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 Bai Yunfei looked a little tired as he skywalked through the skies. Though tired, his eyes shined with an excited light.

"Just how far do you plan to go, Yunfei? First that heaven-tier soul armament back in Tianhun Academy, and now this! This is even more ridiculous!" Zheng Kai cried out in disbelief at Bai Yunfei.

From the side, Song Lin gave Bai Yunfei a bewildered look, "How went your crafting, Yunfei? I think I saw you craft three soul armaments? And two of those were..."

Bai Yunfei laughed at the disbelieving look on Song Lin's face. "I did. I crafted two low-heaven tiers and one mid-earth tier..."

"I knew it!!"

Song Lin responded with even more shock than before. By his side, Li Tiechui and Lian Lingmin both gasped.

The three of them were far more knowledgeable about what Bai Yunfei did and the significance behind it all.

Still. The three of them still felt like it was all just a dream of some kind and so they needed Bai Yunfei to verify it himself.

"Yunfei, take them out and let's have a look! How in the world did you craft two heaven-tier soul armaments?!"

Zheng Kai's eyes were glowing with excitement. He wasn't the only one; everyone else was eagerly awaiting for Bai Yunfei to take them out.

"Haha." Bai Yunfei laughed. But before he could say anything else, his eyes flickered off to the right.

The space in the direction he was looking at warped in on itself before several figures stepped out from the distortion.

"Headmaster Mo, first elder..."

Realizing the figures at once, Bai Yunfei bowed at once with the other students with him scrambling to follow suit.

Xiao Binzi gave Bai Yunfei an evaluating stare. He nodded, pleased. "You gave us all a startling sight. Very good of you, very good indeed..."

It wasn't any high praise, but the look in Xiao Binzi's eyes gave Bai Yunfei all the praise he could want.

Mo Yanbai heaved a sigh from his lips.

"How spectacular, nephew Bai. Your talent wouldn't lose out to Kou Changkong when he was in his thirties. I don't even see any limits in your potential. As the saying goes, the 'waves of the river before push those after'. I admit, I feel quite regretful to be your senior in age, and yet, junior in ability..."

"Senior Mo, you are far too kind. This junior has done nothing to warrant such praise..."

Without mincing words any further, Bai Yunfei withdrew a jet-black sword from his space ring and presented it to the elder. "This is the heaven-tier soul armament this junior promised to craft for your esteemed school. Please, take a look, senior Mo."

Everyone's eyes shined brightly with excitement as soon as the sword was taken out. Mo Yanbai took the sword into his hand and gleamed over it with his soulsense. As more and more of the sword was revealed to him, he grew more and more pleased. However, as a man of his power and stature, he wouldn't be too excited with a low-heaven tier soul armament. It took less than a second for him to look it over before he stored the sword away.

"Yunfei, you crafted a lightning-type heaven-tier soul armament as well, didn't you?" Xiao Binzi smiled at Bai Yunfei as soon as the jet-black sword was taken. "Take that one out for everyone to see."

"Yes." Bai Yunfei obeyed. With eyes that shined bright with pride, he waved his right hand and took out a violet-colored sword that shined translucently in the light. Rather than holding onto it, Bai Yunfei dropped the sword, allowing it to hover over the ground by itself.

"A flying sword?!"

Xiao Binzi uttered in surprise as soon as he saw the sword hover. The creation of a flying sword was far harder than crafting the average soul armament. But somehow, Bai Yunfei had managed to craft such a soul armament; this was something Xiao Binzi didn't predict.

Bai Yunfei retook the sword into his hands and stored it away. "Senior Mo, this junior apologies, but crafting took up most of my energy. If this junior may be permitted to leave early and rest..."

"That'll be no problem at all." Mo Yanbai chuckled, "You've worked long and hard, nephew Bai, return to your room and rest up well."

Zheng Kai and the others could see how tired Bai Yunfei was for themselves and didn't say anything more to hold him up. Most of them had been studying the scene attentively over the course of the past few days and were tired themselves. So they too decided to return to their rooms.

It wasn't until Zheng Kai was back in his own room that he slapped his own head. "Ah! I forgot to ask if Yunfei refined me my soul armament yet!"

He turned his head to look at the courtyard Bai Yunfei's room was in. Thinking about it, he sighed and shook his head afterward. "Forget it, I'll ask him about it when he's rested. Not like he can run anywhere..."


When Bai Yunfei was back in his own room, he spoke a few words to Xiao Qi to keep an eye on things and to not have people disturb him before he jumped into the Core World.

A portion of the Core World had been made into a mess after Bai Yunfei had gone through it with his crafting process. But with the help of Xiao Fang, the mess was entirely cleaned up and returned back to normal.

Bai Yunfei scanned the area for a mountain to rest on. Finding one, he flew over and sat down at the top to start gaining his breath.

He hadn't lied back there with Mo Yanbai. Bai Yunfei was well and truly tired. Crafting two heaven-tiers and one earth-tier soul armaments sapped a tremendous amount of energy from him. It would've been impossible for him in the past, but he had somehow managed to accomplish it with the assistance of the Core World.

His mental strength and energy were still at dreadfully low levels despite that assistance, however. He was nearing a level of tired that couldn't even begin to be told from his face. Waves of dizziness were spreading through his mind with every step, making it nearly impossible for him to even walk without stumbling at times.

Mustering the last of his soulforce, Bai Yunfei had the surrounding elemental fire in the Core World gather to him so he could absorb it into his body for more energy.

Even breathing had a better effect in the Core World. In just a few cycles, Bai Yunfei was already substantially better than before.

But after an hour of this breathing meditation, Bai Yunfei opened his eyes.

He wasn't fully recovered, but he wasn't all too bad either. There were more pressing matters he had to get to before anything else could be done.

He took out the lightning-type flying sword he crafted earlier into his hands.

Equipment Grade: Low Heaven

Elemental Affinity: Lightning, Wind

Attack: 2400

Soul Compatibility: 20%

Equipment Effect 1: Enable the ability of flight by consuming soulforce.

Equipment Effect 2: 30% Chance to drop a bolt of lightning on target when attacking. Lightning bolt has 50% of the equipment's attack.

Cooldown of 10 seconds.

Upgrade Requirement: 160 Soulpoints

There was a pleased smile on Bai Yunfei's face at the stats. Back when he finished crafting the jet-black sword, Bai Yunfei went straight onto crafting his second soul armament while he was in that best mental frame of mind of his.

He knew that crafting multiple soul armaments in a row was a dangerous thing to attempt, but since he had the Core World and didn't feel that tired after his first soul armament.

Bai Yunfei didn't want to waste such a golden opportunity.

What he didn't know was that during his crafting, he had entered the realm Xiao Binzi described as being 'Enlightened'. It had been fortunate for him that he chose the right materials such as the boltgrass and was able to craft a heaven-tier soul armament. After that, he took advantage of the 'wave' he was on to go for a third soul armament, an earth-tier soul armament.

The reason why he chose to make a sword again was because of his success the first time. Since he wasn't exactly fond of using a sword, Bai Yunfei decided to make the sword a flying sword instead.

He had the Tempest Sword, but Bai Yunfei was all too happy to use an even better one if one presented itself to him.

And he wasn't disappointed with the results. So happy was he with it that he decided to give the flying sword a name.

Heaven's Thunder

There was a difference between the makes of a flying sword and any other soul armament. Within the interior of the flying sword, a 'wind seal' had to be made on the interior of the blade so flight could be enabled. Because of the dual nature of the material he used for the main component, the lightning shardstone, Bai Yunfei was able to have the sword have a bit of elemental wind go into it.

In truth, flying swords didn't need that much elemental wind to work. There wouldn't even be a Worldly Phantasm made from the changes in the elemental wind. The energy in the Core World was more than enough to do all the work.

He didn't upgrade any of the soul armaments he made because of his lack of energy. Bai Yunfei that everyone would be looking forward to see what soul armaments he made, so if he were to upgrade them and turn them into mid-heaven tier soul armaments, it'd be very hard for him to explain to everyone.

But now that he was recovered, the very first thing he'd do would be to upgrade them.

And since this sword had already 20% compatibility with him, Bai Yunfei wouldn't be so rash as to use the Upgrade Technique to get it to +10. He'd manually upgrade the flying sword himself and see if he could delve deeper into its secrets.

Bai Yunfei inhaled slowly. Calm-faced, he had his soulforce envelop the Heaven's Thunder and began to try and upgrade it...

There was no 'day night' cycle within the Core World, so Bai Yunfei had no concept of just how much time was passing by. Sometimes, Bai Yunfei would succeed in his attempts, and sometimes he failed. But regardless of pass or fail, Bai Yunfei persisted...

And in the end...


He sucked in a deep breath of air and wiped the sweat off his forehead to smile down at the sword in his hand.

At last, he had managed to upgrade the sword to +9.

"The final step! Just one more level to go!!"

He soliloquized to himself. With one final deep breath to clear his mind of any unnecessary emotions, Bai Yunfei focused.

Perhaps it was because his level of understanding had reached a certain level of some kind. Or perhaps it was because the goddess of fortune was smiling upon him. But when sweat was starting to appear on his forehead again and it seemed that he had failed, Bai Yunfei watched as the Heaven's Thunder suddenly started to shine brightly with violet light!

Xiao Fang was startled by the sudden light. Looking to Bai Yunfei, the hologram began to tremble at the edges as if excited.

"Law...the Law of Thunder! That's the Law of Thunder!! But how!?"