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 Chapter 832: Realm Accretion Seal

What Bai Yunfei was doing was most similar to what the other people were doing when they came across the Extreme King Pill fragrance back in Crushed Stone River. Rather than focusing on the rapidly dwindling fragrance around them, they were all using the fragrance in their own bodies to fuel their own training methods and digest the fragrance.

The potency of the Extreme King Pills was most apparent when digested into the body, as the pill would disseminate and be absorbed into the ingester's soul. Once absorbed, the pill would easily allow a person to train half as hard for twice the results. By extension, this allowed the person to have a much easier time to break the bottleneck entry into the Soul King realm.

That being said, the pill didn't make the breakthrough into the Soul King realm amazingly easy. Like how one would lose more and more drinking water through the slits of their fingers if they were to cup their hands in it, the pill would lose its efficacy with time if not properly digested. And even after being drunk, time would still need to be had before the water-or pill-could be properly absorbed.

And that was the main reason why the elders were all wanting Song Lin and the others to start their meditation now rather than later.

The Extreme King Pill wasn't without its limits, however. Everyone had their own limits on what they could take in and what they could absorb. Even if they had a hundred Extreme King Pills, a single person wouldn't be able to absorb them all. It was an unknown variable on how many pills worth of fragrance Song Lin and the others took in, but the amount Bai Yunfei was taking right now was most definitely beyond his normal capabilities. In a normal situation, Bai Yunfei would've been only able to absorb just half of what he was taking in.

He was, of course, not in an 'ordinary' situation. He had the Realm Accretion technique, so he could use this specialized method for unobstructed training.

Realm Accretion. One of the arcane arts of the ancient Alchemy School. Its specialty lied in its ability to allow for the efficacy of a pill to mature within the body for an extended period of time for an even greater effect in the future.

Normally, the ingestion of a pill normally meant the person taking the pill to develop a 'resistance' to it. The stronger the pill, the more likely the resistance. In even simpler terms, the stronger the resistance towards the drug, the weaker the drug's effect will be.

But Realm Accretion allowed one to bypass such a factor through a very mysterious mean. The user of this technique would be able to ingest a pill and not develop a resistance to it, meaning the pill would be absorbed without imperfection. And through this, the person could use that untouched energy as a catalyst for further growth!


Bai Yunfei was using the Dual Flame Artes to empower himself at an astonishing rate. Already, the Extreme King Pills was halfway fully absorbed into his bloodstream and soul, but that was also where the Extreme King Pill fragrance was starting to falter and resist the absorption...

So that meant Bai Yunfei had half of the Extreme King Pill fragrance left undigested!

"Now's the time!"

Lowering the amount of soulforce he was using for the Dual Flame Artes to half its normal levels, Bai Yunfei began to circulate the other half of his soulforce throughout his body!

His soulforce was reaching into meridians that normally wouldn't be used during his training sessions. It was reaching corners and parts of his body he normally touched over, slowly pulsating and vibrating in intervals both strange and fascinating to look at.

It was completing a circuit around his body in a very peculiar pattern. But when it reached all the way around, the trail of the soulforce circulation was showing a very distinct...seal!

The seal of Realm Accretion!!

The key to the Realm Accretion technique!

The moment this seal was formed, the soulforce going around his body immediately pooled together with the undigested fragrance to form in a different area near Bai Yunfei's body!

The area right near where his heart was, the origin acupoint where the essence fireseed resided!


Bai Yunfei could feel something within his body explode with a bang. Like a dancing flame fed by several drops of oil, the two essence fireseeds immediately swelled up in size!


An involuntary cry escaped from Bai Yunfei's lips. Beadlets of sweat were dripping down Bai Yunfei's face from the high temperatures rising from within his body. Already, it felt like something was trying to burn away at him from the inside while also threatening to blow him up if he wasn't careful.

It took a second for Bai Yunfei to complete the second circulation for the Realm Accretion to do its work again. The moment it finished though, Bai Yunfei felt like the fierce sun that was in him was now being cooled by a small breeze. A small breeze it was, but it was enough for the heat to die down by a bit.

From there, a cycle of 'searing heat' and 'cool breeze' began to play across his body...

With a tremendous amount of energy centered in his origin acupoint and stimulating his essence fireseeds to incredible levels. Bai Yunfei felt like his body was being overloaded with more energy he could even handle to absorb the Extreme King Pill fragrance in a far shorter time than earlier projections. This was the type of scenario most would deem foolish and reckless since no one would be able to be able to handle this much power. To overload on energy beyond what their bodies could handle only meant the self-destruction of the human body.

But every single time it seemed like Bai Yunfei's body would explode like a balloon filled with too much air, the Realm Accretion technique would kick in and forcibly suppress and condense the energy into a more dense form like liquid.

And so this way, the Realm Accretion technique allowed for Bai Yunfei to continue onwards with his training. Every time his two fireseeds expanded to dangerous levels, the technique would bring the two back into safety.

As such, Bai Yunfei was able to make use of the fragrance without losing a drop of its efficacy and without destroying himself in the process despite the pain.

Bit by bit, Bai Yunfei was digesting the Extreme King Pill fragrance into his bloodstream!

And while this overwhelming change was going on in Bai Yunfei, the space around him was similarly growing with unrest...

The red light that had once shined only around the mountain peak was no spanning for several kilometers around, and it was still increasing in distance!

Spanning throughout the Core World with Bai Yunfei as its centerpiece, the red hue spread like wildfire without the actual flames to burn away at the world. Spreading and flowing, the light ebbed to and fro like the rippling of waves throughout the world...

"Hm hm...so this is the power of Realm Accretion? It's a tad crazy, isn't it?" Xiao Fang's image tutted to itself. "The elemental fire in the world is already being affected...I guess I should start doing my part and let help him on his way..."

The whole world trembled upon his final intonation. An even larger rip suddenly opened up in the world to usher in a tremendous flow of elemental fire from the other parts of the world...


Faint ripples in the space around Bai Yunfei's mountain outside the Core World could be seen appearing in the world. However, no one was around to even notice these sights, and the entire Underworld School was left completely in the dark about these mysterious sightings.

But outside the Underworld School. Roughly twenty-five kilometers away, a very shocking change was taking place in the nearby scenery...

For roughly everywhere within fifty meters of a certain point, the world's elemental fire was converging within a single point in space before disappearing out from sight.

It was as if a large amount of elemental fire was being drawn to a spot and then spirited away...

If a Soul King or a soul cultivator attuned to space had been around, they would've felt the minute fluctuations in the surrounding space. They would've also felt a hundred strands of elemental fire being whisked away. Whisked away to an unknown place rather than back to the world where it came from. Any of the three factors surely would've warranted even more questions had anyone saw them.

This was planned by Bai Yunfei. He knew that his usage of the Realm Accretion would've perked the attention of those listening to the changes in the elemental energy in the world. That was why he had Xiao Fang gather all of the elemental fire from outside the Underworld School so as to avoid bringing any attention onto them.

One of Xiao Fang's abilities was the ability to sense the changes in space from within fifty kilometers. Aside from being able to sense those changes, Xiao Fang was also able to create small fluctuations in space. It was useless against other beings, but it was still capable of gathering elemental energy from the surrounding area.

Xiao Fang watched the elemental fire gather within the Core World with a seemingly pleased air. Watching as the fire gathered around Bai Yunfei, it nodded. "Hm...there shouldn't be any problems supplying energy this way. It's up to you to do the rest of the steps, I really am looking forward to this..."