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 Chapter 829: A Vein of Boltgrass and a 'Ruined' Garden

"Haha!! Just as I thought, it's really here!!"

Bai Yunfei's laughter could be heard echoing across the Core World.

From his position halfway up a two hundred meter tall mountain, Bai Yunfei was staring at a large mountain with joy.

A cliff wall with a small grassy area was right in front of Bai Yunfei. The grass that was growing here was especially strange. It wasn't green in color like normal grass, but a violet shade of light and was shaped like a bolt of lightning.


The wondrous object Bai Yunfei thought he had seen back in the pocket! It was only for a moment, but Bai Yunfei never saw it again after that. And yet, here it was now!

"What? What's so special about some purple-colored grass?"

Xiao Fang asked Bai Yunfei suspiciously.

"Oh? You don't know?" Bai Yunfei whirled around to address the stone. "This is boltgrass, an entire vein of it no less! Boltgrass is an extremely rare material for crafting! You were lying to me, Xiao Fang! I asked if there was anything like this and you said there wasn't..."

"Boltgrass? A vein of it?" Xiao Fang was still quite confused. "What are these things?"

"You don't know? How do you not know about something like this?"

"Aren't they just a few blades of weed? There's all sorts of plant life here in the Core World, what's so special about that?"

"How can you say this is like any ordinary weed?" Bai Yunfei's eyes were wide open with confusion for a moment before he realized the reason.

"So you're saying this vein of boltgrass wasn't something someone else planted here, but was...naturally formed in the world?"

"Are you saying there's some rare ores in this mountain?" Xiao Fang asked, "Then it has to have formed by itself over the years. Otherwise, I don't know..."

"So you're saying that after two thousand years of existing like this, it's completely normal that the boltgrass would've formed here.

"I've a lot of uses for boltgrass, can I take some then?"

"Of course. This is your world now. Any vein you find is up to you to make use of."

"Alright, don't mind if I do then!" Bai Yunfei whooped with joy before sending a ball of fire towards the cliff.


There was a loud explosion as the fireball exploded with the cliff wall and left behind a small crater several meters deep.

"Oh? It's rather deep."

The dust and smoke cleared away several moments later, allowing Bai Yunfei to see just what his handiwork had done. From the crater where his fireball landed, the boltgrass was all but gone except for the roots, and even those were scattered all around the crater. Seeing that, Bai Yunfei threw another fireball down at the cliff.

A while later...

"Haha!! This is definitely a vein of boltgrass! An entirely large vein of it!"

Bai Yunfei came leaping out from the bottom of the crater with a joyful laugh. In his hand was a large piece of violet ore.

This ore was entirely violet in color and translucent like a dazzling gem. It had a soft sheen of violet light with a very faint streak of lightning in the middle of the ore. Also, it had a faint prickling sensation to Bai Yunfei as he held it.

This was an object even the Crafting School didn't have. Boltgrass was merely just an object that their archives had records of.

"What a large chunk, it's as big as a watermelon almost. I could create a very large soul armament with this even if I were to get rid of the impure parts..."

Bai Yunfei spoke with glee to himself before storing the chunk into his space ring.

"I wonder what other kinds of goodies the Core World has..."

Now that he knew about the vein of boltgrass, Bai Yunfei was excited to see what else the world had in store for him.

"Isn't it just a piece of ore? What could be so exciting about that...?" Xiao Fang muttered from the side. "But now that you mention it, there's another area you might be interest in."

"Oh?" Bai Yunfei swung his head over to smile at Xiao Fang's image. "What area? Didn't you say no one stored any type of treasures in this world?"

"It's not treasure, but when it comes to natural resources, there should still be a fair bit in here. Hm...if I remember correctly, there's a garden of soulgrass somewhere...but it's probably a mess now. My last master used up all of the soulgrass last time, so I don't know if there's any left..."

"Soulgrass?!" Again, Bai Yunfei's eyes lit up with excitement. This was yet another are and exotic material he hadn't any of. "The Core World has been cultivating soulgrass?! Where is it? Take me there at once."

"Oh, let's go then."

By go, Xiao Fang was of course not talking about walking or even flying there. Through teleportation, the two were immediately transported to a completely different place. A valley several hundred meters long with a midway a hundred meters wide.

The sight in front of Bai Yunfei was a powerful one to behold. Bai Yunfei was astonished by what he was seeing and even feeling. A rich fragrance of soulgrass was wafting up in the air and assaulting his nose with every sniff and bringing an electrifying sensation to his mind.

When Bai Yunfei's eyes adjusted to the new scenery, they flew wide open when they shifted over to the patch of plant life down below...

It wasn't as though the valley was filled with plants, in fact, it was the opposite. There were hardly any plants to speak of aside from several dozen different types of plants.

"Soulboosting grass...?! And even a heart-calming fruit?! And that's skyfire flower! And seven of them!! That's..."

Bai Yunfei could hardly even gasp with how much shock he was feeling. Seeing the different types of flowers and fruits, Bai Yunfei was like a commoner who had just came across a pool of gold and silver.

Soulboosting grass is, as its name implied, a type of grass that was capable of nourishing the soul and treat damage done to it. In legends, it was said that the soulboosting grass was the main ingredient for the mid-heaven tier medicine, the soulboosting pill.

Heart calming fruit; a type of fruit capable of stabilizing the mind and dispelling any evil temptations. It was also very useful to have around when attempting to make a breakthrough.

Skyfire flower. An extremely rare fire-type material that could greatly enhance the powers of any fire-type soul cultivator. Back when Bai Yunfei was in the Crafting School and trying to form his companion fireseed, one of the materials he used had been a two-thousand-year-old skyfire flower.

Bai Yunfei couldn't even name more than half of the materials standing right in front of him. But still, that only served to make him even happier.

"Ah! That's a thunderberry right there!!"

Bai Yunfei wasn't the only surprised, Xiao Qi was also having a moment of his own. Swiftly flying forward, he flew to where he spotted the thunderberry and quickly transformed into an even larger size to gulp down the berry in one go.

This fruit was a familiar one to both Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi. Back in Soulbeast Forest, the two of them had come across a thunderberry and had barely managed to survive the encounter with the soulbeast that had been guarding it. It was a memory still fresh on both their minds, but Xiao Qi was overjoyed to see the thunderberry here since not a single person or being would fight him for it now.

"As I thought, all that's left are some weeds. This garden is practically a wasteland ..."

While Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi were busy being overjoyed, Xiao Fang was sighing to itself in sorrow.


Bai Yunfei practically toppled over to the ground upon hearing that word. "You...you're calling this a bunch of weeds?!"

"It's nothing special...it's just a bunch of ordinary ingredients..." Xiao Fang muttered off-handedly, "The rest are just the ones my last master wasn't able to use or just sprouted by the time of his death. After so many years of being stuck in nothingness and being unable to use the elemental energy, the garden has been left unable to be cultivated. I also forgot about this place too, so all that's left are the ones that just barely to survive unsupervised care. The nutrition in this area isn't so good either. But with some proper care, the plants here should grow a bit. Still, this amount should do you some good for now..."

"You're...you're calling this just 'ordinary ingredients'?!" Bai Yunfei shouted. He was thunderstruck by this evaluation, his mind completely unable to comprehend the high level of standards Xiao Fang had for things.

Moments passed before Bai Yunfei had his emotions all under control again. "Xiao Fang, you said just now...you can use elemental energy to nourish the ingredients here?"

"I can. How else do you think these plants were grown? Normal plots of land wouldn't have this many plants otherwise..." Xiao Fang replied. "This valley used to be teeming with elemental energy. It was a place where elemental energy gathered in tremendous amounts with enough energy to vitalize a person every inch. But after such a long period of negligence, there's hardly any left. I just need some time and I'm sure I can bring this plot of land back to normal."

A spark of curiosity entered Bai Yunfei's eyes at that. "You can bring elemental energy from the outside world into this place? And then gather all of that energy here? Couldn't...couldn't that instead be used to help someone train?!"