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 Finally! The Yun's Soul Ring had been found just within four hundred meters of him! And even better-the ring was moving in a direction towards him!

Relieved joy appeared onto Bai Yunfei's face. He teleported one last time to travel a hundred kilometers in their direction.

The aura from the Yun's Soul Ring was hopping from place to place, meaning that it wasn't Tang Xinyun running away herself; someone was teleporting her! So...her kidnapper had her bound so she couldn't get away?!

Bai Yunfei was furious. Teleporting yet again, he got within another two hundred meters of the Yun's Soul Ring. In one swift action, he had the Violet Soul Ring transfer two thousand soulpoints into his body and the Heaven's Thunder taken out from its space ring for him to ride on. Even the space ring with only just three hundred soulpoints had been used to replenish his reserves.

A flash of red light saw to the Cataclysmic Seal appearing to the left of Bai Yunfei. The fireseed within the brick was quickly transferred into his chest so he could activate the Dual Flame Artes. Now powered up, Bai Yunfei shot towards the Yun's Soul Ring readied for battle.

The speed in which the Heaven's Thunder traveled at was astounding to even Bai Yunfei. It didn't take long before Bai Yunfei was just a single mountain point away from where the Yun's Soul Ring was! At last he could make out the murky aura of Tang Xinyun!

But that was also when he made out the auras of two other figures-Soul Kings!

As if realizing that they had been detected, the auras disappeared from Bai Yunfei's soulsense as quickly as they appeared.

"Be careful! They're teleporting to a new location now! A hundred meters to the right and a hundred meters above us!" Xiao Fang warned.

Narrowing his eyes, Bai Yunfei reacted accordingly to Xiao Fang's warnings and altered his path to face the direction to his upper-right.


Appearing in a blaze of fire, the Fire-tipped Spear revealed itself in Bai Yunfei's hand for him to thrust in a certain area.

It had just so happened that the space in which the spear was being thrusted in was twisting in on itself to reveal two figures stepping out from it.

The first figure was a young man dressed in violet. His long hair drifted elegantly in the wind behind him so as to avoid obscuring his tall nose and sharp eyebrows. The second figure Combined with his tall and straight stature, the man looked surely as if he was from a soldierly background. He also wore sturdy battle-armor the color of violet to accentuate his person, but the aura coming from his person felt more like a feral beast.

He was also covered with blood as if he had only just finished fighting an arduous and intense battle.

But the most eye-catching detail to the first man was the person held next to him. Though dressed in white and obscured by her long hair, Bai Yunfei could still tell at a glance that this person was Tang Xinyun!

The two males were immediately surprised to see Bai Yunfei standing in their way. Moving in front of the other, the one with the battle armor gave Bai Yunfei a death glare, "Who goes there?!"

Bai Yunfei answered in turn with a furious glare of his own. Aimed towards the man holding onto Tang Xinyun, Bai Yunfei spat, "Hand Xinyun to me or die!!"

The merciless glare given to them by Bai Yunfei startled the two men, but the male wearing the battle-armor looked slightly taken aback. A Soul Exalt daring to act in such a way to two Soul Kings was very peculiar, and so the one wearing battle-armor couldn't help but look back at his companion.

A flash of light crossed the purpled-robed man. "Are you trying to save Xinyun? Are you...Bai Yunfei?!"

"What?" Bai Yunfei paused, "How do you know me? Who are you?"

The man gave Bai Yunfei a cursory glance, "Crimson-red spear and a strange rectangular soul armament...he's like the rumors say he is." The cautious glare fell away from the man's face in favor for a more warming one. Giving one step forward, he smiled, "Bai Yunfei, we aren't your enemies. I am little Yun's third brother, Tang Wei."

"Her third brother?!" There was confusion in Bai Yunfei's eyes for a split moment before he responded. A flicker of relief crossed his eyes, but then he stared warily at them again, "And why should I believe that?"

As if prepared for such a question, Tang Wei replied to the question while starting to fly again. "Several years ago, I met my fifth brother, Tang Ming, and gave him a space ring for him to give to little Yun. There were several fire-type herbs in there, you should know about that if you're close to little Yun, correct?"

Tang Wei was correct. Bai Yunfei remembered such a thing before; Tang Xinyun had told him about this ring to only a select few-him included. If this person could say that, it meant he was who he said he was. Plus, Bai Yunfei could tell from a distance that this person looked quite similar to Tang Xinyun's father.

"Brother Tang! It really is you! Did you save Xinyun? That's great!" Bai Yunfei moved forward to greet the male in relief.


But a straight punch from Tang Wei sent Bai Yunfei flying backwards. He had punched Bai Yunfei right on the face without Bai Yunfei having expected it!!

The force behind the blow had been quite heavy, and Bai Yunfei could even see a few stars in his vision before he could steady himself.

"Brother Tang...what are you doing?!" He could only ask in confused anger.

The glare Tang Wei was giving him was an icy one. "I'm punching you on behalf of little Yun! If you're the one she loves, then how could you put her in danger?! Are you even worthy of her infatuation if you can't even protect her?! Do you know that the very first words she said when I saved her was your name?!"

Bai Yunfei was stunned by Tang Wei's rebukes of him, but that didn't seem to pacify the older man by even the slightest.

"When I ran into the ones who kidnapped her, they asked if I was Bai Yunfei! Do you understand?! The reason why they kidnapped little Yun was all because of you! You! It's your fault that little Yun was in this much danger!"

"What?!" This time, Bai Yunfei was stunned into full silence.

He was the reason why Xinyun was kidnapped?!

Then as if to jolt him out of his thoughts, something was pressed into his hands. Tang Wei had given Xinyun to Bai Yunfei to hold.

"Take her and leave. There'll be some enemy reinforcements coming soon, I'll stop them for now, you go back and get help!" Tang Wei's voice spoke out into Bai Yunfei's ear.

He nodded stiffly and bowed his head to give Tang Xinyun a look. Seeing her coiled up as she was with an injured Xiao Bai in her arms made him frown. Tang Xinyun's eyes were fully closed, her pale face was scrunched up, and her lips were quivering minutely as if she was trying to murmur something.

Stooping slightly over her, Bai Yunfei pressed an ear closer to her so he could hear what she was saying....

"Yu-Yunfei...don't come...they're...they're going to...to hurt you..."

Her words were faint. Staccato even with several words in between being nearly inaudible. But to Bai Yunfei, each word he heard was like a dagger stabbing into his heart.


"Bai Yunfei! What are you lazing about for?! Hurry up and get moving, the enemies are nearly here!"

The urgent tone in Tang Wei's words snapped Bai Yunfei awake yet again.

Off in the distance, several rays of light were already zipping through the skies to where Bai Yunfei and Tang Wei were...

The enemy reinforcements were here!