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A terrified howl erupted from the white-robed elder. Suppressing the blood that was threatening to spill out from his body from his previous wound, the elder started to fly back as fast as he could. Another soul armament was back in his right hand to try and block the Fire-tipped Spear coming at him.


Metal met metal for a clash of noise and sparks. The Fire-tipped Spear was a force of hot fire, and the weapon of the Soul King was a force of chilling ice. When they clashed, they clashed with so much force that the arms of the wielders trembled and the air between the two was cleaved in two amidst the two drastically different temperatures. The right arms of the two combatants were forced back, but they themselves not. They whirled around to rid themselves of the remaining blowback and lashed out with their left fists to punch!

They weren't aimed at the opposing fist, but at the chests!

"Bang! Bang!!" Two separate thuds were heard as the fists made contact. Both persons were flung back this time, stopping only when they were a dozen or so meters away from each other.


When all things came to a settled silence, the white-robed elder's face went pale. He belched out another mouthful of blood before grasping at his chest. Right there in the center, a singed fist-shaped mark was left onto the golden armor of his. Parts of the armor were discolored from the extreme temperature of the impact, but the more important aspect was that the fact that the mark was slightly indented!

"What strength! Even his physical might is stronger than I thought! That glove of his, it's...a heaven tier!"

The man's mind was reeling from the realization of Bai Yunfei's attack, but he sent a hopeful glance over to him. He hoped that his own attack had left a mark of his own on Bai Yunfei...

But the sight that greeted his eyes was nearly enough to send him in a coughing fit! Right there where his fist had landed on Bai Yunfei's chest, there was a layer of frost Bai Yunfei was only just starting to brush off. But aside from that layer of frost, Bai Yunfei looked completely normal as if nothing had even happened to him!

"Impossible!! Even the full power of a Mid-stage Soul King shouldn't be shrugged off like that!!"

Again, the white-robed elder couldn't help himself from cry out with shock. He was perplexed by what kind of situation could result in this. Then it hit him.

"Armor! He's wearing some kind of armor! Is it a heaven tier as well!?"

What he didn't know was that Bai Yunfei had activated the defensive effect of his gold-type soul armor.

Double the defensive might of this equipment for 1 minute in exchange for soulforce.Cooldown of 5 minutes.

The armor of Bai Yunfei was able to achieve the defensive might of a heaven-tier soul armament with that effect, and so Bai Yunfei was able to shrug off the brunt of the blow to his body. So Bai Yunfei was left practically untouched.

The elder would also be overjoyed to know that Bai Yunfei's Critical Glove had failed to activate its effect to multiply the attack damage, otherwise, the elder wouldn't have gotten away with just a glancing blow to his internal organs.

Despite the failure to activate the effect, Bai Yunfei wasn't willing to give his opponent enough time to rest. Kicking against the ground, he pounced at the elder again!

The sudden disappearance of Bai Yunfei was shocking to the elder-he couldn't catch up with this type of speed! All he could see was a blur of light before there was a red streak of light at his throat. Snapping his head back, he lashed out with his soul armament again only to watch as the streak of light move behind him and send him flying forward!

It took a moment for him to steady himself. His entire body was slick with sweat and anticipation now. His mind was alerting him to yet another danger coming at him from behind. He threw himself a step to the side only to feel the Fire-tipped Spear graze past his ear. Sighing a breath of relief as it flew by, the man suddenly felt something press painfully against his back!

Bai Yunfei had somehow appeared behind him and thrust his foot onto the elder's back, causing the elder to fly forward a dozen meters to where the Fire-tipped Spear was whirling back around...

Several seconds passed as the two fighters exchanged blow for blow and weapon for weapon. It was a battle that left everyone on the sidelines breathless.

Even though the white-robed elder was fighting to the most of his abilities, he was being pressed back by Bai Yunfei!

He felt nothing but fear for Bai Yunfei. These past few exchanges were more than enough to inspire fear of Bai Yunfei into his spirit. The helplessness he was feeling was clouding at his mind with so much force that he felt like he was going insane.

It was then he felt a gust of wind blow in from the right along with a powerful explosion of soulforce. This was the soulforce of a third party!

Elated, the elder's eyes glanced over to the golden-robed elder. The other elder had finally recovered from his incident with the Cataclysmic Seal and was charging at Bai Yunfei with an orange-colored spear to strike down the former with the speed of a shooting star.

The white-robed elder was overjoyed to finally have some reinforcements to help him. Renewed with hope and vigor, the elder continued to fend Bai Yunfei off blow after blow.

Several rounds were exchanged before the elder finally took advantage of a, particularly strong blow to leap back in the direction of the golden-robed elder.

But as he was leaping back, his ears caught notice of Bai Yunfei barking out one single word:


His eyes glanced then to Bai Yunfei, whose finger was pointed at the golden-robed elder. A small orange glow of light flew in at the elder from the left a moment later. At closer observation, this glow of light was about the size of a small boulder and was traveling at fantastic speeds. In no time at all, the boulder crashed into the golden-robed elder!!

The elder was flung off into the skies like a person being run into full force by a rampaging carriage. In one second, the elder went from charging at Bai Yunfei to being flung away into a nearby mountain. He impacted against the unforgiving ground with a heavy thud with the Cataclysmic Seal embedding itself into the mountain a moment afterward.

Needless to say, the elder was no longer on the mountain, but 'in' it...


In one instant, the white-robed elder went from having his hopes up to having his hopes instantly dashed.

It went without saying that he was filled with even more despair now. He wasn't as far gone to say that he had given up on trying to live, but the situation was looking hopeless for him. Eyes flashing with angered determination, he raised his left hand and then pressed it against a few acupoints near his chest!

His fingers pressing against those specific points brought forth an immediate change in the elder's body. Soulforce started to explode outwards like an overflowing river. His reserves-which had been dwindling at an unsustainable rate earlier-was now somehow back at peak condition almost!

This was very clearly some sort of special technique that could both empower the user and replenish their soulforce!


As if reborn, the elder was filled with enraged power. A blizzard descended down upon the area instantaneously almost. In resonance, the sword in his hand started to shine with light before he swung it down onto Bai Yunfei!

The range of his snowstorm was much smaller now, but it wasn't as weak as the ice dragon. Met with this sight, Bai Yunfei refocused onto the white-robed elder. He hadn't planned on retreating, but this was something he'd need to think a little harder about. Deciding upon a plan, Bai Yunfei charged straight for the elder without a care for the sword coming down onto him!

The elder's eyes flickered momentarily with confusion. He didn't know what Bai Yunfei was doing, but he would surely die with this! Snarling, he pumped even more energy into the sword to have it glow with white light as it continued its descent down onto Bai Yunfei's head!


The sword sliced into Bai Yunfei's head with frightening force before continuing to bisect him in two!

"What?!" The elder was stunned. This was a situation he had hoped for but hadn't really expected. He blinked, confused by the bisected sight of his enemy. Wasn't this a little...too easy?

Then he realized something amiss with the situation.

The two halves of Bai Yunfei was disappearing into black smoke!

From the left and right side, two more Bai Yunfeis had suddenly appeared out of thin air. They wielded an identical-looking Fire-tipped Spear in their hands as they charged, and in no time at all, they thrust forward at him!

The +12 additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear: Doppelganger!

"A mirror image!!"

Snarled the elder. He wrenched his right arm back to block at one of the spears. And when he heard the clanging sound and saw the spear fall back, he breathed a sigh of relief. This had to be the real body, and if this one was the real one, then the other...


The sensation of having something painful thrust so suddenly into his left shoulder was about as abrupt as his change of mood. He looked the other way at where the sensation came from. Right there in his left shoulder was the Fire-tipped Spear!

"What in th-"


The elder had barely any time to exclaim in his shock before a loud explosion brought him from a world of confusion into a world of pain!

The +10 additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear: Explosion!

One explosion later, the completely scorched top half of a person came falling down from the skies like a bag before being grabbed onto by Bai Yunfei...