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 Chapter 831: Absorbing the Fragrance

"First elder, headmaster Mo, and elder Xu."

Bai Yunfei and the others quickly stood up from their seats to bow to the three figures.

"Haha, be at ease." Mo Yanbai smiled in response. "Take a seat, we would like to say a few things to you all."

He glanced over Xu Ran and Han Yue with a grateful eye before then looking over to Song Lin and the others. "You've all managed to come across a good fate this time around. As a result of you all coming into the Extreme King Pill fragrance, our preparations are a bit lacking this time, but elder Xiao and I have talked it over and decided that our matters can be discussed after you all finish with your closed-door meditation."

The fact that the first thing he mentioned was about closed-door meditation only served to show how much he and the others were concerned for their student's future training. But the students nodded. This was something they expected to hear.

"We will be allocating several rooms for you all to meditate in. Should the need for something arise, say the word and we of the Underworld School will comply to the best of our abilities."

Mo Yanbai spoke.

"Thank you very much, senior Mo." Zheng Kai bowed respectfully to him.

"Song Lin, do your best to take in all of the Extreme King Pill fragrance. Don't worry about the time, we can return to the Crafting School after you're done." Xiao Binzi warned his student.

"Yes, first elder." Song Lin nodded.

Bai Yunfei took this moment after they were done talking to speak up. "Senior Mo, this junior has a request, if I may."

"Nephew Bai," Mo Yanbai smiled, "all you need to do is ask."

"Senior, though I wasn't able to get any of the Extreme King Pill fragrance, there were a few things I came across in the pocket that expanded my knowledge of things. I'd like to request a place to meditate as well, senior Mo."

"Oh?" Mo Yanbai examined Bai Yunfei closely, "That won't be a problem at all then."

"Many thanks, senior Mo." Bai Yunfei bowed in respect. "If this junior might ask, has there been any leeway in the little girl from before?"

"Haha, what a considerate one you are, nephew Bai. It's quite rare to see one as concerned as you are these days..." Mo Yanbai chuckled. "But rest assured, that little girl is safe and sound. The poison to her soul reached quite deep, but it'll only take some time to be completely removed. I'm certain that she'll be back to normal as soon as you all finish your meditation."

"That's good, thank you and your school for your troubles, senior...my promise to make your esteemed school a heaven-tier soul armament will have to wait until my meditation is done, I'm afraid."

"Haha, that is to be expected, take your time."

"Your promise? To make a heaven-tier soul armament?" Xiao Binzi spoke up in surprise, "Did you make such a promise, Yunfei?"

"Yes. I made such a promise as thanks for the Underworld School helping us save a person."

An indescribable light entered Xiao Binzi's eyes. "A promise is a promise. Leave this matter to me then, I'll have one crafted for the Underworld School while we wait."

This time, it was Mo Yanbai's turn to have a light enter his eyes, though his were of happiness. If Xiao Binzi was the one to craft them a heaven-tier soul armament, there would be no problems at all. They wouldn't have to worry about Bai Yunfei potentially not being able to craft a heaven-tier.

"I..." Bai Yunfei hesitated, "First elder, I promised that I would be the one to craft one."

"Oh?" Xiao Binzi gave Bai Yunfei a strange look, "Are you able to craft a heaven-tier soul armament?"

"I am willing to try my best. If in the chance I fail, please lend me your guidance in the matter, first elder."

"Haha, very well then! If you say you can, then I'll wait to see your attempt." Xiao Binzi roared with laughter and praise. In truth, the man had been worried that Bai Yunfei had made a promise with the intent of relying on an elder like him to fulfill. Because of that, Xiao Binzi had every intention to admonish Bai Yunfei at first, but now that he knew Bai Yunfei had every single intention on fulfilling that promise himself, Xiao Binzi was eager to see his results.


It wasn't long after that the group of students returned to their rooms to wait. A while later, several of the students from the Underworld School came in to report that all preparations were done.

Together with Zheng Kai, Bai Yunfei and the others followed the students away from the dorms to a mountain peak behind the main point.

As they walked, Bai Yunfei noted that less and less buildings could be seen. Furthermore, Bai Yunfei also realized that there were several smaller mountain peaks behind the one where the Underworld School was primarily based on.

There weren't any buildings on this particular mountain peak, and neither were there any signs of any of the regular students ever being on here.

Clearly, this mountain peak was meant for those to use for their closed-door meditation.

After they traversed this mountain peak, Bai Yunfei and the others split ways and took off to different mountain peaks of their own.

Bai Yunfei followed the student guiding him to a small mountain peak a hundred meters to the left. On this mountain peak was a single but large cave. It wasn't until Bai Yunfei walked into the cave that he realized the area inside was drastically different than from what he expected. The interior was not at all rough like what a cave might've looked, but rather a wide and spacious room with all sorts of tools prepared.

He didn't spare much of his time to think about it though. Thanking his guide, Bai Yunfei excused the student and then sat down in the center of the silent cave.

As restricted as his soulsense was due to the special characteristics of Black Cloud Valley, Bai Yunfei was still at least able to tell he was the only person here for a decent distance.

"Xiao Qi, I'll be going inside the Core World. Let me know if something happens." Bai Yunfei asked of Xiao Qi.

Someone had to be on the lookout on the outside of the Core World, hence why Bai Yunfei brought Xiao Qi with him. Long Lan was also waiting at the base of the mountain for an extra layer of security.

"Don't worry. With Xiao Lan and I standing guard, we'll make sure no one interrupts you." Xiao Qi chirped.

Bai Yunfei nodded. Without anything else to be said, he placed the Core Stone on top of the table and then disappeared from sight.


Within the Core World.

"Xiao Fang, take out the Extreme King Pill fragrance. I'm ready to start."

Bai Yunfei spoke the moment he entered the Core World and took a glance around himself.

"All prepared? Okay then. Let's get started." Came Xiao Fang's voice before an image of a stone flickered into sight.

Bai Yunfei nodded. He sat down and waited for the space in front of him to ripple slightly with a faint red light. It was the Extreme King Pill fragrance.

As like Xiao Fang mentioned before, the fragrance of the Extreme King Pills was being contained through a mysterious barrier that was already starting to recede. Wisps of the fragrance were leaking out for Bai Yunfei to smell, and his body was beating rapidly as the fragrance started to stimulate every part of it.

Not one to delay any longer, Bai Yunfei immediately gathered the entirety of the fragrance in a ball of elemental fire. Compressing it, he had the ball float over to him and then enveloped him in it completely.

The moment he was enveloped by the ball of fragrance, Bai Yunfei felt his entire body grow at ease. The fragrance was seeping into his body and filling it with all sorts of incredible energy to stimulate both it and his soulforce.

Concentrating on the task at hand, Bai Yunfei closed his eyes and slowly began the absorb the surrounding fragrance.

Not a single thing went wrong while Bai Yunfei took in the fragrance. With just a bit of time, Bai Yunfei had the entirety of the Extreme King Pill fragrance taken into his body to be absorbed.

Now that the fragrance was in his body, there was no longer any red light to be seen around his body aside from the light of his elemental fire. Instead of dying out, the elemental fire grew even larger in size to make the mountain look as though it was on fire.

From within the flames, Bai Yunfei was still seated with an extremely calm expression on his face. Not a single wisp of the Extreme King Pill fragrance could be seen anymore. Waving his right hand, Bai Yunfei called out the Cataclysmic Seal and took the fireseed from it into his body.

"Eh? That's...an essence fireseed?! He...he has two of them?!"

From somewhere else, Xiao Fang's shocked voice cried out at the sight of the second fireseed.

But Bai Yunfei ignored Xiao Fang. Not even bothering to open his eyes, Bai Yunfei continued to concentrate. Through the usage of the Dual Flame Artes, Bai Yunfei had his internal soulforce take in the Extreme King Pill fragrance to digest it.

The more time went on, the more the fire within Bai Yunfei's body burned away at him. His forehead was slick with sweat and his veins were bulging prominently while his own aura was starting to increase in volume...