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 Chapter 802: Developments From the Other Side

A while ago when the battle was only just starting out on the top of 'mist mountain'.

"The aura of a Soul King! What?! A Soul King is here!"

"What's a Soul King doing in here?! Don't they know the pocket won't be able to handle their aura?!"

"No! The pocket's going to collapse!"

"Aren't we going to die if that happens?! I don't want to die! We have to flee! Where's the other portal?! I change my mind, I want to leave! I don't want to die!"


Near the top of the mountain, everyone who had been fighting was now starting to panic. The appearance of all the fractures and distortions in the space around them was terrifying everyone into a panic far greater than their lust for the Extreme King Pills.

The fractures started to appear around the moment when Bai Yunfei used the Dual Dragon Burst and forced the black-robed man to undo his seal to reveal himself as a Soul King.

While the two of them were fighting in a different part of the pocket, they were still in the same pocket with the same restrictions. The moment when the aura of a Soul King made itself known in the pocket, the entirety of the pocket started to crumble under its weight. Not only was the part where Bai Yunfei and the Soul King was fighting started to destabilize, but the area with the large mountain was also as well.


It didn't even take a moment for the fractures to multiply. The skies of the pocket were starting to have more lines than uninterrupted space, and the aura of the Soul King was now fully noticeable to everyone in the pocket!

Then Bai Yunfei went into his Berserk Mode and entered his self-called 'False Soul King' state.

"No way?! Another Soul King?!"

Another person on the mountain shrieked in terror.


"No! A Soul King is in here! The pocket's going to collapse! Brother Zheng, what do we do?! How do we get out from here?!" Yue Feng spoke.

Because everyone had stopped fighting for a moment, Zheng Kai's group was given a small moment of rest. Even if they weren't shouting in terror, most of the people in the group were still looking extremely worried and looked to Zheng Kai for instructions.

He was the one most knowledgeable about the pocket, so it went without saying that the group would look to him first.

Compared to the others, Zheng Kai was far calmer. He didn't immediately respond to Yue Feng's question and looked around the area as if trying to feel for something.

Relief flashed across his face after a while of searching. Looking back to the group, he smiled. "We don't need to worry, it won't be as bad as everyone thinks it is. I don't feel the spatial energy on the verge of going volatile. Aside from the spatial distortions and collapsing of the pocket, I can feel a calmer type of spatial energy..."

The group looked confused, so he explained even more, "Remember when I talked about there being two results of the pocket collapsing? We're lucky, I'm pretty sure that once the pocket collapse, we'll experience the 'safer' result..."

"So what you're saying is..." Jing Mingfeng's eyes lit up, "The pocket won't blow up or anything, but it'll mix with the real world and then we'll be back in it once the pocket collapses?!"

Jing Mingfeng nodded. "More or less. I tried this once with a space ring. When the space ring was destroyed, the inside of it was as well. All of the objects inside started to pour out, and I could feel a similar spatial energy to what's going on right now."

"So we're not in danger?!" Yue Feng asked.

"I'm about seventy percent sure. When those small fractures started to appear, I was even more confident about it."

Jing Mingfeng's eyes seemed to sparkle even brighter at that. He looked to the top of the mountain, "If we don't need to worry about the pocket collapsing, then should we..."

"Of course." Zheng Kai nodded in glee. "Forward!"

In a burst of soulforce, the entire group made for a mad dash towards the top of the mountain!

Not too far away, Li Yuchun had the same look in his eyes as Zheng Kai. Moving almost as fast as Zheng Kai's group, he raced up the mountain after them!

A few other people on the mountain had the same idea as them and were renewing their efforts up the mountain as well.

Like a chain reaction, more and more people started to follow suit. Whenever one person raced up the mountain, another few would run after them to get to the top as fast as possible!

Soon, more people were running up to the top of the mountain than the ones running back down from fear!

This time, no one was trying to fight one another. They were all more focused on trying to get to the top as fast as they possibly could.

"That's Li Yuchun from the house of Li in the Southward River Province? And that's Zheng Kai from the house of Zheng from the Capital...both of them are space-type soul cultivators..." Lin Dongxiao stared at the two soul cultivators with a pensive look.

"Haha!! I see now! You're both not worried about the pocket collapsing? Alright then!!"

Standing on top of the white crane, Lin Dongxiao looked off at the zenith of the mountain with an ecstatic look!

"We don't need to worry anymore about the pocket collapsing? Haha! Then the heavens are helping me! The Extreme King Pills are...mine!!"

His last word was accentuated with a happy tremble. Waving his right hand, the dark blue ring on his finger flashed once with light!

There was a secondary flash of blue light when he flung his hand forward. Then, a powerful aura came into being in the pocket!


Amidst the flash of blue light, a being as tall as three stories came into the pocket with a loud roar!

It was a giant lizard of some kind with large blue scales all over its body and two large fleshy wings on its back. It unfurled its wings as soon as it came into being and knocked aside the nearby soul cultivators with a gust of wind.

The moment the soulbeast appeared into the pocket, a large crack appeared in the sky followed by a tremendous quake through the ground with enough intensity to make the scenery a blur for anyone standing on it.

"That's...that's...a class seven soulbeast!!"

There was a brief moment of silence before someone shrieked in fear.

"A class seven soulbeast! Lin Dongxiao has a soulbeast puppet on the level of a Soul King?!"

"Bastard! The pocket's already about to collapse and he brings out a class seven soulbeast! Is he trying to kill himself?!"

Lin Dongxiao didn't care at all for what people were saying about him. He was focused on himself only. Flipping through several hand seals, Lin Dongxiao sent a large portion of his soulforce into the soulbeast in front of him. As soon as the soulforce was transmitted, the class seven soulbeast let loose an elemental water filled roar!

The beam of elemental water traveled forward into the three soul cultivators he had been fighting earlier. Without even being given the chance to evade, all three of them were struck by it and killed instantly.

"Haha!! Get in my way and die!!" Lin Dongxiao roared with laughter.

While the class seven soulbeast was killing those three, he stored the white crane back into his space ring and leaped onto its back to point it forward. With a mighty flap of the wings, the soulbeast took off for the mountain!

With how strong it was, it didn't take even a moment for the soulbeast to overtake everyone else in front of him and bring him to the front of the pack.

Now that his initial three opponents were dead, Lin Dongxiao didn't care for anyone else and flew straight for the top of the mountain.

About fifty meters beneath the topmost part of the mountain were a circle of giant boulders. And at the center of the boulders stood a rather archaic-looking cauldron...