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 "Fiery Dance of the Thousand Snakes? If Fang Shouwen is willing to use his strongest move, then it seems he wants to get this over with as soon as possible..."

The slightly fatter Soul King of the group murmured aloud as he watched the one known as Fang Shouwen take action.

The one who had realized it was Bai Yunfei in front of them grunted. "This Bai Yunfei is a crafty one. He's able to kill Soul Kings as a Soul Exalt, so be sure to not let down your guard. Use your strongest move and kill him at once. And if we are unable to do so in one blow, then we cannot afford to underestimate the enemy."

It seemed as though this speaker knew Bai Yunfei a tad bit more than his fellow companions. His physical appearance was also quite strange compared to the others. There was a black miasma to him that obscured his aura. If not for the fact that he was standing there in plain sight, one would've thought he was a ghost of some kind.

This man was one of the persons that stood next to Mo Ni, the male known as 'Gui Wei'!!

He was the puzzle piece that made everything so clear now. The ones kidnapping Tang Xinyun to get at Bai Yunfei was none other than Mo Ni!

The goal, of course, was the Core Stone in Bai Yunfei's possession...It was quite unexpected that Mo Ni would take action so quickly though. Only a month had passed since the 'official' ending of the battle for the Extreme King Pills and yet Mo Ni was already enacting yet another one of his sinister plots.

"Is this Bai Yunfei really worth that much attention to, Envoy? Is he really that powerful?" The golden-robed elder next to Gui Wei asked. He was a Mid-stage Soul King and usually referred to Gui Wei as 'Envoy'. As strong as he was, he didn't treat Gui Wei with the haughty attitude most Mid-stage Soul Kings might have for those weaker.

"Don't forget that he's the genius of the Crafting School and also disciple of Zi Jin..." Gui Wei replied.

"According to what we know, he has roughly five heaven-tier soul armaments-all of which are strong both offensively and defensively. We will have to use a great deal more power than usual if we are to bypass his defenses."

"Pah, even if he's stronger than his peers and has hundreds of soul armaments, he's still going to die today!" A white-robed elder sneered in contempt at Bai Yunfei.


A surge of heat tore through the air moments after an equally intense explosion. Looking up, everyone watched as the area where Bai Yunfei was standing was engulfed by a large ocean of fire. Even the King's Phenomena above him was starting to be disturbed.

The slightly fat middle-aged man smirked at the sight. "A wonderful attack. It appears that Bai Yunfei is without a doubt dead. He's a foolish one if he thinks he could face us at his level of strength. I must admit, it's tru-"

His words died away in his mouth. Rather than finishing his sentence, the man's mouth hung wide open as he stared at the ocean of fire in shock.

There was something strange happening in the area he was looking at. The waves of fire churning in on the area were turning back into wriggling tendrils of fire to start flying everywhere but there!

It was a sight almost identical to what the Soul Kings had only just watched moments ago. The only difference was, the 'Fiery Dance of the Thousand Snakes' was being 'returned' back to Fang SHouwen!

"How! How can this be po-agh!!"

From his spot up in the skies, the cold smirk that was on Fang Shouwen's face earlier was wiped clean off. He had only a second to bemoan the sudden event before he shrieked in pain when the tendrils of fire engulfed him!

Fang Shouwen didn't stand a chance. Attacked by his own move, Fang Shouwen was being hit with every single little bit of power he himself had used on Bai Yunfei. Whatever snakes that touched his body were quickly burrowing into his body to lick and devour at the flesh underneath. Soon enough, holes and tunnels started to reveal themselves on his body as the snakes started to swim throughout it!


There was another ear-ringing explosion as the snakes detonated from within his body. The explosion brought forth a rain of blood and gore down from the skies along with a blossoming explosion of elemental fire. The majority of Fang Shouwen's blood was incinerated, which in turn transformed into a bloody-red spiral of smoke...

And so, an Early-stage Soul King was killed just like that!

"Ah...what happened just now? Fang Shouwen died? Has he really died just like that?!" The fatty man from earlier was like a frightened cat now with his shrill shriek. The death of Fang Shouwen was something his mind was having trouble processing.

Fang Shouwen had been a Soul King! A Soul King that was just as strong as he was! How in the world did he manage to get himself killed in an instant? And how was it that he died to his own killing move?!

Like the fatty Soul King, Gui Wei was at a loss for words. All he could do was stare ahead at the sight of Fang Shouwen's death. The shriek of the fatty Soul King was just what he needed to reboot his thinking processes. "That...that was...that was the Replicating Flames!! The Replicating Flames of elder Wu Shang!! How in the world does Bai Yunfei know such a skill! Did...did even elder Wu Shang die at the hands of Bai Yunfei? This is impossible!!"

The plans Gui Wei had in mind had already been derailed before it had even truly begun. While he knew that Bai Yunfei was capable of killing an Early-stage Soul King, never did he expect that Bai Yunfei had also killed elder Wu Shang and taken his ultimate move from him!

This was mind-blowing. Elder Wu Shang had been a Mid-stage Soul King! And a Mid-stage Soul King that was a great deal stronger than other Mid-stage Soul Kings! And for all he was worth, the elder had still been killed by Bai Yunfei?!

While he was still contemplating the ramifications of everything, the pillar of fire in front of him shivered once before transforming back into a whirlpool of fire. There was a terrible rumbling sound emanating from the whirlpool with a great deal of soulforce already leaking from its center...

"Has he already broken through?! What kind of joke is this!?" The fatty Soul King exclaimed. "Hardly ten seconds even passed and now he's a Soul King?! Am I in a dream?!"

"That can't be! The King's Phenomena hasn't disappeared yet and his aura is still increasing!" The golden-robed Mid-stage Soul King exclaimed. "What kind of secret is he using!? We can't let this continue any longer!"

Things were rapidly spiraling out of control for them all. Their chances before this fight had looked as steady as a mountain itself, but now that mountain was starting to crumble and shrink faster than fast. The emotion of shock might as well be permanently etched onto each one of their faces as they stood there trying to figure out what in the world Bai Yunfei was doing.

But in the end, there was one thing each one of them knew: They couldn't just sit there and watch wide-eyed like a deer in torchlight while Bai Yunfei continued to grow stronger!

"Attack! Kill him now!" Gui Wei was the first to charge into battle. The rest of the Soul Kings followed suit in a blaze of their own soulforce.

There was hardly over a hundred meters of distance between them and Bai Yunfei, but the auras radiating from each Soul King was large enough to cover the entire area of distance without a problem. Of the two Mid-stage Soul Kings, the golden-robed one was an earth-type and was already donning on a bubble of elemental earth to make him as steady as a mountain. The white-robed elder was an ice-type Soul King and was crystallizing the air around him to form a miniature blizzard.

Aside from the two, Gui Wei was expelling a significant amount of miasma to form a giant black cloud. The slightly-fat Soul King was a wind-type soul cultivator and was manipulating the air around him to swirl faster and faster to send every little thing within range flying.

Any battle involving Soul Kings meant a battle that would shape the lands around them-especially if four of them were fighting at the same time. Any spectating soul cultivator would've been thoroughly intimidated by just the light alone.

But that wasn't the only awe-inspiring thing about them. As they set out, the two Early-stage Soul King and fat Mid-stage Soul King all had three separate beams of energy fly out from them. A moment after that, the three beams of energy revealed themselves to have the aura of a living being!

In the sky above the white-robed elder appeared a mountainous glacial ape. Above the brown-robed elder was a tremendously large but eerie soulbeast that looked somewhat like an earthworm. And above the fat Soul King was a gigantic verdant-blue butterfly.

Three early-stage class seven soulbeasts!

As mentioned before, it was a little rare for Soul Kings to have a contracted soulbeast partner. So what a surprise for there to be three here! The soulbeasts were only early-stage class seven soulbeasts, but that was still equivalent to an Early-stage Soul King in fighting prowess!

Four Early-stage Soul Kings and three class seven soulbeasts. That equated to about seven Soul Kings fighting a single Early-stage Soul King. It was a breathtaking sight one might say was overkill like using a cannon to kill an ant. But that only went to show just how much the seven Soul Kings feared Bai Yunfei right now.

Indeed, they were 'fearful' of Bai Yunfei. They had good reason to. Less than half a minute ago, Bai Yunfei had only been a Soul Exalt. Then, he became a Soul King in a dozen seconds and killed an Early-stage Soul King instantaneously almost. And to make things even worse, Bai Yunfei's strength was still growing! It seemed impossible almost. A dream even.

But reality was telling them that it was all possible and happening. If they sat there and allowed Bai Yunfei to become a Mid-stage Soul King or even stronger, what chance did they have but let Bai Yunfei kill them without a problem?

Even with a suffocating amount of elemental fire around him, it didn't even seem like the whirlpool of fire was even affecting him. The amount of energy he himself was giving off was already beyond what an Early-stage Soul King should've been capable of having. He was on his way to becoming a Mid-stage Soul King!