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 Chapter 815: Domain of Ice and Snow, Snowbeast Crystallization

Soul Kings are people who enjoyed a level of power far beyond the average of the world. They are normally unshakeable. Unmoveable from things that might sway the emotions of those weaker.

But it seemed that Zhang Lengyi had none of that emotional control now.

He couldn't be blamed for it. Anyone would've felt the same if they were to be put in his shoes. Of the three elite students he brought to fight for the pill, only one of them remained, and even that one survivor had failed to absorb any of the fragrance due to her injuries. Rather than partake in the fight, she hid somewhere in the pocket and waited until the pocket collapsed to be sent out...

To make matters worse, one of the two people that had died was a genius the Flying Snow School had failed to have for the last several hundred years! He was the hope, the rising star of the school! And the son of the headmaster no less!

The Flying Snow School was more than aware that the Ten Schools and Five Families would definitely participate in the battle for the pills. It wasn't too big of an issue for them, and they weren't afraid of any of the other contenders. When it came to prodigies, the Flying Snow School had confidence in their own. It was within their expectations that Bai Han would get one of the pills, if not several. And if by chance he didn't, the school was still confident that Bai Han would remain alive by the end...

Bai Han didn't even need the Extreme King Pills in fact. He was expected to breakthrough in the next ten years and lead the rest of the students to the further increase in strength for their school. The Flying Snow School would've shot up on the power hierarchy like a shooting star.

But he died! Bai Han was dead!!

How could Zhang Lengyi be calm at that? How could he not be angry? Losing two of his brightest two students without gaining anything from their deaths. How could he ever face the headmaster like that?!

The wounds he found on Bai Han's corpses had the markings of a soulbeast. He would, of course, be infuriated by Lin Dongxiao of the Beast Taming School, whose beast was most definitely the one that inflicted the peculiar wounds. Even if Lin Dongxiao wasn't the one to kill Bai Han, his actions were still an indirect or direct cause that led up to Bai Han's death.

Zhang Lengyi wouldn't allow the Beast Taming School to leave after knowing those circumstances. If he didn't demand an explanation, the Flying Snow School's reputation would take a hit and be called a cowardly school that'd stand by the side while the Beast Taming School killed their strongest students.

And so, there was only one thing left! He would have to put his foot down and fight!


The moment when Zhang Lengyi started to disperse his aura, the entire area drastically dropped in temperature. Where once was a mountainous landscape was now a world of ice and snow like a tundra!

"They're really fighting! The elder from the Flying Snow School is fighting!!"

"Has he gone mad?! That's a Late-stage Soul King he's fighting up against!"

"Heh, someone's finally had it with the brutish Beast Taming School!!"

"Let's get back! It's going to be dangerous if we stick around here!"


Already the area around Zhang Lengyi was a maelstrom of energy. Most of the Soul Exalts and even a few of the Early-stage Soul Kings were backing up to get out of the crossfire.

"Yunfei, Song Lin, get behind me!"

Xiao Binzi immediately called for the two to get behind him.

Not one to tarry, Bai Yunfei stepped back behind Xiao Binzi, though his eyes shined brilliantly as he watched the spectacle.

Any battle involving a Soul King beast tamer was a hard battle to come by. Bai Yunfei might have killed two elders before, but they were of the lower rungs of the ladder with one barely being a Soul King. Now that he had the chance to take a look at how a beast tamer fought, Bai Yunfei wasn't willing to let the chance go.

The entire Beast Taming School was already his enemy in his mind and would most definitely be his enemy for the future. To know how they fought would be a helpful tool for his future battles.


"Hmph! You overestimate yourself!!"

Ma Xucheng spat as the person in front of him advanced. Turning his head, he motioned for Lin Dongxiao next to him, "Dongxiao, get behind me."

As proud as he was, Lin Dongxiao knew that the matter in front of them was a serious one. He nodded and stepped back.

The female student behind Zhang Lengyi stepped backward as well, choosing to retreat to safety onto a nearby mountain.


The snow falling in the area was getting more concentrated by the second. Combined with the fierce gale that swept the falling snow around, the place was soon swallowed up by a blizzard!

Not a single person watching the sight could prevent themselves from shuddering from the cold. The amount of elemental ice in the area was bone-chilling, and those with the power of a Soul Exalt would surely feel their blood freeze up in their bodies if they were to step even an inch into the blizzard.

Standing at the center of the blizzard, Ma Xucheng and his ox-headed soulbeast were surrounded by a layer of light to protect themselves from the snow. Even after being attacked, the man was especially calm. He wasn't that worried that he'd bring out a soul armament of any kind. Instead, he chose to stand there and wait for Zhang Lengyi to make another move.

Zhang Lengyi was already at this time holding onto a crystalline longsword whose blade was nearly translucent as if the blade was made of ice almost. For those with a more perceptive eye, they could tell that the sword was a heaven-tier soul armament.


There was a thunderous crack of sound from amidst the blizzard as someone cried out. As if being summoned, the petals of snow immediately dove straight for the center of the storm!

From what was once a half-kilometer area of snow was now half of even that size. Infused with a large amount of energy, the snow took only a sparse moment before they clumped together to form the figures of several snow beasts!

"That's the Flying Snow School's Domain of Ice and Snow! I heard it's original use was just a congregation of elemental ice, but Zhang Lengyi is using it to power up another one of his soul skills! In his Domain, all elemental ice based attacks will become even stronger while other elements are dampened!"

"A snowbeast! That's a construct made from the ultimate technique of the Flying Snow School!! Look at how many heads it has! Each head it has is probably as strong as a Mid-stage Soul King's final attack!"

"Creating something powerful like that Domain and that construct definitely has to be using at least half his strength. Zhang Lengyi is really looking to kill his enemy!"

"Just how many people can survive something like that, even if it's a lot of people at once?! Even Ma Xucheng will have to use up a lot of energy if he wants to survive that combination!"

A wave of amazed spectators was commenting on the fight now. Most of the audience familiar with the Flying Snow School was surprised at what they were seeing and explaining it to those who weren't.

In the span of just a few words, the blizzard was already taking on a new form. No one could tell what was going on inside of it, but they could at the very least see that the snow petals were falling less and less.

But that was because most of the snow petals were heading and forming more and more snowbeasts!

There was the head of a fearsome tiger, an intimidating eagle, and even the head of a majestic jiao. All sorts of strange beasts were forming within the blizzard!

And at the center of the ring of snowbeasts was Ma Xucheng! Surrounded by so many snowbeasts, both he and even his ox-headed soulbeast looked tiny.

The snowbeasts were all beautifully sculptured and were filled with distinct details and characteristics. Moving almost as if they were alive, the snowbeasts all gave a bone-chilling howl one after another before charging straight for Ma Xucheng!!