The area where Li Fenghai stood was completely drowned out by the flames of the tornado. A small wisp of black energy could be seen for a small moment before the tornado swallowed it up so that all was back to normal.

Unlike the last time with the gigantic palm of fire, Li Fenghai was unable to break out from this...

There was a gleam of light in Bai Yunfei's eyes as he watched the scene unfold around him. Once he waved his right hand, the flames that had previously been rampaging in the area around him started to make a swift and abrupt retreat. Several seconds later, the entire world could be seen in its entirety again without a single speck of fire to be found. And even better, not a single piece of grass, vegetation, or otherwise, had been harmed by the apocalyptic nightmare a few moments ago.

He stared down at his own right hand after everything was back to normal, his eyes shining with excitement. "The Laws of Fire...so this is it! The strongest form of fire! It's unbelievably powerful to have killed a Late-stage Soul King so easily like that..."

Even Bai Yunfei found it pretty hard to believe what he had just done several mere moments before. It seemed almost like a dream.

"Happy now? This is the Core World, if you couldn't even do that much here, I wouldn't be worthy of being a Regalia." An image of Xiao Fang appeared right by Bai Yunfei's side.

"I said it before, in the Core World, I...or actually, you, as the master of the Core World, rule this place like a god! There is no one way that can beat you while you're here barring a Soul Saint. A mere Soul King would never be able to understand the Laws of Fire, let alone be able to fend themselves from it."

The fact that Xiao Fang could demean a Soul King by such a capacity left Bai Yunfei speechless. Still, he had to admit that this was not some sort of lie Xiao Fang was trying to pass in order to make itself sound better than it was. Xiao Fang did mention before the many abilities of the Core World, and one of those said abilities was being able to use the Planar Laws. It was just that Bai Yunfei had never really thought much about it until he put it in practice. It simply felt far too ridiculous when he heard it the first time, but now he felt like he could truly appreciate that ability. Using it today to easily kill a Late-stage Soul King? He had to admit that the Core World was terrifying and that the Planar Laws were something that were dreadfully powerful...

"The Laws of Fire..." He thought back to the profound feeling he once felt before within his body. Though he was really just relying on Xiao Fang to help him use the Laws of Fire in the Core World, it was still an experience that allowed him to feel what the Laws of Fire felt like. Truly, to the Bai Yunfei, this was an experience that was as precious as finding a heaven-tier soul skill.

"One day...I'll be able to use that force with my own power!" Bai Yunfei pledged with a fist tightly clenched.

He lowered his head to stare at the spot where Li Fenghai had been standing. That had been the last place where the flames last disappeared from. All that was left here was a single scorched figure: it was Li Fenghai. His robes were burnt away to reveal the badly scorched flesh of his. The intense heat had split apart at his flesh so that blood was flowing from every single crack and dying his person with its color.

But he was still alive. The slight heaving of his chest was proof of that.

Still, Li Fenghai didn't have much longer to live. His life would soon expire in the next couple of minutes at the very most.

"Xiao Qi."

Bai Yunfei didn't look at all surprised by the current status of Li Fenghai. Almost pleased, he called out for Xiao Qi to finish the job.

"Got it!"

Out of nowhere, Xiao Qi came flying out from a warp in space. Looking equally as excited as Bai Yunfei, the bird flapped his wings to form a ball of fire in front of him. When it fully formed, he had it fly straight through Li Fenghai's chest.

And just like that, Li Fenghai breathed his last. A mighty Late-stage Soul King had expired within the Core World...

His death felt almost cheap even. Had this battle taken place outside, Bai Yunfei would've needed to exert a tremendous amount of time and energy to fight Li Fenghai, even while under Berserk Mode. It would've even been possible that Li Fenghai might've been able to beat Bai Yunfei, but he had been careless. The man had been unable to show his true strength and died before the might of the Planar Laws.

In the end, his death hadn't been quick and was just a source of quick 'experience' for Xiao Qi.

Some sort of practically invisible energy came flying out from Li Fenghai's body as soon as Xiao Qi killed the man. It was barely visible only to Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi before flying into Xiao Qi's body.

"Ah..." Xiao Qi cried out in bliss. Spreading his wings briefly before folding it around himself, the bird slowly floated up into the air.

"Eh? What's he doing?" Xiao Fang asked in confusion.

Bai Yunfei's eyes lit up in excitement. He knew what was going on thanks to his bond with Xiao Qi and could tell that the bird was brimming with strange energy of some kind. And through this bond, he could sense that Xiao Qi's soulforce was getting stronger and stronger!

Xiao Qi had racked up quite the kill streak during this one battle alone and gained an unprecedented amount of the very same amount of energy he received from Li Fenghai.

To what heights would Xiao Qi reach this time?


"He's becoming stronger. Take a look, but don't disturb him." Bai Yunfei replied, "How's Xinyun right now, Xiao Fang?"

"Don't worry, she's fine."

A bubble of energy blipped into existence while Xiao Fang was speaking to reveal the figure of Tang Xinyun.

Laying prone in the air due to the invisible force supporting her weight, Tang Xinyun rested with her eyes shut as if stuck in a deep state of sleep. She looked at peace though, and her lips would sometimes move as if mumbling to herself in her sleep. The only indication that her body was unwell were the fluctuations of soulforce coming from her body. It was faint, but she was still in the middle of recovering. She'd be fine soon, hopefully.

The fact that she was in such a state to begin with was like a stab of pain to Bai Yunfei's heart. Gingerly, he raised his right hand to stroke at Tang Xinyun's cheek, "It's my fault again, how many times is this now? I'm...I'm sorry, Xinyun...

"Everyone that hurt you so far will die a painful death...I...I'll definitely make sure they'll pay the price!"

Bai Yunfei's eyes were as cold as ice as he made his pledge to her. Wasting no more time to speak, Bai Yunfei disappeared from the Core World to return to the real world. He had still business to finish.


On the outside world, Long Lan and the permafrost mastiff stood next to each other vigilantly to stare down the battlefield around them. The permafrost mastiff's eyes were a crimson-red and eerie even to look at. The two of them looked ready to pounce at anything that dared get close, and even Tang Wei was afraid of getting too close to them once he saw the mastiff's eyes.

"He's out!"

While Tang Wei was trying to figure out what in the world was going on in this situation, a disturbance in the force alerted him to Long Lan's cry. Following his gaze, Tang Wei was just in time to see Bai Yunfei materialize out of thin air.

"What's going on here, Bai Yunfei? How did you disappear just now? And where did that Late-stage Soul King go?" Tang Wei immediately pounced onto Bai Yunfei with questions.

"Don't worry, brother Tang. I've solved that problem. We can talk about the rest later, I have something to check out. If you can, please take care of the dead bodies here and see if you can find any clues on their affiliation. I'll be back later."

Looking pensive about something, Bai Yunfei had the permafrost mastiff head back into its space ring before he looked towards the north. Then after a moment's thought, he and Long Lan were enveloped in a bubble of energy before disappearing into thin air right in front of Tang Wei's eyes.


Tang Wei could only think about what Bai Yunfei said before he left.

"I've solved that problem..."

"Solved?! He...he managed to take care of a Late-stage Soul King?!"


Several kilometers away from Tang Wei in the location where Li Fenghai started out from.

Mo Ni was staring beyond the horizon in confusion and consternation. He had been ever since Li Fenghai told him about how strong Bai Yunfei was now.

"I don't see any elemental energy, is the fight over then? Elder Li must've arrived there a while ago, so has Bai Yunfei been dealt with now?"

As he was thinking to himself, a blip in soulforce alerted him to the presence of someone teleporting into the vicinity.

"Is elder Li back?!"

Mo Ni thought at once. He could see two figures appear out of thin air several hundred meters away, but when he saw who it was on the left, Mo Ni's eyes widened with shock straight away!

It had been Long Lan and Bai Yunfei who had appeared just now. When Bai Yunfei was able to see just who was there, his eyes narrowed in confusion.

Then he cried out in shock. "It's you, Mo Ni?!"