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 Finally, Bai Yunfei's figure was fully exposed for the entire world to see now that the King's Phenomena was gone. His entire body was aglow with red light along with the Cataclysmic Seal to his left and the Fire-tipped Spear to his right floating in the air. He looked asleep almost with how he was breathing. Gradually, his eyes opened back up to reveal strong light.

He felt pleased with how much strength was coming out from his body. But at the same time, there was also a sliver of regret...

"I was almost able to become a Mid-stage Soul King. Just almost, what a damn shame..."

The unsealing of Realm Accretion meant all that stored power within Bai Yunfei being unleashed. Bai Yunfei was a Peak Late-stage Soul Exalt, so becoming an Early-stage Soul King was a non-issue. Becoming a Mid-stage Soul King though was just a step away. It was a conclusion that was already ridiculous to begin with since it had only been a month since he started using Realm Accretion. According to his and Xiao Fang's calculations, it would've required one or two years for him to become a Mid-stage Soul King and seven to eight years to become a Late-stage Soul King. The fact that he improved this much within the course of a month was already something to rejoice over...

Still. The fact that he was so close to becoming a Mid-stage Soul King couldn't be understated, and Bai Yunfei couldn't help but feel pity over it.

He didn't have any time to reflect on that though. In the time he spent thinking about this, three powerful attacks were homing in on him!

His eyes frosted over with anger. As if already prepared for something like this, Bai Yunfei waved a hand almost lazily to seemingly manipulate something in the air around him.

A ripple of something formulated in response to his actions, but then at the moment after, Bai Yunfei's entire body was engulfed by a blinding explosion of light!

The first to make contact was the ice dragon. The surrounding air was practically frozen over when its jaws snapped shut. It still remained to be seen if it had snapped onto Bai Yunfei since the dragon had fully obscured the area around him.

The nine snakes were next to strike. As if looking forward to devouring its prey, the nine of them coiled around the area where Bai Yunfei was.

Last was the gigantic golden mountain. Descending down from the skies, the mountain looked like it was descending down from the heavens to smash all that was beneath it.

It was truly a sight difficult to put into words. The ultimate moves of three different Soul Kings being used on the very same space? There was hardly even a half-second of silence before several explosions ransacked the earth!

"Boom! Boom!! Boom!!"

The explosions of elemental energy and noise were practically unceasing. After the three attacks landed on top of Bai Yunfei, all that was left to see was a gigantic mountain. It caused the entire land and the surrounding leagues to quake immensely when it impacted before crumbling apart to turn into sand to cover anything.

"Is he dead? He has to be. Even a Late-stage Soul King wouldn't be able to take on those three moves, that Bai Yunfei probably doesn't have any bones left!!"

As if trying some sort of self-hypnosis to reassure himself, Gui Wei was murmuring to himself as he watched the dust and sand in front of him slowly start to settle.

His joyous expression died the moment when he saw the white-robed elder to his right. Rather than being happy or confused, the elder was stark-white as if he had seen a ghost!!

"No way..." Gui Wei felt his heart lurch. His mind was quickly realizing what that creeping sensation in the back of his spine was when he followed the elder's gaze.

It took two full seconds for him to react following that. His pupils contracted to the size of a needle and the rest of the blood in his face drained away from it.

"No way! How in the damned world is he over there!? There's no way!!"

All three of the Soul Kings were staring at the same spot now. Just about a few thousand steps to their right stood a single figure in red light.

Bai Yunfei!

"Teleportation?! He was able to teleport out from our attacks?! That's not possible! He only just became a Soul King, there's no way he should be able to teleport right away! It requires time to learn how to teleport, and so far too! What in the world is going on?!"

With how loudly the golden-robed elder was baying to the heavens, it felt like he was trying to get the gods to answer his query.

Teleportation as a skill was something Soul Kings were capable of doing (aside from space-type soul cultivators). Early-stage Soul Kings were generally not capable of teleportation at first either. It still required time and dedication to understand how space worked. Normally, it'd take most people when they became a Mid-stage Soul King to become able of teleportation unless they were sufficiently talented. For example, both Long Lan and Xiao Qi were incapable of teleporting given their current level of strength. No one-barring the space-type soul cultivators-should be capable of teleportation when they became a Soul King. Geniuses included.

Never would any of the three Soul Kings be able to guess that Bai Yunfei himself wasn't teleporting. It was because of the Core Stone!

A small recap of what happened.

Bai Yunfei had only just finished absorbing the energy from the King's Phenomena when the three attacks were about to land. By using the Core Stone, he was able to teleport a sufficient distance away to safety without having even his robes singed by the attacks.

There was something else he did as a safety earlier in the battle. He activated the +10 additional effect of the Core Stone prior to when the very first Soul King started to attack him.

+10 Additional Effect: Consume soulforce to send any target within ten meters into a sealed dimension for two seconds. Target cannot be attacked and cannot attack. Target maintains original visibility.

Cooldown of 1 minute.

Because of that additional effect, Bai Yunfei was able to be completely removed from danger. The fact that the Soul Sentinel Scarf had its effect activated and his Heaven's Thunder actually landing a kill onto the fat Soul King had been an unexpected, but welcome bonus.

"He's not a Mid-stage Soul King...he isn't a Mid-stage Soul King!!"

The white-robed elder cried out with joy. Perhaps it was because of his previous fear, but this revelation was something that relieved him immensely.

"He isn't! We have a chance then...kill him!!"

The golden-robed elder was the next to come to qualms with the situation. Forcing down his shock, he shouted in anger and charged forwards to continue attacking.

Bai Yunfei becoming a Mid-stage Soul King was something the three Soul Kings feared. So the fact that he didn't become one was an immense relief. It was the sole thing in this battle to give them hope!

If Bai Yunfei wasn't a Mid-stage Soul King, then he could still be killed!

The surrounding dust still in the area started to glow orange when the golden-robed elder took action. There was a tremendous grinding sound as a giant mountain started to rise up from the ground again!

The mountain hadn't fully collapsed yet! He could still use this soul skill!

Grumbling loudly as it ascended into the skies, the mountain flew towards Bai Yunfei once more!

"I very much doubt he'll be able to dodge my attack again! As long as we can stop him from teleporting, he won't be able to handle our combined efforts!" The white-robed elder shouted.

There was a flash of white light as the elder brought the surrounding area to chilling cold. Ice crystals formed everywhere in the air before a second blizzard was set upon the place!

This was...an area-type soul skill!!

It was a skill most similar to the 'Domain of Ice' of Zhang Lengyi from the Flying Snow School. The difference here was that it was a Mid-stage Soul King creating all this ice and that it had a greater area of coverage than the former. The elemental ice had also a special property that disallowed teleportation within its range.

Even after creating this snowstorm, the white-robed elder made sure to follow up on this move with a finger pointing upwards. Moments later, a dragon made completely from ice ascended into the skies! Like the mountain, the icy dragon had failed to dissipate!

As if trying not to disappoint, there was a third explosion as nine different tendrils of dark light shot into the skies. The nine snakes of Gui Wei was coming up for a resurgence!

The three Soul King's soul attacks could be used multiple times with one casting!

Just like the first time, the three soul skills flew through the skies to impact against Bai Yunfei! And this time, the three men were sure to hone in on Bai Yunfei's soulsense for better accuracy. The three of them were thoroughly convinced their plan would work this time with all their preparations!

From his position higher up in the skies, Bai Yunfei turned a frosty glare at Gui Wei and the other two. He didn't seem like he was prepared to dodge.

He had been listening to what the Soul Kings were saying about him, and he was all too displeased by what he heard. "So you think you three can kill me because I'm not a Mid-stage Soul King? Then, how about this?"

He raised both hands up to chest level and began to go through several hand seals. There was a violent uptick on how the elemental fire around him was churning, but then on the last hand seal, the fires erupted into a raging inferno along with his soulforce!

Dual Flame Artes: Coil Form!!

He was already at the limits of what an Early-stage Soul King could do, but with the Coil Form, he'd be able to ascend to higher levels.

In other words, he could gain power equivalent to a...Mid-stage Soul King!

The true battle was only just beginning!!