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 "Lord Qin, please stop!!"

The Tianhun School student cried out at once when he saw what Qin Shoufeng was going to do, but his words came a moment too late.

Qin Shoufeng's fist was already crashing through the wooden doors with a fiery fist and sending splinters everywhere.


There was a loud explosion as the wooden door fractured and sent a wave of heat further into the room. So hot was the heat that even the Tianhun School student had to step back. Qin Shoufeng was a Late-stage Soul Exalt so he wasn't exactly a very weak person.

The student of the Tianhun School wasn't a stranger to the antics of people in his wealth class and how they bullied others. He was even more understanding of how illogical and reckless people acted when they were angry, but this was a case he felt safe in. Bai Yunfei seemed neither strong nor supported by a powerful group. If anything, Bai Yunfei looked like he was just an ordinary soul cultivator with somewhere to be or presumably thought himself to have more sway than he did.

But even if he had any type of sway, it seemed unlikely to Qin Shuofeng that Bai Yunfei would be as influential as the house of Qin.

Should a death occur on the airship because of this matter, it'd be the fault of the student for not mediating the affair. The student was afraid of the fight blowing out of proportion for that reason.

He stepped forward, ready to open his mouth to start the mediation process. However, it was his eyes that widened first as the scene in front of him revealed something he hadn't expected...

The door splintered apart when Qin Shoufeng's fist slammed against it, that much was expected.

But rather than see Qin Shoufeng stride in to for his next plan of action, all the student saw was another fist come at Qin Shoufeng from the other side!

The glimmer of red light coming from this second fist was faint, but still more noticeable than the light coming from Qin Shoufeng's. Furthermore, the Tianhun School student didn't even notice any change in elemental energy coming from within the room prior to the fist, so it came as a complete surprise to everyone there.

Even more surprising was the fact there was even resistance. To defy Qin Shoufeng like this was to bring troubles onto themselves.

"Bang!! Crack!!"

One of the two fists gave out a sickening crack when the two collided. A secondary groan was heard a split moment afterward with everyone gasping in disbelief.

It was Qin Shoufeng that both sounds came from!!

"Young master!!"

The guard that had been speaking with Bai Yunfei before cried out. In one swift motion, he drew forward to grab onto his charge and anchor him to the ground.

Unfortunately for him, the blow had been so strong that even he was forced off his feet and sent flying back!


The two flew across the corridor for several seconds before crashing through a door and into another room!



Everyone could only gape at the scene in front and behind them in disbelief.

"I've said it before, don't annoy me or you'll regret it!"

Stepping out from behind the splintered ruins of his door, Bai Yunfei gave a withering glare at the floored Qin Shoufeng. His words had been icy enough to shy away the stares of the audience around him.

"No way! He...he actually sent the Late-stage Soul Exalt Qin Shoufeng flying!"

"He's standing up against the Qin!"

"What an arrogant one! Look at him-he doesn't even care about who Qin Shoufeng is!"

"Pah! Qin Shoufeng has always been like this. Finally he's got his comeuppance. I don't know who this person is, but he's not afraid of the Qin it seems."

"I don't recognize him...anyone of you know who he is?"

"Not me..."

Whispers were going all around the halls now. Everyone that had been on the airship before was now talking to one another about what they had just witnessed. Many of them were soul cultivators that had been unhappy with how the airship and their rooms had been 'compensated', but they had no choice but to pack up and leave and grumble as they did so.

It came as a complete surprise to them to see this happen though, and even though most of the witnesses had been relatively far away when Qin Shoufeng was sent flying back, most of them were still very happy to have witnessed it.

Whilst everyone was whispering to each other, Bai Yunfei was already looking away from Qin Shoufeng to the Tianhun School student. "I'd like another room."

The student could only just gape at him. "You..."

"Ah!! I'll kill you!! Guards, stop him!!"

Before the second word could even come out from the student, a furious roar came forth from Qin Shoufeng. He had only just crawled to his feet to gnash and snarl angrily at Bai Yunfei.

Five guards sprung at his command to encircle Bai Yunfei.

Another helpless expression fell onto the Tianhun School student's face. Exchanging a glance to the other students with him, he had them run off to go find someone.

An unhealthy sheen of color shined on Qin Shoufeng's face; perhaps due to his injury. "What are you staring around for?!" He barked at the guards, "Arrest him already!"

The glare in Bai Yunfei's eyes hardened. He turned around, ready to teach Qin Shoufeng a lesson.

"Stop, Shoufeng!"

Stopping everyone in place was the voice of an elderly person. The voice echoed across the hallway despite being spoken at a normal level, but it had its desired effect. Every single guard immediately stood to attention and retreated to the side in fear.

The owner of the voice came stepping in front of Qin Shoufeng to face Bai Yunfei in his stead.

It was the elder who had previously had his eyes closed back in the lobby.

Not a single person in the room had noticed this elder step in between the two, but the pressure exuding from his person had been noticeable to all. Every single shuddered in fear.

This was a Soul King!

"Why stop me, uncle? This person is standing up against us, let me teach him a lesson!!" Qin Shoufeng couldn't understand why his uncle was stopping him.

The old man was the third uncle to Qin Shoufeng and one of the Soul Kings of the Qin, Qin Pingzhi.

Qin Pingzhi glanced back to Qin Shoufeng, "Had I not stepped forward, you would've been knocked onto the floor again."

In his confusion, Qin Shoufeng swung his head back at Bai Yunfei. "Kid, what's your name? Which family are you from?"

Despite the soulsense coming from Qin Shoufeng's body, Bai Yunfei wasn't intimidated. Without even a single change in his facial muscles, Bai Yunfei leveled a calm stare at Qin Pingzhi. "I don't want any trouble, don't force me!"

Again, everyone was surprised by this. Not only was Bai Yunfei not backing down against a Soul King, but he was also even talking back to one...

Even the Soul King looked slightly surprised.

"It's good for a youngster to be confident, but it's also good to respect your elders. Many others have met bad fates from not having that. Geniuses meeting an early death isn't as uncommon as one might think..." The elder laughed.

"Respect?" Replied Bai Yunfei, "That's something given to those I do respect. You...are not one of them."

"Hah! Very well then! You've a mouth on you, youngster! If you're not willing to state who you are or your master, then I'll teach you in their place!"

This time, the laughter that came from Qin Pingzhi was far colder.

He disappeared so quickly that everyone could barely even see a blur. The next time the elder appeared, he was in front of Bai Yunfei to slam his palm into Bai Yunfei's forehead!

Bai Yunfei had already his left arm brought up to protect himself, though. There was a 'thud' as the two forces collided, but completely unexpected to everyone was the fact that it was Qin Pingzhi that drew back as if hurt.

He retreated several meters back with his right arm drawn back to him, his face looking at Bai Yunfei in complete surprise.

On the other side, Bai Yunfei had only taken a single step back!

"Am I seeing things?! That person took on a Soul King's attack?! And even better than the Soul king?!"

"Don't tell me he's a Soul King too!?"

The whispers around the place kicked up yet again, though the people were now staring at Bai Yunfei with fearful respect.

Qin Pingzhi raised an eyebrow. He was perplexed by what had just happened. He had anticipated that his palm strike would've fractured Bai Yunfei's arm. He also expected Bai Yunfei to be sent flying farther than he himself had. And yet rather than any of his expectations coming true, Qin Pingzhi saw to nearly a third of the power behind his own attack be repelled back onto himself. It wasn't too strong to do any major damage, but his arm was still feeling quite numb from it!

He wasn't the only one surprised, Bai Yunfei was too. He hadn't expected for the Returner Bracer's effect to reflect 30% of an attack to activate, but that was what happened.

15% Chance to deflect back 30% of the damage inflicted when defending. Damage cannot exceed the total defensive power of this equipment and cannot deflect projectiles.

Definitely, the old man hadn't put all his strength behind his attack since he wasn't planning to do anything but to instill a lesson onto Bai Yunfei. Yet somehow, this attack led to him losing the advantage he thought he had.

That made Qin Pingzhi quite angry, in fact.

He snorted. A flash of green light rose out from his body as he aimed a second palm to strike across Bai Yunfei!

Large amounts of elemental wind started to pick up around the area. Swirling around the airship, they converged around Qin Pingzhi's palm to form a giant palm made of energy to try and blow Bai Yunfei away!