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 Chapter 805: Fragrance of the Pills

Filled with devastating power, the explosion sent energy flying in every single direction while the group of Soul Exalts in horror from underneath. When they were ultimately struck by the blowback of energy, most of them tried to use their soul armaments or elemental energy to protect themselves, but they were still blown away...

It wasn't just energy that was flying off everywhere from the cauldron. Fragments of the cauldron were flying off in waves, striking a few unfortunate ones with great velocity and bringing despair to the eyes of everyone that saw the pieces.

People were already using their soulsense to scan the area before the energy could even disappear. They were trying to look for something, but no one could sense the presence of any of the pills...

Had the Extreme King Pills...been destroyed in the explosion?!

Most of the people there looked ready to puke blood at the thought. They had fought and worked so hard to get the pills, and now all of their hard work had gone up into literal smoke?!

"Damn damn damn!! Damn it all!!"

Lin Dongxiao was screaming aloud to himself, infuriated at the sight of the explosion in front of him. So spiteful was he that he turned around to face the other Soul Exalts in the area with a murderous aura.


But just as he was about to voice his anger and desire to kill them all, his eyes suddenly snapped back to the original site of the explosion.

From the middle of where the explosion took place, where the Extreme King Pills used to be, there was a faint red 'mist' somehow managing to stay in one place. Somehow, the mist was unaffected by the energy going everywhere and was slowly expanding in size even. Because of its slow rate of expansion, Lin Dongxiao had failed to notice its presence until now.

Under his amazed eyes, the edge of the cloud of mist was right in front of him. The moment when it touched him, Lin Dongxiao's body jolted as if shocked, and his eyes started to shine with shock!

He wasn't the only one. Zheng Kai, Jing Mingfeng, Li Yuchun, and those who had been closest with him to the mist were being basked by the red light now, their reactions almost identical to Lin Dongxiao.



A few dozen meters away from the red mist, a tear in space opened up to reveal two people walking through it just in time to see the red mist start to expand.

"Aha! Just on time!! I told you I wasn't off!"

Of the two people that appeared, one of them was someone that looked to be twenty-seven or so. A youngster in gray robes that was currently looking around the area with interest.

A hand of his was scratching lazily at his disheveled hair, though the face underneath looked rather handsome. It was only because of that disheveled look that he looked sloppy at all. If Bai Yunfei were to be here, he would've recognized straight off the bat that this youth was Na Lanyin!!

The last time they met had been back in Soulbeast Forest. It was because of his 'advice' that Bai Yunfei was able to meet Xiao Qi.

Coming out of the tear in space with him was an elderly man wearing white robes. His face was noticeably calmer than Na Lanyin, but his eyes betrayed his shock when he looked around themselves. When he heard what Na Lanyin said, he smiled. He was about to say something when something above their heads caught his attention.

Another several dozen meters away, space was starting to twist and churn before an elder and youth pair walked out from a tear just like they had done.

The newly-arrived elder in gray glanced over to Na Lanyin and the elder with him, his eyebrows raising up on his face in surprise.

Likewise, the elder in white looked rather astonished. "Ah, little Ge, haha...how many years has it been, several dozens?"

The two elders knew each other!

This 'little Ge' had a head filled with white hair, but a face that was benevolently kind. This person was none other than the one who turned Bai Yunfei onto the path of a soul cultivator. The person who imparted knowledge, soul skills (such as the Wave Treading Steps), and even the Fire-tipped Spear to Bai Yunfei, Ge Yiyun!

The headmaster to the mysterious Fate School, a man of myth and rumors, Ge Yiyun!

When Ge Yiyun saw the elder in white, he had to gasp with surprise. "Zhi Tian! You...you came out from Soulbeast Forest?!"

The elder-now known as Zhi Tian-smiled. "Haha, the timing was right for it."

Ge Yiyun's eyes drifted to Na Lanyin right next to him, "Could this person be your..."

Zhi Tian smiled but gave no answer to his question. "Let us do what we must first."

"Very well then!" The shock on Ge Yiyun's face receded away.

Giving one last smile, Zhi Tian turned to Na Lanyin, "Need I say more? Go and absorb as much of the fragrance as you will."

"I was waiting for you to say the word!" Na Lanyin smiled back.

He was already gone by the time the last word was spoken, his person already off in the distance to head into the red 'mist'.

Ge Yiyun chose then to look at the young man next to him, "Chengfeng, a chance like this is hard to come by. Go and absorb as much as you can."

"Yes, master!" The youth replied.

Like Na Lanyin, he too flew straight for the red 'mist'.


"This is the fragrance of the Extreme King Pills!!"

Touched by the red mist, Lin Dongxiao took a moment to realize just what the red mist was before shouting aloud in shock.

The moment when the red mist touched his person, Lin Dongxiao realized his entire body had started to quiver as if being stimulated by something. The soulforce in his body was rapidly increasing in amount and filled his entire person with a fantastical sensation. Never before in his training had he felt his soulforce act so well before, and neither had he felt his power ever so substantially increase in quality so quickly!!

He was no idiot. There was only one thing that could elicit such a reaction. It was what he and the others had been fighting for for so long, the Extreme King Pills!

The Extreme King Pills were no longer there in pill form, but the strange mist that was expanding in the area surely had to be it. If he could only have one guess, then Lin Dongxiao would bet on it that the red 'mist' was the result of the cauldron exploding and turning the pills into 'fragrance'!

They weren't pills any longer, they were 'fragrance', a fragrance that had still the same effect as they would in pill form!

Lin Dongxiao was practically beside himself with joy at the realization. Without any further hesitation, he started to take in as much as the fragrance as he could into his body!

"This mist isn't normal, it's ...it's...it's the Extreme King Pills! This is the blown up fragrance of the pills!"

The other people around Lin Dongxiao were starting to realize it as well. In a matter of moments, Jing Mingfeng gasped when he realized what it was.

Though barely audible, his gasp was heard by Zheng Kai, Yue Feng, and the others. Those who heard it immediately had excited looks appear on their faces before they started to take in as much of the fragrance as they could into them.

They weren't the only ones either. More and more people were starting to come to the same conclusion, and more people were starting to absorb the fragrance themselves.

The mist was already covering an area of a hundred meters, but because of the numerous people absorbing it, the amount of mist was starting to shrink. The outer edge of the mist was already growing faint of color, and the outwards expansion was slowly coming to a stop.