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 "Chirp!! Roar!! Roar!!"

The cries of three separate soulbeasts could be heard as the seven Soul Kings and soulbeasts lashed out. One was most noticeably the cry of a bird, another the loud snarling of a lion-like soulbeast, and the third a majestic roar of a dragon. Simultaneously, three tremendous auras came flying out from the fiery whirlpool to fly at the seven with blinding speed!

"Soulbeasts! Three class seven soulbeast! But how!!?"

Came the loud shrill of the fat soul cultivator. His fellow soul cultivators were similarly shocked, though they weren't as vocal in their surprise as he was. Their primary focus had been Bai Yunfei and the King's Phenomena due to the enormous amount of elemental fire coming from them.

The influx of elemental fire had served to mask the auras of Xiao Qi, Long Lan, and even the permafrost mastiff, allowing the three soulbeasts to make their grand reveal without being noticed beforehand.

Luckily, these three soulbeasts were only early-stage class seven soulbeasts...

The four Soul Kings heaved a sigh of relief and had their own three soulbeasts move forward to deal with them.

"Hm? What manner of beast is that? A prisma oriole? What a joke! Are you suicidal?!"

Above the skies of the white-robed elder, the glacial ape sneered. It just had to when it saw Xiao Qi. As a class seven soulbeast, it's intelligence was equivalent to that of a human and could humanize. It was just that the ape disliked its human form and preferred to stay in its natural soulbeast form as like the other two soulbeasts with him.

But while the glacial ape was busy laughing at the bird, Xiao Qi was already kicking up in speed so that when he was just less than a thousand steps away, he disappeared!

He wasn't actually disappearing or anything, it was just that with the added speed of the Wind and Lightning Feathers, Xiao Qi was traveling at speeds faster than what the glacial ape could react to. So of course it looked as though the bird had disappeared in the ape's eyes!

The glacial ape reacted accordingly to the bird's disappearance and honed his senses immediately. Realizing the presence of Xiao Qi, the ape whirled around and prepared himself for contact!


There was a muffled thud before the glacial ape was sent flying away as if struck by a tremendous amount of weight!

Long Lan and the permafrost mastiff were simultaneously getting into fights of their own with the other class seven soulbeast. In bursts of elemental energy, the two soulbeasts knocked their opponents flying as well!

Clearly, the three soulbeasts were trying to separate the other three soulbeasts from the Soul Kings.

"Ignore them! Our priority is to kill Bai Yunfei first!"

Gui Wei barked as he continued onwards to Bai Yunfei. Swirling with elemental darkness, his right hand lashed out to send a blade of energy towards the younger male.

By this point, Bai Yunfei's aura was at the midway point between an Early-stage Soul King and a Mid-stage Soul King. From just eyesight alone, it looked like Bai Yunfei would need only a few seconds more to actually become a Mid-stage Soul King. This was a very terrifying thought to Gui Wei and the others.

Materializing thousands of icicles, the white-robed elder had the entire barrage fly towards Bai Yunfei at once. The golden-robed elder pointed a finger to the skies where a gigantic mountain of elemental earth had solidified. A large chunk of the mountain separated itself from the main body before flying at Bai Yunfei in conjunction with the icicles.


The weakest one of the Soul Kings-the fat Early-stage Soul King-didn't unleash an attack of elemental energy at all, but he wasn't afraid to attack Bai Yunfei. Pointing a finger at Bai Yunfei, he unleashed an attack of his own, a soul attack!!

He thought himself to be the more considerate one. If everyone else was using an elemental attack, then he'd be the one to hamper Bai Yunfei's dodging efforts by using a soul attack. This way, he'd be the one coordinating everyone's attacks to hitting Bai Yunfei!

The maelstrom of fire continued to spin around Bai Yunfei so no one could see what he was up to. It didn't really matter much to the four Soul Kings though, as the three elemental attacks would definitely kill an ordinary Early-stage Soul King without much effort to spare. Even a Mid-stage Soul King wouldn't be able to get away from this without sustaining heavy damages. With the inclusion of the soul attack from the fat Soul King, both Tang Wei and Yan Lin went completely pale with fear for Bai Yunfei. The two were already getting ready to use a soul attack of their own to help Bai Yunfei fight.

But then to the shock of everyone there...


The ear-ringing shriek of a person filled the air...it was the fat Soul King!!


The three elemental attacks crashed into the fiery maelstrom before anyone even knew what was going on. Nearly half of the elemental fire was scattered away as the central area where Bai Yunfei was presumably hiding was struck!

A hole was opened up in the whirlpool now, allowing everyone able to see what Bai Yunfei was doing at its center. But there was only a split second for people to see before an explosion of the elemental attacks once again obscured him from sight...

It was only for a moment, but the Soul Kings did see Bai Yunfei's figure in the whirlpool! It was for a moment that they were happy, but then to the abrupt shock of everyone there, a bolt of violet light came flying out from the whirlpool towards the...fat Soul King!

Unfortunately for the fat Soul King, the +10 additional effect of the Soul Sentinel Scarf had activated on him while the other three Soul Kings were watching their attacks land.

+10 Additional Effect: 30% Chance to completely deflect a spirit-based attack.

Not only had the soul attack of the Early-stage Soul King fail to do anything to Bai Yunfei, it was reflected back onto him to suffer! His entire person was brought into a state of confusion and pain for just a few seconds, but those scant few seconds was more than enough time for retaliation to be launched!

By the time he recovered, the bolt of violet light was already coming straight at him!

Being slammed with his own soul attack had caused his elemental wind to scatter, forcing the man to have to conjure up even more. He threw his arms up to gather up a wall of elemental wind and protect himself, but...


Slamming into the barrier of wind with a sharp crack, the bolt of violet light revealed itself to the fat Early-stage Soul King to be some type of flying sword! The tip of the violet flying sword had already slipped through the barrier deep enough that the hilt was all that was left on the other side. Had the man's reflexes been even a millisecond slower, the sword would've most likely stabbed into his throat...

"Look out behind you!!"

The Early-stage Soul King was only just starting to sigh in relief when the frightened call of his comrade cried out to him.

"Behind?! Wha-"

Alarmed, the man was about to whirl around when he felt a breeze of wind fly across the back of his head. His body stiffened following the feeling of something stabbing into it. From the corners of his eyes, the man stared at something violet poked out from his throat...

The fat Soul King didn't know what happened after that. Everything had gone black for him, and then nothing.

Right after the Heaven's Thunder stabbed through his neck, the man's body had exploded!

Flashes of lightning and drops of blood flew everywhere as bits and pieces of the man's body flew everywhere and fell back down to the ground...

Because of a combination of the soul attack rebounding and the +10 additional effect of the Heaven's Thunder, another person had been killed instantaneously!