk broke, Mo Ni had been teleported over a hundred meters to avoid it!

But that was a hundred meters around before. What kind of huge difference was that compared to just now?!

But the truth was what it was, even if Bai Yunfei found that truth a little too big a pill to swallow....


A muffled explosion off in the distance snapped Bai Yunfei out from his thoughts. Looking away towards the source, he saw a nearby mountain suddenly explode before a figure in blue light came flying out.

It was Long Lan.

"Xiao Fang!" Bai Yunfei spoke out, "Where's the other person? Can you see where that person went?"

"I can't. He started teleporting away at first and stopped after a while. He's definitely long gone by now. I don't rate your chances of finding him to be very high."

Again, Xiao Fang's answer made Bai Yunfei feel quite unhappy.

"Sigh..." Shaking his head, Bai Yunfei moved to fly towards Long Lan. "Are you alright, Long Lan?"

Long Lan was a soulbeast who normally wore his emotions on his face like a sleeve. Today, his expression was looking slightly dark and moody. He shook his head in response to Bai Yunfei, "I'm fine, Yunfei. But I'm sorry, I couldn't keep him here..."

"Don't worry about it." Bai Yunfei sympathized, "This situation was beyond the two of us. I didn't think the other person would be the Black Dragon King of all people...also, what was the Black Dragon King talking about when he said you 'stole' his blood?"

The light in Long Lan's eyes flickered a bit. "I...well, it's not that big of a secret. Do you remember when we came across those experts fighting the Black Dragon King in Soulbeast Forest?"

There was a nostalgic look in his eyes, "It was a dangerous time then. You left me behind, but because I wasn't fully awakened then, I stuck around and hid. When everything was over, I made my way over to where they fought and found a puddle of blood. Something about the blood was tempting, and I found myself drinking it all in afterward...

"I didn't understand it at first, but now...that was definitely the blood of the Black Dragon King that I took! It was filled with pure draconic blood, pure energy! It's useless for soul cultivators, but it was something precious to me. With that draconic blood, I'd be able to grow strong and awaken my sentience. I'm sure that's how I gained an affinity for elemental darkness too...

"Basically, it's because of the Black Dragon King that I was able to gain this much power. In my body is the energy I gained from his blood, and it's because of that energy I found myself afraid of him. Something about him was terrifying my soul and made it difficult for me to fight him..."

The longer he talked, the more pronounced the crestfallen look on his face became. He was definitely feeling down about the situation.

"Something like that happened?!"

Bai Yunfei exclaimed in surprise. Every little question he had about Long Lan made sense now.

So Long Lan had that kind of secret to him...