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 There was a grim expression on Tang Wei as he observed the incoming beams of light.

"Damn...I've already killed two of them and now even more have shown up. I can see some Soul Kings with them, what kind of enemy are we dealing with here...what in the world is Bai Yunfei worth to them for someone to bring out this much firepower..."

The amount of people was enough to make Tang Wei and Yan Lin both worry over their chances of victory. At most, they could probably draw out some time before they'd have to flee.

Tang Wei hoped that Bai Yunfei could at the very least get away from here. If the reinforcements from the Tang came, then it was possible that a counterattack could be had...

He looked up, hoping to see Bai Yunfei already long gone from this place.

But Bai Yunfei was still standing there without having moved an inch!

Furious, Tang Wei was about to say something when he realized something amiss...

Tang Xinyun used to be in Bai Yunfei's hands, but now, she was nowhere to be seen!

"Wha-what did you do?!" Tang Wei rounded onto him for an answer.

Bai Yunfei slowly lifted his head to stare back at Tang Wei. The expression on his face was eerily calm. Smiling at the alarmed Tang Wei, he spoke, "Don't worry, brother Tang. I've sent Xinyun to a place safe from danger. No one will be able to hurt her there..."

"You..." Tang Wei was still confused. Before he could ask any further questions, the space beneath Bai Yunfei's feet flashed a bright purple and and sent him flying away. "Bai Yunfei, what are you doing?!"

He didn't bother to turn around and respond to Tang Wei. "Third brother, you and your friend must be tired from your last battle, right? You should rest and recover your soulforce. Allow me to...deal with these people."

"Allow you?!" Tang Wei's eyes were wide open. Had his punch earlier knocked some sense loose from Bai Yunfei? The people heading for them were Soul Kings! And if they weren't a Soul King, they were a peak Late-stage Soul Exalt, how could Bai Yunfei possibly hope to contend against them?

Both Tang Wei and his armored friend were immediately thunderstruck when all of a sudden, three additional figures appeared right next to Bai Yunfei!

A bulky man in dark-blue robes, a snowy-white lion soulbeast, and a sparrow-sized prisma oriole...

Then came the even bigger surprise-the three of them were all...Soul Kings!

"What's...what's even going on here?!"

As experienced as a traveler Tang Wei was, this sight in front of him was beyond ordinary. He still couldn't even wrap his mind around something: Where had Tang Xinyun gone? And where did these three people come from?

"The big one there-that's a soulbeast! Someone from the dragon race!" Yan Lin inhaled sharply, his eyes transfixed to Long Lan in front of him.

"A soulbeast? You're telling me...there's three class-seven soulbeasts here?! And all of them are helping Bai Yunfei?! That's..."

Standing a thousand meters high in the sky, Bai Yunfei was now to the right of Long Lan and to the left of Xiao Qi and the permafrost mastiff. He eyed the incoming figures with a bone-chillingly cold look.

"Don't let even a single one of them escape. They'll all die here!"

"Death to them all! They deserve it!" Xiao Qi agreed angrily. "To even think about injuring Xiao Bai...those bastards! I'll eat them all!"

Long Lan was the more calm one of the four. "Three Early-stage Soul Kings and two Mid-stage Soul Kings...I can also sense three class seven soulbeasts with them!"

Five Soul Kings and three class seven soulbeasts in addition to several other Soul Exalts. It was a terrifying armada of power that could take out even an entire middle-ranked school by themselves. Even a middling household would be easily made extinct by this force.

"Xiao Qi, you'll be responsible for the permafrost mastiff. I see a group of Soul Exalts behind the three class seven soulbeasts, that'll be yours and Long Lan to manage." Bai Yunfei commanded. His mind was already calculating the enemy forces and what the battle plan was. "I'll deal with those five Soul Kings."

Xiao Qi and Long Lan were both surprised by his plan, but neither soulbeast said a word. The actual ones to speak came from within Bai Yunfei.

"What?! Yunfei, are you planning to fight against five Soul Kings by yourself?! Have you gone crazy? There's no way you can do that with your stre-wait! Don't tell me you've..."

It was Xiao Fang who was speaking to him.

"Are you really going undo the seal?! Why now! Can't you just wait a bit longer?! We've sealed up so much energy so far from the Extreme King Pills, there's still half of it that hasn't been processed yet-we'll lose that half if you undo the seal now! It's not a good choice! We should teleport away instead! At least we can take revenge on them later in that case!"

"Later? I couldn't even protect the one I love...what's the point of talking about the future then!" Bai Yunfei retorted. "It'll take years and years before all that energy is done maturing, what's the point of revenge after that? I can't wait that long...the people who hurt Xinyun are right in front of me, how can I just run away now with my tail in between my legs? That's not something I'll do in my life!

"Wasting the remaining Extreme King Pills is a done and dealt with deal, I'll just find another way to improve my strength. But these people...they'll definitely die today!"

Murderous intent flooded Bai Yunfei's eyes. His right hand loosened just enough for the Fire-tipped Spear to be released and to float in the air besides him. Having both hands free now, Bai Yunfei began to go through a series of hand seals.

"Ugh! What a reckless master this one is...fine! If you want to go crazy, fine by me! I don't care anymore..." Xiao Fang groused to itself before growing silent.

Xiao Fang was right. The most 'logical' plan would've been to take Tang Xinyun and leave this place. But to leave these enemies behind for another time when Bai Yunfei was stronger would mean having to wait for a very long time...

Bai Yunfei was only a Soul Exalt in strength if he excluded the energy being stored up thanks to Realm Accretion. If he didn't undo the seal, how would he ever be able to fight against these people? And if he didn't deal with these people now, what if they attacked in the future? Was he supposed to take Tang Xinyun into hiding for the next several years until he was finally strong enough? Hiding from place to place, taking each step with him constantly looking over his own shoulder? If Tang Xinyun were to come across an accident during that time frame, there wouldn't be a second opportunity like this one to save her...

Even if he did try to run away, this day would definitely weigh heavily on Bai Yunfei's mind. This in turn would turn into some kind of distraction for Bai Yunfei's training and most definitely prevent him from becoming a Late-stage Soul King as smoothly as possible.

But the most important thing was that Bai Yunfei was angry. Furious even to the point of uncontrollability. The guilt Bai Yunfei was feeling over Tang Xinyun being kidnapped because of him was unbearable. It clawed at his stomach and made it nearly impossible for Bai Yunfei to even think about anything else but one thing.

The only way he'd feel better now is if he made sure the people that hurt Tang Xinyun paid a heavy price for it!

More and more soulforce started to churn violently inside his body as he continued through the hand seals. Upon the very last one, Bai Yunfei felt his aura explode violently with strength to reach even higher heights than before...

The enemies in front of him were getting closer and closer now. In a matter of seconds, the kilometer gap in between their two groups was already quickly shrinking.

But before they could fully clear the distance, a pillar of blinding red light suddenly shot up into the skies from Bai Yunfei!

Realm Accretion: Unsealed!!

The three middle-aged men and two elders leading the group were met with the blinding pillar of red light and came to an immediate halt.

"The people who saved Tang Xinyun are that way, don't let them escape! We have to be sure to get her back before the rest of the Tang get here!"

"Who's blocking the way, who?!"

"A Soul Exalt?! What's going on here?! Eh?! His strength is increasing far too fast, was he hiding his true power?"

"No! This...this is the King's Phenomena! He's becoming a Soul King?! Here and now?"

Everyone was in complete confusion for a good while before a black-robed Soul King elder pointed a finger at the pillar, "That person is Bai Yunfei!"

"What? He's Bai Yunfei?!"

Again, everyone was surprised. The middle-aged man wearing red robes on the left was happy, however. "Is he really? Haha! We went through all this trouble only to have him appeared right in front of us! What's the point grabbing Tang Xinyun if we can just kill him and take his things now!"

"But wasn't he only a Soul Exalt?" Asked the suspicious middle-aged man next to him. "How is he able to become a Soul King already? And here too? What's going on here?"

"Who cares what's going on, he's being cocky here. If he's so willing to die, then I'm all too happy to help him!" The red-robed Soul King sneered before increasing his flying speed forwards.

He was soon overcharged with an equally blinding-red light as he charged onwards. An ocean of fire soon materialized around his person before the tongues formed together to form a myriad of wriggling fire snakes.

One wave of his hand later, the myriad of fire snakes flew forward to assault Bai Yunfei from every side possible!