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 Chapter 810: Reinforcements Have Arrived

A ways away from Bai Yunfei and his enemy, the fragrance of the Extreme King Pills was already more or less absorbed by all the Soul Exalts there. Just a little bit of it was left, but even that wouldn't last for much longer at its going rate.

By the time the last vestiges of the fragrance was gone, all that was left in the air were the Soul Exalts. They floated there in the air, their eyes closed as if to ruminate and fully digest the fragrance.

Countless people had entered the pocket in hopes of the Extreme King Pills, but less than a hundred of that original number was left standing by that point. Even then, the number was even less with many of the people fleeing when Lin Dongxiao brought out his class seven soulbeast. Because of their attempts to flee, several of the people were late on their return to absorbing the fragrance of the Extreme King Pills and were only able to take in the edge-most parts of it-which wasn't as charged with power as compared to the ones closer to the center.

The fragrance of the Extreme King Pills didn't even take a minute for it to be fully absorbed. Most of it was absorbed by those closest to the center, namely Lin Dongxiao, Zheng Kai, Jing Mingfeng, Yue Feng, Li Yuchen, Wang Kunpeng, and a select few others.

Of the aforementioned select few others, there were two people that especially stood out. They were the two individuals that came slightly after the others but descended down to the fragrance rather than down-Na Lanyin and the other figure in white.

Because of their unique angle into the fragrance, the two were able to divvy up the fragrance there and be one of the few that took in most of the fragrance.

A timely entrance if there was ever one. While Zheng Kai and the others were fighting ever so bitterly to reach this step, these two individuals came in to enjoy the fruits of the labor of others. So timely was it that it seemed like the timing was predicted beforehand, and the two decided only then to come in to 'partake'.

Two full days and night had passed since the pocket first opened. Of the three hundred people that entered the pocket, not even half of that number was left.

Having backed off from the fragrance, most of the Soul Kings were instead making use of their time to look for their young charges. Those who found them alive and well had a great deal of relief on their faces, but those who didn't look especially troubled and doubled their attempts to find them.

But at that moment.


A sudden explosion rocked another part of the area, immediately alerting everyone to the sight of two black and red balls of light exploding against each other. The skies seemed to separate into two stratums of black and red following the explosion, though everyone was more interested in looking towards the source.

"Oh! What's all this? Are people fighting over there?!"

"This power-are they Mid-stage Soul Kings?"

"A fight at this point and time? Is it a grudge fight?"

Many of the Soul Kings were quick to realize the fighters power levels and were subsequently surprised by it.

While everyone was staring on in shock, one of the figures there seemed to have noticed something. In no time at all, the figure disappeared into a blur to shoot off towards the fight as a streak of orange.


Standing several hundred meters up into the air was the black-hooded man. He was doubled up by the waist and was as pale as a sheet of paper from fatigue and exertion as he glared down below him. Two of his three defensive jade disks had already blown up from the chaotic explosion of energy earlier.

"This is impossible! Utterly impossible! How can a mere Soul Exalt push me this far!!"

Not even the strongest technique the black-hooded man had in his arsenal proved effective in killing Bai Yunfei. The fact that Bai Yunfei was alive filled the man with such disbelief that he couldn't help but feel his confidence in himself buckle under the pressure.

Two colors of elemental energy, red and black, was spinning rapidly underneath him. Like a giant tornado, they spun around one another with enough intensity to create even ripples in the space. In the middle of the tornado was a small but decently-sized hole to fit a person cloaked in red in it.

It was Bai Yunfei.

He wasn't looking much better than the black-hooded man, admittedly. The flames flickering of his person was comparatively weak, and his Fire-tipped Spear was propped up against the platform he was standing on as if being used as a crutch. Still, his back was straight and his eyes were bright and focused with determination to stare down his opponent.

"I'll kill you! Kill! I'll definitely kill you!!"

The other man was incensed by the stare he was being given. As he cursed Bai Yunfei under his breath, his hands started to fly through another series of hand seals!

There was a flash black light, but it was only for a moment before it receded away. Failing to unleash his technique, the man stumbled forward.

"Young master, are you alright?!"

An arm held onto him, preventing the man from falling to the ground.

The owner of this arm belonged to a tall figure in blood-red robes. Somehow, this person had managed to appear right next to the black-hooded man without any warning. And with him was another elder, this one scrawnier than the first and wrapped in a black mist to complement his black robes.

"Xue Wei! Black Dragon!! Good timing-kill him! I want you to kill him!!"

The young man in black robes gave Bai Yunfei an icy glare, though he was happy that reinforcements were here now.

"Young master! What's wrong? What's going on here!"

The middle-aged man-Xue Wei-was confused and aghast at the state of the young man. He had never seen the younger man be so angry like this before.

On the other side of the young man, the black-robed elder narrowed his eyes. He pressed his right hand to the man's shoulder, "Calm down and remember yourself!" He commanded.

It was nothing more but a whisper, but the power behind his words was tremendous and immediately took effect on the young man, who trembled slightly before straightening up!


No sooner did he calm down did his entire face drain of blood. Unable to stop himself, he belched out a mouthful of blood!!

"Young master!!"

Blanching at the sight, both men immediately stuck their hands forward to diagnose his injuries.

"I'm fine," The young man in black waved them off. Wiping off the remaining blood from his lips, the man glared at Bai Yunfei. He was already looking much better than before.

"Young master, what's going on here?? Who is this person, and how has he managed to hurt you this badly?!"

Though relieved that there was no inherent danger, the man was still anxious to hear the answers.

The young man sucked in a deep breath. Now, there was a hint of fear when he glared at Bai Yunfei. "That's Bai Yunfei from the Crafting School, he can't be allowed to live! Xue Wei, hurry up and kill him!!"