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 At the center of the Worldly Phantasm was the broken mountain top where the lightning had struck. Because of the violet bolt of lightning, the rocky roof to the cave was blown wide open to reveal the cave. Black clouds were still swirling around in the skies above while tendrils of elemental darkness were seemingly flowing into a rectangular stone at the bottom of the cave as if being absorbed into it.

This sight was nearly as quick to disappear as it was to appear. Barely even a minute later, the skies were already back to normal.

Inside the Core World.

Bai Yunfei was sitting on top of a decently-sized mountain, the bottom of it having been burnt for so long that it had already been scorched black. In front of him, the Lightning-fire Cauldron was shining with a violet light while a fire was burning away at a black-colored sword floating inside. Despite the flames wrapped around the sword, tendrils of elemental darkness were still leaking through the flames and into the sword.

When the final strand of elemental darkness was sucked into the sword, Bai Yunfei slapped the cauldron with one hand. The slap sent a wave of vibrations through the cauldron and extinguished the flames in it.


Sighing, Bai Yunfei drew his eyes away from the cauldron as he started to wrap up everything.

As fatigued as he was from his attempt, Bai Yunfei was also quite pleased and excited. With a wave of his hand, Bai Yunfei watched as a jet of black light flew out from the cauldron and into his hand.

Equipment Grade: Low Heaven

Elemental Affinity: Darkness, Lightning

Attack: 2600

Equipment Effect: 50% Chance of inflicitng Paralysis upon successful contact. Decrease mobility by 10%.

Cooldown of 3 seconds.

Soul Compatibility: 15%

Upgrade Requirement: 170 Soulpoints

The stats of the sword were immediately transmitted into Bai Yunfei's mind the moment he touched it.

"2600 Attack!" Bai Yunfei couldn't help but gasp at the attack.

This was a success beyond what he expected!

Last time, the Critical Glove he made back in Tianhun Academy had been because of the additional effect of the Lightning-fire Cauldron adding 20% attack to it. Because of that external factor, the glove went from being a high-earth tier soul armament to a low-heaven tier soul armament.

But the Lightning-fire Cauldron didn't activate this time. He had actually made a low-heaven tier soul armament without the cauldron's help! And the sword had 2600 attack-this was an attack that was almost on the cusp of becoming a mid-heaven tier soul armament.

The greatest contributing factor to this success wasn't his own efforts, Bai Yunfei had to admit. It was the Core World that did most of the work.

Bai Yunfei never would've thought that the Core World would be of such great help to him while he crafted. Throughout the entire crafting process, the Core World had been supplying a large amount of elemental energy to Bai Yunfei, making the process at least seventy percent more efficient and easier!

It was hard to beckon and shape elemental energy while in the regular world. But in the Core World, it was almost as easy as counting sheep. He could control the energy without a single problem!

It was especially true for when he was manipulating the flames for the cauldron. Manipulating those flames became as easy as moving his own hand even. Every motion required only a single thought and was done with perfect execution.

This was a superb advantage that'd allow Bai Yunfei to dedicate more thought elsewhere, such as the preparations for the materials. From start to beginning, he could dedicate most of his time to ensuring the materials would be processed without imperfection and without accident.

Essentially, this meant Bai Yunfei was able to craft under a situation far better than when he crafted the Critical Gloves. He was in a better situation than ever before.

Looking at the still-burning sword floating above his hand, Bai Yunfei slowly then closed his eyes. After a moment's silence to think, he reopened them to smile with joy.

He raised the sword up with his left hand and swished it through the air.


An excellent sound.

"I didn't see an effect that corresponded to its main attribute. It having a sword that can inflict 'paralysis' is pretty unexpected."

The materials he used this time for the sword hadn't any materials that were particularly attuned towards elemental lightning. The sword was meant to be a soul armament with just one single element; elemental darkness. But somehow during the process, one of the special effects of the Lightningfire Cauldron activated (15% chance to add lightning affinity to an item when crafting).

Subsequently, the sword was given an affinity for lightning and brought out an effect like 'paralysis'.

As mentioned many times before, soul armaments with elemental affinities would have a particularly special amount of abilities and powers. A water-type soul armament, for example, would be able to create a frosty aura to impede the movement of any opponent it was used against. Lightning-type soul armaments had the ability to inflict paralysis. That was the elemental system inherent to the world, and it seemed that even the equipment effects of the Upgrade Technique followed that system. The only difference was that with the Upgrade Technique, the system assigned a quantitative amount to the elemental abilities of the soul armament and could be improved upon.

This jet-black sword, for example, had an effect that didn't even need manual activation to happen. For a dark-type soul armament, attacks would normally cause a hindrance in the opponent's soulforce or mobility when struck. Normally, though, those type of effects would need manual activation.

Turning the sword over in his hands, Bai Yunfei decided to store it away into his space ring. He had planned on upgrading it if the attack was a little too low, but it seemed he'd be able to save up on some energy.

Bai Yunfei didn't stand up to leave the Core World after he stored the sword away. He didn't even move to put away the Lightningfire Cauldron. Instead, his eyes were shining as if thinking about something.

The glimmer in his eyes came to a halt several seconds later. Determined, Bai Yunfei waved his right hand to take out an object from his space ring.

The object was entirely violet in color and shined with light. This was one of the boltgrass from earlier!!

Dropping the boltgrass onto the ground in front of him, Bai Yunfei waved his right hand again and again to take out several materials one after another.

Was he going to craft a second soul armament right now?!


In the skies above the Underworld School's main hall.

Mo Yanbai and Xiao Binzi watched as the Worldly Phantasm slowly faded away with expectant looks on their faces. They were both waiting to see Bai Yunfei come out with the newly-crafted heaven-tier soul armament.

But even after waiting for several moments, neither of the two men could see Bai Yunfei's figure come out from the mountains. A little impatient now, Xiao Binzi was just about to send his soulsense over to see what was going on when his eyes registered something strange.

He wasn't the only one. The others were all looking on at the skies in surprise.

The skies, which was already back to its normal black cloud self, was now sporting a crimson-red glow that was spreading across the entire place again. A large amount of elemental fire was again being drawn from the surrounding area back down into the mountain peak where Bai Yunfei was.

There wasn't another bolt of violet lightning or a maelstrom of black clouds, but the convergence of all the elemental fire was still quite surprising to all the spectators.

"What's going on? Wasn't he done crafting?" Elder Mu Chen gave an inquisitive glance over at the sight from right behind Mo Yanbai.

Xiao Binzi didn't look like he had an answer at first, but after several seconds of close observation, he sighed. "It means that Bai Yunfei is going to start crafting again! And with a tremendous source of elemental fire like this, whatever soul armament he's crafting this time will require a large amount of fire for the cauldron. Only the materials for a heaven-tier soul armament will be able to handle a fire like that."

"Yunfei is...going to be making another one? He's making two heaven-tier soul armaments?! That's..."

Up by this point, even Xiao Binzi was thoroughly amazed by Bai Yunfei's actions.