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 What point was there for Bai Yunfei to dodge the second salvo? All he had to do was go into his Coil Form and become as powerful as a Mid-stage Soul King!

The fire around him exploded with vigor when he activated the Coil Form. In droves, the flames flew out from him and forced away any incoming burst of wind. It didn't even seem like any wind could get within a certain distance of Bai Yunfei.

He looked up at the incoming three attacks. As if annoyed by these attacks, Bai Yunfei raised his right hand in annoyance to shoot three bursts of energy forward!

The first bolt of energy was the one on the left. It was also the quickest and of violet color, meaning it was the Heaven's Thunder. Under a second, the Heaven's Thunder had traveled enough distance to be the first to strike upon its target, the nine snakes of Gui Wei!


When the Heaven's Thunder made contact with the snakes, a bolt of violet lightning had dropped onto them straight out from nowhere!

Equipment Effect 2: 30% Chance to drop a bolt of lightning on target whe nattacking. Lightning bolt has 50% of the equipment's attack.

Cooldown of 10 seconds.

Lightning was an element that was especially powerful over darkness. And as it just so happened, Gui Wei's soul skill was the manifestation of elemental darkness. So because of that, the Heaven's Thunder pierced straight through the snakes when they made contact and left behind a gaping hole from where it went through! Then at the same time, a bolt of lightning dropped from the skies to slam onto the head of another snake. The snake's head was scattered apart, but the bolt of lightning continued onwards through the snake's body to leave an equally impressive hole!

That left about seven snakes left. They were regrouping now to attempt to recover, but the Heaven's Thunder was already reaching back around. And in the blink of an eye, all of the snakes were turned into a mist of darkness!

Bai Yunfei was as strong as a Mid-stage Soul King now, so his Heaven's Thunder was consequently far stronger than the attack of Early-stage Soul King Gui Wei!


Gui Wei's face turned dark the moment when his attack was triumphed. A moment later, he spat out a mouthful of blood!


Another one of the three streaks of light was quickly approaching the icy dragon now. This particular streak of light was a bright red color and was made entirely of fire. It was hot enough to bend the air around it while also leaving behind a very noticeable trail behind it. This was the...Fire-tipped Spear!

The Fire-tipped Spear was a little slower than the Heaven's thunder, but it was still faster reaching the icy dragon and black snakes. So while the Heaven's Thunder struck first, the Fire-tipped Spear wasn't all that far behind. It was like a toothpick compared the ice dragon with how it shot straight into the dragon's mouth!

A flash of light was all there was to signify that the Fire-tipped Spear was even there before it was devoured by the ice dragon's mouth. Even the hole the spear left behind in the mouth looked dreadfully small-was this the extent of what the Fire-tipped Spear could do?!

But then came the crackling sound of something a second later near the 'throat' of the ice dragon. Cracks started to around the area before a bright red light started to shine through it!

The bigger the cracks that formed, the brighter the red light behind it. The crackling noises grew louder and louder before ultimately, the red light behind the crack was practically blinding. In two brief moments, the throat of the ice dragon was practically riddled with cracks! It was on the verge of breaking apart, but the cracks were still continuing to spread at an intense pace towards the rest of the body. Its entirely white body was being ruined with those cracks, and the red light behind the cracks marring its pristine body like some sort of glass lantern!!

The ice dragon had been as large as a mountain almost. But before it could get within a hundred meters of Bai Yunfei, the Fire-tipped Spear had cracked it apart like an egg!


Blood came spilling out from the white-robed elder's mouth when the ice dragon fell apart. His soul skill had been linked to himself, much like how Gui Wei's soul skill was. When the soul skill was destroyed, he took a portion of the damage onto himself. If not for the fact that he managed to cut off a portion of the connection between them, the damage would've been far more intensive just like how a soul attack would be.


The third streak of light originating from Bai Yunfei's side was a gigantic streak of orange. Compared to his other attacks, this one was like a miniature sun with how it was shining orange. Even more surprising was the fact that it was still increasing in size. His enemies were startled to notice not only that, but the object's shape. It was rectangular in shape, but also tremendously large like a giant stone!

The Cataclysmic Seal!!

Like a giant mountain, the Cataclysmic Seal flew at the gigantic object coming at it and Bai Yunfei. In no time at all, the two mountainous objects were practically touching each other. Gold light mixed with orange as the two drew close. Compared to the Cataclysmic Seal, which was a fully corporeal object, the golden mountain was still partially made of elemental energy and thus looked far weaker than the Cataclysmic Seal.


The ensuing explosion between the two miniature-sized suns saw to it overshadowing every other source of sound. Waves of elemental earth were sloughed off the explosion like loose pebbles. One of the attacks had been the full power of an earth-type Mid-stage Soul King, but when the mountain struck against the Cataclysmic Seal, it only took a moment before the mountain crumbled!


A shrill scream erupted from the golden-robed elder. His eyes were wide-open with disbelief and pain as he screamed. Spittles of blood fell from the corners of his mouth, though the elder was in no shape to wipe them. Raising his right hand, he withdrew a door-sized shield from his space ring and placed it in front of himself.

Simultaneously, an orange beam of light came jettisoning out from the crumbling mountain. Like a meteor, the object soon revealed itself from within the light-it was the Cataclysmic Seal-now in a dozen-meter long sized form!

Though it had 'shrinked', it was still large enough that the golden-robed elder was merely just a 'dot' in front of it. It struck against the elder's shield with a loud gong sound. It paused briefly in the air as if it had its momentum stolen from it!

The Cataclysmic Seal had stopped, but the golden-robed elder wasn't in a very good position either. He was like a kite with its strings cut with how he was flying away backwards away from the Cataclysmic Seal. And the shield in front of him was starting to crack...


"Impossible! How does he have this much power?! Using three soul armaments to a degree like this, how does he do it?! I can't believe it!"

The golden-robed elder was in a far worse state than the white-robed elder. As the weaker one, he couldn't help but feel cowed and was thus screaming hysterically at the sight.

But even while he was screaming, the Fire-tipped Spear-which had only just emerged from the tip of the ice dragon's tail-was shooting straight at him!


There was another terrified scream as he tried to retreat. The snowstorm he had been maintaining was dropped in favor for the man to take out a crystalline defensive-type soul armament. One loud crack later, the Cataclysmic Seal bounced off the crystalline soul armament and flew away!

"I blocked it!" The white-robed elder exclaimed. He was going to say something more when he heard something near him crack. Looking down, he could see that a small web of cracks were starting to appear over the pure-white surface of his soul armament. Moments later, the soul armament exploded into pieces!


He belched out a mouthful of blood after the destruction of the soul armament. The soul armament had been his strongest defensive-type soul armament and also his own 'soulbound armament'. With how high of a compatibility he had with it, the destruction of the soul armament meant damage being dealt to his soul.

The rustling sound of air being displaced drew his attention upwards after he finished spitting blood. When he realized what it was, his eyes immediately widened with despair...

A Soul King was actually showing signs of despair!!

Less than a hundred meters away, a figure completely encircled by a ring of fire. The Fire-tipped Spear which had been bounced back earlier was now in this person's hand. And then when he raised his hand, the spear was flying back at the Soul King!