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 Chapter 814: Battling?

Two powerful auras were blaring into hyperactivity from in the middle of two mountains. They spiked rapidly together and then exploded against each other, unleashing a whirlwind of energy across the area.

"They're still planning to fight even after the Extreme King Pills are gone? And two Soul Kings no less...do they hate each other?"

Zheng Kai muttered.


A third aura, this one accompanied by a loud roar, burst into the area. The third aura was powerful, and its roar shivered the bodies of everyone that heard it.

"A...a soulbeast?!" Elder Wu snapped his head over to look.

"Its aura feels weird..." Xiao Qi cocked his head from on top of Bai Yunfei's shoulder.

"It's a soulbeast puppet!" His head snapped up, "It's a beast tamer!"

"Indeed. It's the aura of a soulbeast puppet." Xiao Binzi agreed. "A class seven soulbeast puppet...that must be an elder of the Beast Taming School among one of those three."

He hummed. "Let's take a look."

The elders from the Underworld School gave each other a look, but they nodded. Plenty of people were already flocking to the sight to watch from the sidelines.

A decent amount of time had already gone by since the ending of the battle for the pills, so many of the groups had already left the place. Those that were left here were generally those who were late to the party and failed to absorb much of the fragrance. The rest were the parties that were still looking all around the place for their young charges, hoping with all their hearts that they wouldn't find them as one of the many corpses in the area. After the pocket collapsed, all of the people that had been killed inside it was transported outside for the Soul Kings to grieve and be furious over when found.

Soon, Bai Yunfei and his group of people were at the top of one of the two mountains. Nearly forty to fifty people were also there on the nearby mountains watching the space in between where four people were staring at one another.

Two soul cultivators stared off against another two soul cultivators. Both sides had an elder and a youth. On the left side, the elder wore a white robe and had long hair that drifted gracefully in the wind. He was a graceful sight, though his eyes had a chillingly cold stare with an inversely heated anger.

A wave of chilled energy was radiating off his person. The air was visibly white with frost, indicating that this elder was an ice-type soul cultivator. Behind him was a young woman wearing white. Her face was nearly as white as her robes and her aura was relatively weak, meaning that she was injured. With how she was shaking and hiding behind the elder's back, it was clear to see that she was scared and afraid to move.

About two hundred meters away stood an old man in purple robes and a young man in dark gold. The young man looked furious but had a cold sneer on his lips. He stared off against the elder without any fear at all despite the looks he was being given-it was Lin Dongxiao!

As domineering he looked during the battle for the pills, his clothes and body still took a beating. It seemed though he had a change of clothes and such right afterward and was now looking much better than before.

To his side was an elder with white hair that reached his shoulders. The elder was sneering almost as coldly as Lin Dongxiao as he leveled a glare at the other elder in front of him.

But the most eye-catching thing of this sight wasn't any of the four soul cultivators. It was the three-meter tall soulbeast next to him!

Its entire body was black and violet in color and stood on its hind legs as a human would. The soulbeast had two claws, a body filled with scales, and a head like an ox fitted with a horn on the top of its head.

The soulbeast didn't even need to use its aura, its presence alone was enough to intimidate everyone that saw it. Both Soul Exalt and Soul King alike could tell that this soulbeast was a...mid-stage class seven soulbeast!

"That's Zhang Lengyi of the Flying Snow School! What's he doing against an elder of the Beast Taming School?!"

Jing Mingfeng gasped from beside Bai Yunfei.

"Flying Snow School?" Bai Yunfei muttered. He remembered Jing Mingfeng mentioning once of a person named Bai Han belonging to that same school before. If his memory wasn't wrong, then the Flying Snow School was one of the strongest factions in the Southward River Province. A flicker of realization flashed across Bai Yunfei's eyes; the genius of their school, Bai Han, wasn't here!!

Everyone should've been back out in the real world now that the pocket had collapsed. If they were alive, they would've already met with their respective groups, so if Bai Han wasn't here, that could only mean...

"Ma Xucheng! Don't delude yourself in thinking your Beast Taming School can kill others as you please! My Flying Snow School won't stand to be bullied so easily! Explain yourself or face the consequences of our fury!"

Having been close enough to the group of five, Bai Yunfei was able to hear the dialogue taking place between the two sides.

The one named Ma Xucheng said nothing, however. Lin Dongxiao laughed. "Explain?! What explanation is there? Is the dead going to come out and demand an explanation from me? Hundreds are dead in the pocket, are they all going to ask me for an explanation? Bai Han was killed because of his lack of skill, it serves him right! I've said it before, I wasn't the one that killed him."

"Who else could it be but you?!" Zhang Lengyi snarled, "The wounds on his person were inflicted by a soulbeast, a specific earth-type that you have, a late-stage class six berserker bear! Don't pretend we don't know!"

"I did inflict that wound, yes, I didn't say elsewise before." Lin Dongxiao's lips curled upwards to sneer. "I fought him before, but he ran away when he realized he was no match for me. That's all there is to it. He would've died if he didn't, but he was definitely alive when he ran away. I'm not the type of person to deny killing a person if it really was me. But that's enough of that. The dead won't tell you anything. If the Flying Snow School is looking to fight, then we of the Beast Taming School won't back down!"


Infuriated that someone of the younger generation would even dare talk back to him, Zhang Lengyi's eyes were practically blood-shot. "Ma. Xucheng! What have you to say about this?!"

"What is there to say?" The man replied with a sneer. "Even if he was killed by Dongxiao, what of it? It's expected to kill or be killed for treasure. Blame it on that person for being weak, hasn't it always been this way? If you want to fight, then fight and be done with it!"

"Very well then!" Boomed Zhang Lengyi. His anger had reached a boiling point. "As expected from the Beast Taming School, the tyrants of one of the Ten Schools! Allow me to experience just how powerful your soulbeasts are!"

No longer could he hold his anger back. An aura even colder than before blasted across the area, filling the air with crystals that flourished across the sky.

In the blink of an eye, the entire area was filled with snow and hail!

Were they...about to fight?!