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 Chapter 803: The Final Struggle

"The Extreme King Pills!!"

Lin Dongxiao's eyes lit up at the sight of the archaic cauldron!

Right on his trail was Zheng Kai's group and Li Yuchun. Just like him, when both parties saw the cauldron, their eyes lit up with excitement.

They all moved at once, but it was Lin Dongxiao who was at the front. Moving several meters forward, he was the first to get within ten meters of the cauldron!

But Zheng Kai and another two space-type soul cultivators were practically side by side with him due to them teleporting!

Behind them were Jing Mingfeng, Wang Kunpeng, and several others. Though they weren't capable of teleporting, they weren't too far behind either.

"I've said it before...the Extreme King Pills are mine!!"

A loud roar echoed through the area as Lin Dongxiao reached for the cauldron. The fact that several others were trying to fight him for the Extreme King Pills made him furious. The soulbeast he was riding on let loose a mighty roar at his command, forcing every other person racing towards the Extreme King Pills to come to an immediate stop!

A soul attack!!

Beings like class seven soulbeasts and Soul Kings were different than those like Soul Exalts or class six soulbeasts. Their soul attacks were virtually unstoppable by anyone weaker than them, and it was essentially like running into a solid wall when hit by it. Anyone would find themselves being more slugged in reaction and their actions forcibly stopped.

A moment after its soul attack, the class seven soulbeast spat out a ball of elemental water at the cauldron everyone was heading for!


The first thing everyone saw when they managed to shake their heads and clear their minds from the soul attack was the burst of elemental water. Everyone gasped and prepared to defend themselves from the attack when they realized that they weren't the target. It was the cauldron! The soulbeast had sent the attack at the ground underneath it to send it airborne!

Lin Dongxiao laughed from his perch up in the air. Using the soulbeast, he had it fly up into the air to chase after it!

The launching of the cauldron seemed to have caused a stir in it. A crimson-red glow was starting to flow out from the cauldron, filling the air with an unfamiliar scent. When everyone on the ground below smelt it, their essence originseed started to tremble with excitement!

Zheng Kai and the others chose to give chase while everyone else was distracted. Kicking off the ground, they ascended to the skies!


Of course, everyone else was paying attention more to the airborne cauldron than Lin Dongxiao. That was why it came as a surprise when the space in the pocket started to crack. No longer capable of withstanding the force of the class seven soulbeast, the space started to crackle and buckle. Before anyone could even move a finger, parts of the pocket started to shatter and fall apart like broken pieces of glittering glass!

Behind the fractured parts of the pocket wasn't the black void of space like in Bai Yunfei's section of the pocket. Behind it was just a bright-looking scenery like any other place!

"What's going on?! What's going on?! Is the pocket collapsing?!"

"Heavens!! How are we in the air?! I can't see the mountain beneath us!"

"Everything looks different now, what's going on?!"

"This is...this is Crushed Stone River! How are we here again?!"

"Eh?! We can skywalk now!"

One by one, people started to shout in shock. Everyone was quickly realizing that the worst-case scenario wasn't happening and that they were able of skywalking in this place now!

Those who were bemoaning their fate were now starting to rejoice in joy now. And those who had been deathly afraid of the class seven soulbeast were now starting to dash away via skywalking to escape.

There was a larger portion of the populace that immediately focused their gaze at the sky above. They were all looking at a particular place where the cauldron was currently flying straight up into the air!

They were planning to fight for the Extreme King Pills!!

Greed flooded into their minds, overriding every other emotion so they could ascend to the skies!

About a hundred figures were now several hundred meters high into the air. Though a small portion was fleeing, the vast majority were running as fast as they could towards the cauldron.


There was a flash of blue light as a giant arm about twenty to thirty meters long swiped at the cauldron to try and take it into its grasp!

It was Lin Dongxiao!!"


There was a soft sound of contact as the cauldron was swept up into his 'palm'! Rejoicing at his fortune, Lin Dongxiao moved to bring his elemental water formed arm back.


But that was when he realized his arm was refusing to do so!

That was because two other arms made of elemental energy were also grabbing hold onto the cauldron! From down below, they held fast to the legs of the cauldron so that Lin Dongxiao wouldn't be able to pull it!

The owners of those hands were Zheng Kai and Li Yuchun. They had their arms extended forward, but it was an ethereal arm made of elemental energy that did the actual grabbing! Forming body parts with elemental energy wasn't all too strange, but it required a decent amount of strength in order to manifest one. Despite the difference in what spatial energy was compared to elemental energy, it was pure energy at its very basic form. Manipulation of spatial energy was no different to Zheng Kai and Li Yuchun as manipulation of elemental energy was to any other soul cultivator and could be formed just as fast.

Though Lin Dongxiao had been the first to act, the other two weren't slow enough to lose out on the fight.

"Bastards, do you want to die!?"

Lin Dongxiao was furious. But just as he was about to order his class seven soulbeast to attack them, a tugging force on the cauldron caused him to reconsider his options. Pressing his left hand to his right wrist, he forced even more soulforce to his elemental arm, making it shine even brighter with light.

That was because...while he had been busy with Zheng Kai and Li Yuchun, another ten arms came from below to grab hold of the cauldron!

He hadn't even had the time to react to the second barrage of arms before even more of them came forward. One by one, they grabbed hold of the cauldron, some of them grabbing the mid-section of the cauldron instead of the legs!

With the cauldron at the center of everyone, it was transformed from a bright speck of red light to a multi-colored ball where all sorts of elemental energy were trying its best to bring it their way....

Absolutely no one was willing to let go of the cauldron now that they had their hands on it!!