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 Chapter 828: Soul Anchor Technique

"As long as you're not an idiot and learn Realm Accretion, you should be able to become a Late-stage Soul King with this amount."

Bai Yunfei found himself smiling yet again at this, his eyes wide open with glee and excitement. He'd become a Late-stage Soul King with this technique?! This was something he couldn't even make up in his dreams.

After a few more seconds, Bai Yunfei finally found himself calm enough to ask, "Then...how long will it take to become a Late-stage Soul King if I were to use Realm Accretion?"

"That...depends. According to what the technique says, all that buildup of energy in a single realm will explode quickly in a very short amount of time. It's dependent on the person and their level. Some people will take months, other people will take just one. But if there's one similarity between people, the technique says that the longer you build up energy, the better the results will be. In any case, I'll tell you the details and then you can look over it on your own time."

"Alright, then please impart this Realm Accretion onto me then." Bai Yunfei nodded in anticipation.

"Will do. Focus on me now." Xiao Fang spoke. The hologram of Xiao Fang glimmered once with light right before Bai Yunfei's mind started to buzz slightly. As if being connected to something, Bai Yunfei felt as though a mysterious technique was starting to flow into his mind.

It took a moment for Bai Yunfei to realize what was being transmitted to him and that it was Xiao Fang that was the cause of this. Not one to be slow on the uptake, Bai Yunfei quickly gathered his wits to him and started to soak in the knowledge being given to him.

Several moments passed before Bai Yunfei slowly opened his eyes and exhaled a drawn out breath.

"This is just too magical...how in the world did our precursors have the ability to create something like this? It boggles the mind really..." Bai Yunfei sighed. He looked back to the Extreme King Pill fragrance, "I'll wait until tomorrow morning after I greet the others before I focus on taking in the fragrance then. It'll take a few days for me to assimilate the fragrance into my body and allow for Realm Accretion to seal it up. From there, it'll be a slow wait..."

"Xiao Fang," he looked back to the stone with a curious glance, "do you have any other technique to give me?"

Now that he knew Xiao Fang was a spirit of the armament well over two-thousand years old. Even if it was drifting in nothingness for a millenia or so, that was still another millenia in which Xiao Fang was around for, and not to mention Xiao Fang was once with Wu Tianhun himself. His later masters were most definitely people beyond ordinary measures as well, so Xiao Fang would most definitely know a thing or two.

There might not be any soul armaments or treasure of worth in the Core World, but things such as soul skills could be transferred from person to person by means of mouth rather than using material objects. The Realm Accretion technique was an example of such, and Bai Yunfei was left wondering if Xiao Fang had anything else like that.

"I know what you're thinking, but let me tell you this now. I'm not some kind of archive. My previous master never told me anything about his old techniques or secrets. My 'memory' isn't all that good so I wouldn't have remembered much anyways. It was only because of the fact that the Realm Accretion technique pairs well with the Extreme King Pills that I even memorized it."

Xiao Fang's words were like a dagger that stabbed deep into Bai Yunfei's heart.

"But...I might not have many 'soul skills or techniques', there is one specific soul skill Tianhun had me memorize a long time ago. He said it was a soul skill that was well suited with the Core Stone..."

"So there is one?! Haha, Xiao Fang, what kind of soul skill is it?!"

"It's a soul attack related soul skill. It's called the Soul Anchor Technique."

"A soul attack skill!!" Bai Yunfei exclaimed, "Soul Anchor?" Anchoring souls...is it some sort of skill that freezes the soul of another?!"

"Yes, as you can tell from the name, 'soul anchor' refers to anchoring the soul of another person to where it is. They'll be unable to use soulforce or control their bodies when under its effects. It's a heaven-tier soul skill that works against even those with higher soulsense than the user. Even people of the same level of strength would have a hard time shrugging off the effects."

"They won't be able to use their soulforce or even be able to move?" Bai Yunfei gasped. An ordinary soul skill was something that jolted the soul and made soulforce circulation sluggish, but didn't freeze it. The other person would still be able to react and move accordingly, albeit a little slowly, so this Soul Anchor Technique was leaps and bounds greater than anything Bai Yunfei had heard before. If a Soul King were to attack a Soul Sprite, then the Soul Sprite would of course have their soul destroyed. But if a Soul King were to fight another Soul King, the soul attack would hardly do a thing but be a momentary distraction.

But the Soul Anchor Technique was something that wasn't limited in such a fashion. If used on another person of the same level of strength, it would still have an effect! That alone made the technique a very powerful one.

"Uh...Xiao Fang, what did you mean by 'well suited to use with the Core Stone'?" Bai Yunfei asked. The Soul Anchor Technique seemed wonderful. Even a moment's lapse during combat would be enough to decide the victor and loser, but he couldn't figure out just how this technique could be used in conjunction with the Core Stone.

"Do you think that the Core World is just an ordinary world?" Xiao Fang replied, "Don't forget what I said before. I can freely control the 'Laws' of this world. In here, I-you as well-am invincible! Think about it. If a person you couldn't defeat was sent here...what would happen?"


Bai Yunfei's eyes grew wide at the implications.

"You're saying...that if I use the Soul Anchor Technique to freeze them in place, I can forcefully transport them into the Core World and fight them here?!"


"You might have a chance to beat or kill them in one final blow if you use the Soul Anchor Technique, but in the case that doesn't work, or there's multiple enemies, or the enemy is even stronger than you are, the Soul Anchor Technique won't last long enough to be of much use to you. So in that case, use that short moment to transport them into the Core World! We could do whatever we want to them then. It'll only take a short few moments for even the strongest to perish in here..."

"That's...that's possible?!" Bai Yunfei was amazed and could hardly even say anything else after that. Bai Yunfei did think about bringing enemies over into the Core World to fight them before, but he gave up on the idea when Xiao Fang told him that the target would only be transported in if they didn't resist. With the Soul Anchor Technique, Bai Yunfei now had a way to lock onto his enemies and force them to not 'resist'. Then, they could be forced into the Core World!

If a person-even one that was stronger than Bai Yunfei-was to be brought into the Core World, how the fight go? They wouldn't be able to use any elemental energy while Bai Yunfei could. Was that even a fight still?

So excited was Bai Yunfei that if not for the fact that Xiao Fang was an immaterial figure, Bai Yunfei would've wrung its shoulders with more force than intended. "Please teach me this soul skill at once, Xiao Fang!"

"Are you really that excited for it? Your priorities are a bit lacking, isn't it?" Xiao Fang muttered. "Fine then. Listen up then, I'll say it to you just once. It's not my fault if you don't memorize it..."


Now that he was done learning the Soul Anchor Technique, Bai Yunfei could finally calm down enough to think about everything he had learned thus far. It was still hard to believe that this was reality, and Bai Yunfei felt like he was dreaming.

"Are you sure there's nothing else you can give me, Xiao Fang?"

"Of course. What else could I even give? Are the Extreme King Pills, Realm Accretion, and Soul Anchor Technique not enough for you?"

"Haha it is, I'm more than satisfied..."

Bai Yunfei and Xiao Fang returned with Xiao Qi a moment later to go traveling around the Core World. With them being in a whole new world with so many fantastic things to view, Bai Yunfei had obviously wanted to go all around the area and take a good look.

"It really does look like the pocket from before...the rivers are identical, and so are the mountains. Isn't that one 'Mist Mountain' actually?"

Every so often, Bai Yunfei would point out something he saw in the world and made parallels to the sight he saw back in the pocket.

Then all of a sudden, he cried out, "Ah! If that's the case, then..."

He looked around the place for a moment longer. Not even waiting for Xiao Qi or Xiao Fang to ask him what he was doing, Bai Yunfei quickly flew towards the right side with meteoric speed...