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 "What soul skill is this?!"

Cried Li Fenghai as he watched the palm of fire descend upon him. Dressing himself in a cloak of black energy, he leaped back so quickly that a mirror image was left in his place.

Like a bolt of lightning, Li Fenghai made his way out from the extensive range of the palm to a healthy kilometer distance away.

"Trying to run?"

Bai Yunfei barked. Waving his right hand, he dispelled the palm of fire to swing his palm towards Li Fenghai again!

In accordance with his actions, the surrounding area was washed with a bright glow of red. Reformed, the palm of fire traversed in a perpendicular direction towards Li Fenghai to grab onto him.


This was a development that Li Fenghai didn't expect. Forming, reforming, and changing the direction of a tremendous amount of elemental fire? Hardly anyone would be able to believe their eyes. If he hadn't a good reason to believe this to be an illusionary array before, he did now.

But at the same time, the dreadful amount of elemental fire being used in this one attack was also telling him that this was all real!

He couldn't dodge this attack again, so Li Fenghai had only one option left. Raising the jet-black sword in his hand up high, he sent a mighty blade of black energy out!


There was a loud boom as the black energy sliced into the fiery palm and cut it in two. The explosion was followed by the black sword light and fire palm falling apart into a violent storm of elemental fire and darkness.

Li Fenghai breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing the fiery palm break apart, but it was still too early for him to relax just yet! Just looking at the reaction alone was enough to tell him something-there was no elemental darkness here!! He was unable to use any elemental darkness but the amount he could generate from within his body!

The body of a soul cultivator holds a surprising amount of elemental energy. The origin essence is akin to a type of engine that produces elemental energy, but the best effects would only be seen when a person made use of the elemental energy in the world around them when they fought. For the most part, people would normally use the elemental energy they produced as a way to pull in even more elemental energy to be used. This way, attacks could be formed efficiently and quickly for the most amount of power. In the end, the user would be able to fight for an extended period of time by allowing the world to supplement the rest of their elemental energy needs.

But this was the problem Li Fenghai discovered-there was no elemental darkness he could pull in here!! All of his attacks so far had been powered solely by the elemental darkness his body was generating. There was no elemental darkness in this place here!

"What's going on here? How could there not be any elemental darkness? This is impossible!" Li Fenghai's hundred-year experience was telling him this situation was highly improbable, if not impossible. He hadn't come by something like this before. Something wasn't adding up here.

"If I can't draw in any elemental darkness, then I must kill Bai Yunfei as fast as possible!"

Determined Li Fenghai. But just as he steeled himself to unleash another attack, he realized Bai Yunfei was already up to something else!

Just about a kilometer in front of him where the explosion of red and black light had happened, the red light was starting to grow even brighter. It was gradually overpowering the dissipating black light before swirling in on itself to reform as the very same gigantic palm of fire from before!


This time, Li Fenghai found it hard for him to stay quiet. He yelled aloud to himself before being grabbed onto by the palm of fire!

He was like a small fly compared to the palm. The tongues of the palm of fire were quick to latch onto him before the palm closed in on itself to turn into a giant fist with Li Fenghai enclosed inside.


The world went still. Two brief moments later, the fist of fire trembled before being blasted open!

Tendrils of darkness exploded from the centermost part of the fist like the blooming of a demonic lotus of some kind.

And at the center of it all was Li Fenghai. Bai Yunfei could see that his eyes were filled with shock when he stared back at him. There was also a surge of killing intent he could detect before Bai Yunfei saw a streak of black light head towards him. Li Fenghai was riding on a flying soul armament!

Cloaked within a ring of fire, Bai Yunfei stared strangely at the black streak of light beneath Li Fenghai. He was focusing in on something that Li Fenghai was doing as if sensing something strange.

When the black light drew close to him, Bai Yunfei raised his right hand as if to grab something from thin air and then swiped his hand towards Li Fenghai.


Again, it took only one word for Bai Yunfei to activate some sort of change in the world. But this time, that change was a hundred times larger than before!


The sound of crackling thunder could be heard soon afterward. But even though it sounded just like thunder, there was no bolt of lightning; just a streak of crimson-red fire!

The entire sky turned scarlet red as if the sun was starting to set in on this world. Even the surrounding air was starting to have several glow of red light appear like red faeries.

And on the earth below, a raging fire had suddenly taken form to burn across the land...

It was as if an apocalypse had descended upon the world. The earth could no longer be seen, the sky was no longer visible, and as far as the eye could see, only a monotonous sea of fire was left. The entire world had become a world of fire!

There was only one small section within this sea of flames that was distinctly different from the rest. A small area of black energy was preventing the flames from encroaching in on its territory. And standing at the center of this small area was Li Fenghai. He was in shock at what he was seeing. It was such a huge blow to him that his entire body was shaking.

"What...what is all this!!" He wanted to roar aloud. He wanted nothing more but to pin everything that had happened so far as a part of the illusion. But one of the several-meter large fiery dragons that fell from the sky was most definitely real. It had broken apart his mid-heaven tier flying soul armament and elemental attack when he tried a bit earlier.

In other words...everything in front of him was definitely real!

He formed several hand seals to generate even more elemental darkness. As it flowed out from his body, Li Fenghai slowly started to look more and more like a demonic shadow while his elemental darkness crashed through the waves of fire around him.

And yet, the elemental darkness he was pushing out was failing to produce any results. He was a Late-stage Soul King! A being stronger than most and yet was still so powerless in this situation. Whenever he pushed out a wave of elemental darkness, the flames around him would swallow it up without shrinking in size. It was as if the flames could never be extinguished!

"Forever Flames....the Forever Flames!! No...this can't be!!"

Li Fenghai was struck with a horrifying realization at the sight. Terror flooded his face as he croaked out his revelation.

"The Planar Laws...the Law of Fire!! How can you control the Laws of Fire?! This is impossible Utterly impossible!!!"

Li Fenghai was acting like a commoner was stumbling upon the unbelievable for the first time ever. His mind had practically gone blank as he screamed out his horror.

"Impossible? You're seeing it with your own eyes and yet you still don't believe it's real?"

Bai Yunfei was standing higher up in the skies like some sort of divine being cloaked in fire. Like a paragon of the flames, his presence was practically awe-inspiring and the pressure he exuded was not unsimilar to if a godly being had descended upon the earth.

Staring coldly at Li Fenghai, Bai Yunfei decided not to waste any more time. Raising his right hand, he swung it down onto the direction of Li Fenghai!

Following his actions, the flames above his person started to churn violently as if beckoning to Bai Yunfei's call. Like a mighty tornado of fire, it engulfed Li Fenghai so that he'd be at its center!


Li Fenghai's eyes were blood-shot with furious anger and terror. In a last-ditch attempt, he started to form several hand seals so that he could summon enough elemental darkness for one of his stronger moves.

But the tornado had already engulfed Li Fenghai before he could even unleash that move!