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 Chapter 813: A Unique Soul Skill

"Yunfei! Are you alright?!"

The voices of Zheng Kai and Jing Mingfeng called out first to Bai Yunfei. Their owners soon came to a stop in front of Bai Yunfei, with Yue Feng and Yu Li giving a look of concern to Bai Yunfei from behind the rest.

It wasn't until after they finished absorbing the Extreme King Pill fragrance that the group went after Bai Yunfei. Similarly, they didn't even know where he was until they came across the Underworld School, who pointed the way and went with them.

"I'm fine." He smiled. "How about you guys? Did you make sure to get in a lot of the fragrance?"

Zheng Kai and the others all looked relieved at his response. Chuckling, Jing Mingfeng said, "Haha...it wasn't half-bad, I feel better than before."

Bai Yunfei took this moment to introduced Xiao Binzi and the others to Zheng Kai, Jing Mingfeng, and the others. When they all realized just who Xiao Binzi was, they all immediately made sure to bow to him.

"Hey, Yunfei. What brought you here anyways? Why didn't you appear at the mountaintop with us? Elder Wu said you were fighting someone, who was it?"

After all the polite conversation and introductions were dealt with, Zheng Kai asked the question he was most curious about.

"Well...I came across something special." Bai Yunfei made sure not to mention the regalia he picked up. "It was that strange black-hooded guy with the strange black needle. He was actually an Early-stage Soul King who sealed his strength. Fighting him was hard, and I was injured, and to make things even worse, I didn't even win..."

"What?! Him?!"

"He was a Soul King?!"

Everyone gasped. Even the two elders from the Underworld School and Xiao Binzi both looked taken aback. No one thought that a Soul King of all people would be in the pocket, much less without detection.

"Wait a minute, you're saying...the collapse of the pocket was because of your fight? Because he unsealed his strength?!" Yue Feng realized.

"That has to be it!" Zheng Kai snapped his fingers. "There was an unbelievable surge of energy that went through the pocket. It was the aura of a Soul King-it had to be that person. And then the next aura, was that you using your 'Berserk Mode', Yunfei? There was no way the pocket wouldn't collapse after those two outbursts. Then with a class seven soulbeast, the pocket was doomed."

"Brother Bai, you're talking about that person who used a black needle?" Xu Ran gasped, "The killer everyone was calling the 'Reaper'?! He was a Soul King?! You were fighting him? Did you see who he was or what he looked like then?"

"I didn't. I'm not really an expert on other schools or families, so I didn't have a clue. I only know he's a user of elemental darkness and has plenty of heaven-tier soul armaments. There's also of course that black needle soul armament, which I'm sure is mid-heaven or high-heaven tier at the very least."


Again, everyone gasped. Even the three Soul Kings couldn't help but feel surprised by something like that. "Are you sure he had multiple heaven-tier soul armaments? And a high-heaven tier one? What was it, describe it for me." Xiao Binzi said.

"Yes." Bai Yunfei nodded. Starting from the beginning, Bai Yunfei explained what and how the black-hooded man moved about. This also included a description of the soul skills the man used in conjunction with the black needle soul armament.

He, of course, didn't talk about how he killed the three elite students from the Beast Taming School.

Neither Xiao Binzi nor the elders from the Underworld School reacted to the descriptions of the soul armaments, but when Bai Yunfei described the strange soul skills, the Soul Kings immediately all had the same reaction at once!

"Wraith of the Nether! Maw of the Nether! Extinguishing Seal!" The first elder of the Underworld School exclaimed in bewilderment, "The Soul Refining School!!"

"The Soul Refining School?!"

Bai Yunfei looked surprised at the fact that the elder could name the three soul skills. Senior Xu, are you saying that was someone from the Soul Refining School?!"

"It has to be!" Elder Xu nodded. "Those three soul skills are the ones that made the Soul Refining School famous! Only Soul Refiners know those techniques!"

"Those soul skills?" Bai Yunfei murmured, "Then that person is..."

"The one who made those soul skills is the headmaster of the Soul Refining School, the one known as the 'Nether Asura'! No one knows his name or even who he is."

It was Xiao Binzi who answered Bai Yunfei this time, but his answer was even more astonishing than the discovery before.

"The headmaster of the Soul Refining School!!" Bai Yunfei gasped, "These are his soul skills?! Then the young man I fought was..."

"They're not soul skills the Soul Refining School would teach to just anyone in their school. It had to have been someone close to the Nether Asura, a disciple or family member."

"So even the Soul Refining School is getting mixed in this mess, a Soul King even. To so wantonly kill others without quarter..." Elder Wu sighed regretfully. He was secretly overjoyed that his two young students hadn't come across such a person, else their chances of living would've been nil.

"Soul Refining School..." Bai Yunfei muttered angrily to himself. He failed to think that they'd appear even here since the person he fought didn't even use the Soul Refining Palm. Had he known about it earlier, Bai Yunfei would've tried to stop them earlier.

He also learned, after the subject was changed, that Xiao Binzi came across Huangfu Rui and Tang Xinyun on his way here. It was from them that Xiao Binzi learned Bai Yunfei was with the Underworld School and would most likely take part in the battle for the pill. If they came here too, then Song Lin and the others would most likely meet up with Bai Yunfei.


And so, the conversation came to an end. Yue Feng was the first to excuse himself, citing that he had to leave with Yu Li and Nangong Yuexia.

Jing Mingfeng said something about having an important matter with 'fate' and had to leave first.

The elders of the Underworld School invited Xiao Binzo over to stay for a while, to which the latter agreed. Since Song Lin and the others had to take a while to fully ingest the fragrance, it was in their best interest to rest in the Underworld School rather than return home to the Crafting School.


Just as everyone was prepared to leave, a loud explosion some distance away from them caught their attention.

"Are...are the Soul Kings fighting?!" Zheng Kai gasped.