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 Chapter 806: Fortune For the Younger Generation

"The pills! This is the fragrance of the Extreme King Pills!!"

Underneath the Soul Exalts, most of the Soul Kings had already realized what was going on from the explosion of energy and were quick to realize what the expanding mist was.

They didn't need to come in contact with the mist like the Soul Exalts to know what it was. Most of the Soul Kings knew right away that the pills had been turned into fragrance when they saw it.

Though the pills were no longer 'pills', they were still there. It was only just a change of state of matter. The fragrance was just as effective as it would be in pill form!

No one knew just how many pills had been blown up. Everything had happened far too fast for the pills to be counted. But to take in the fragrance as it was now would definitely be taking in the fragrance of at least one whole pill!

The most important and primary function of the Extreme King Pills were to help a Peak Late-stage Soul Exalt breakthrough and become a Soul King. It still had an effect for Soul Kings, specifically Early-stage Soul Kings. Though weaker in effect, they could still help Early-stage Soul Kings become Mid-stage Soul Kings, so it wasn't just the Soul Exalts that wanted the pills. The Soul Kings would want it just as much.

So not a single person there shied away from the mist. The moment they realized what it was, everyone flew straight into it with ecstatic joy! Even the Early-stage Soul King and other Soul Kings were mobilizing straight into it. Those who were Mid-stage Soul King or so could still make use of the fragrance if they could just gather a bit of it, and even if they didn't, then they could at the very least stop the other Soul Kings so their young charges could absorb more of it.

Whether it was for selfish or for selfless reasons, all of the Soul Kings were heading out!

"The young ones have stumbled onto their own fortune, we of the previous generation shouldn't stick our hands in on this!!"

Just as every single Soul King was moving upwards, a cry as loud and intimidating as a dragon's roar came down from even higher up in the skies. Though it was just a cry, every single Soul King immediately came to a stop the moment they heard the cry!

They turned their heads upwards with a start. Standing just about three kilometers above them (and even higher up than the Extreme King Pill fragrance) were two figures!

The one who spoke was the one on the left, Ge Yiyun!

"That's...that's Ge Yiyun! Ge Yiyun of the Fate School!!"

Three kilometers wasn't a distance any Soul King would fail to see from. It only took them a single glance for someone to realize just who the speaker was.

"What?! Ge Yiyun?! That person's Ge Yiyun?!"

"One of the strongest from the Fate School? The one who's a Peak Late-stage Soul King and rumored to have already become a Soul Emperor? What's he doing here!"

"Who's that person with him? From his aura...he has to be a Peak Late-stage Soul King as well!"

The power felt by the auras of both Ge Yiyun and Tian Zhi was equal parts awe-inspiring and equal parts intimidating. Not a single person there was able to fully look at either of the two straight in the eye after sensing their strength.

The only thing Ge Yiyun did was cry out to the people there. He did nothing else but fold his arms to his chest and watch as the younger generation took in the Extreme King Pills.

Hardly a dozen seconds went by before the fragrance-which was originally spread to about a hundred meters in circumference-was now just half of that. Those people at the edge were already more or less fully apart from the fragrance.


Just at that moment, both Ge Yiyun and Zhi Tian both raised an eyebrow. Their senses alerted them to something near the distance.

The other Soul Kings noticed the disturbance as well and turned to look.

Over there where every single Soul King was looking at, space was again starting to distort and twist in on itself!

The distortion was only for a moment, but it was a moment long enough for most of the people to catch sight of it before it returned back to normal. It was barely strong enough to affect the surrounding area to any degree, but the Soul Kings were still able to sense and be amazed at the cause of the changes behind it!

The area where the distortion was coming from was...coming from the very center of the fragrance!

When the strange fluctuation in the space happened, the fragrance that had been within its area was....gone now!

What used to be half of the original amount of the fragrance was now reduced by a half of that for some strange reason!

Not a single Soul King knew what to say or even think when they saw this change take place.

"A spatial quake...did a part of the pocket merge with the real world again? But...it seems a little too coincidental..."

Gei Yiyun muttered to himself.


A second sight to the right of him caught his attention.

Just about a little less than five kilometers away to a mountain, there was a faint flash of red light...


While the Extreme King Pills were being dispersed and absorbed in, how was Bai Yunfei doing with his battle against the hooded enemy?


Once again, Bai Yunfei blocked the incoming black needle with his Cataclysmic Seal and evaded the man's sword strike by leaning forward. But even as he leaned forward, a black warblade slammed against his back with enough speed to send him flying away.

The thing that attacked him was the black armored 'thing' made from elemental darkness.

Bai Yunfei came to fully realize just how strong the armored entity was after a short minute fight with him. Not only was it as strong as a Peak Late-stage Soul Exalt, it was 'undying'!

He blew its body up with elemental fire, blasted its chest apart with his fist, speared it through and through with his Fire-tipped Spear...all sorts of methods were done to try and kill it. His Fire-tipped Spear had even managed to blow apart the entity when its explosion effect was activated, but the entity would simply reform itself after a few seconds!

It was most definitely a first for Bai Yunfei to fight an armored entity like this before where he didn't know how to best deal with it.

He did notice that the entity would lose a bit of energy with each time it attacked and was attacked, but the loss wasn't significant enough to fully put it down. If Bai Yunfei had to guess, it'd take a far longer deal of time for it to die out by itself...

And his 'Berserk Mode' had only a time limit of ten minutes at least...

He still had the permafrost mastiff as his backup plan, but considering the situation, he didn't want to do that unless necessary.

It wasn't because of his worry of the pocket being unable to withstand the power of a Soul King or class seven soulbeast. They were on the outside now, so that was a moot point.

The reason was because...the people from the Beast Taming School were here, and one of them included a Soul King leveled elder.

Using the permafrost mastiff would only cause that elder to notice it. That'd definitely bring Bai Yunfei a great deal of unwanted trouble.

Fortunately for him, now that they were back in the 'real world', Xiao Qi and Long Lan were able to come into contact with him. The moment he realized they were out of the pocket, Bai Yunfei had Xiao Qi come rushing on over immediately.

But that was a problem in itself. The black-hooded man noticed that as well.

Eyes glistening strangely, the black-hooded person glanced over to the direction where three entities were flying over to them. It wouldn't be long for them to arrive where he and Bai Yunfei were fighting.

"He's only just a mere Soul Exalt, why is it taking so much time..." The man was steaming mad, "I can only use that then! I'll kill him and wait for those people to leave, then I'll come back for it! No one else knows but him and me in any case..."

The man drew back his crimson-red sword and stored it away into his space ring. Eyes glaring at Bai Yunfei, he started to flip through a series of complicated hand seals!

The entire process was finished in less than three seconds. Upon the very last hand seal, his soulforce exploded with power like the eruption of a volcano!

"A power-boosting soul skill!!"

Bai Yunfei realized with a start. In just a matter of seconds, the man's power went from being an Early-stage Soul King to a Mid-stage Soul King!

A soul skill that could strengthen the power of a Soul King! This was a soul skill that was even more terrifying than Bai Yunfei's Dual Flame Artes!


The man's eyes honed in on Bai Yunfei straight away. A half-second later, he disappeared from Bai Yunfei's sight!