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 Chapter 79: A Powerful Foe Comes, Fight!

In the empty space in front of the Green Willow School, there were two groups of people who were nervously staring at each other.

Mu Wanqing was leading a group of disciples at the entrance to the school, staring seriously at an enormous dark-golden ape that stood in front of her.

This was a middle-stage fifth level Giant Goldeye Ape. It was more than five meters tall, and it stood there like a small mountain. The fur on its entire body was a dark-gold color, and its eyes were golden as well. However...not a hint of intelligence could be seen within its golden eyes. It stood upright, enormous fists pounding away at its chest with loud and deep thudding sounds. At the same time, it raised its neck, emitting an earth-shaking enraged roar.

Behind it not too far away stood Yang Lin, who had a cold smirk and a sinister expression on his face as he stared towards the members of the Green Willow School in front of him. Behind him stood Glacial School headmaster Yu Fei as well as elders Zhang and Liu, as well as tens of strong members of the Glacial School. To their left was Li Long, as well as a mysterious person whose entire body was covered by a black robe.

Yang Lin felt extremely irritated right now. He had searched for an entire day yesterday without finding the person who had stolen Li Long's soul beast. Today, he came to the Green Willow School to demand the culprit be turned over, only to suffer a rejection. A minor school like the Green Willow School, in the face of someone from the Beast Taming School, actually dared to refuse their request? He had thought that this would be a minor matter, something which he could resolve with but a single word. How could he not be feeling upset right now?

He felt that it was most likely that a small sect like this one was too ignorant and did not believe him to truly be of the Beast Taming School. Thus, after they squabbled a bit, he immediately released his Giant Goldeye Ape. Upon seeing the look of shock on their faces, he nodded in a very satisfied manner, then said coldly, "Headmaster Mu, I will say it one more time; the Glacial School has already submitted to our Beast Taming School. Hurry up and hand over the person who killed Elder Zhan's son. Otherwise...don't blame me for showing no courtesy!"

"Hmph! Beast Taming School, what audacious words! Do you think that just because you are reputed to be one of the ten great schools, that you can do whatever you please in the world?" An extremely satirical voice rang out from behind Mu Wanqing as a man in his thirties stepped out. It was You Qingfeng.

"You Qingfeng, of the Wood School of the Five Elements Schools!" Yang Lin's face changed slightly. He knew that the Green Willow School and the Wood School did have a bit of a connection, which was one of the reasons he had not tried to subjugate them...but unexpectedly, You Qingfeng was present as well.

You Qingfeng glanced sideways at the nearby black-robed man, a hint of wariness in his eyes. He then swept the nearby Glacial School members with his gaze, then said with a frown, "You insist that the guest of the Green Willow School killed the son of Elder Zhang of the Glacial School, but where is your proof?"

"Bai Yunfei killed my one and only son. Many of my subordinates personally witnessed this; can it be that I'm making this up?! You can bring him out before us, and we'll see if I've wronged him or not!" Zhang Zhenshan emerged from the group. Although the opponent was far stronger than him, the hatred he felt for Bai Yunfei caused him to verbally counter-attack without any fear. "This was originally a private feud between myself and Bai Yunfei; I don't actually wish to cause problems between our schools. I would like to ask your exalted school to hand him over and let us take care of this matter on our own!"

You Qingfeng frowned slightly. This rationale the opposing party had offered, of pursuing the killer of his son, caused him to momentarily not know how to argue back. He turned his head to glance at Mu Wanqing, about to say something, but then saw Yang Lin snort coldly and say, "You Qingfeng, this is just a trifling matter involving an unimportant junior. Can it be that you are going to oppose my Beast Taming School for his sake? Since I've come today, I'm definitely going back with that man! Can it be that you want to see these two schools start to struggle with each other?"

You Qingfeng's eyes flashed. The situation today was indeed beyond his expectations. As he worried, a gust of wind brushed past his side as a figure emerged onto the scene.

"You are from the Beast Taming School?" Hong Yin glanced at the dull-looking Giant Goldeye Ape, then turned his sinister gaze towards Yang Lin.

"Him! Uncle-master, he's the one who stole my Thunderwolf!" As soon as he appeared, Li Long, who was by Yang Lin's side, instantly pointed towards him and shouted loudly.

Hong Yin's sudden appearance caused everyone present to feel slightly startled. Even that black-robed man, who had remained silent this entire time, raised his head slightly at this moment, seeming to let out a small sound of surprise as he stared at Hong Yin weighingly.

Yang Lin looked at Hong Yin, his gaze serious. He subtly rubbed the ring on his left hand, then said in a solemn voice, "Who are you? Why are you opposing my Beast Taming School?"

"If you are of the Beast Taming School, then there's nothing for me to say to you." A hint of savagery flashed past Hong Yin's eyes. "So die!"

As soon as his words came out, Hong Yin suddenly kicked off from the ground, moving like a gust of wind as he charged towards Yang Lin.

Yang Lin had been prepared this entire time. As soon as Hong Yin moved, he immediately waved his left hand, causing a soul beast that looked like a rhinoceros to suddenly appear by his side. Bellowing, it lowered its head and stampeded towards Hong Yin. At the same time, as if by an unspoken order, the Giant Goldeye Ape swung out its long, thick arms as it assaulted Hong Yin.

"A middle-grade fifth level Sharpspike Rhino!" Hong Yin's eyes flashed. His body paused, then he leaped into the air, easily flipping past the head of the charging Sharpsike Rhino. In midair, he agilely twisted his body, dodging the slamming blows of the enormous ape's palms. As he fell past the giant ape's waist, his right leg suddenly tapped out, causing a small tornado that one could see with the naked eye to form beneath his foot. Hong Yin leapt off the tornado, suddenly flashing past the ape's waist while pushing out with his twin hands in a seemingly soft way on the ape's body.

Immediately afterwards...the incomparably enormous body of the Giant Goldeye Ape seemed to have bound by a soft, gentle wind as it rose into the sky. Struggling fiercely, it was pushed away by several tens of meters, towards the direction of a small creek.

"Xiao Tang!" Hong Yin called softly, and a white figure scurried out from his shoulder, landing on the ape's shoulder in the blink of an eye.

Ka-thunk! Water sprayed everywhere. As everyone watched, dazed, the middle-stage fifth level Giant Goldeye Ape was effortlessly and gently pushed by Hong Yin into the river.

After pushing away the ape, Hong Yin didn't hesitate at all. He suddenly leapt up again in midair, a wind swirling and howling slightly around his body as he instantly flew before the amazed Yang Lin. His right hand struck out, and a white dagger suddenly appeared in his hand, stabbing straight towards Yang Lin!

However, just as his right hand was striking out, his face suddenly changed. Not hesitating at all, he abandoned his attack, instead sweeping his arm towards the right, so as to block the palm that was attacking him.

The white dagger and the black figure's palm connected. A clear metallic ringing sound was actually heard, and after the collision, a wave of power blasted out between the two, causing everyone in the area to be forced to take several steps back. When they raised their heads to stare at what had happened, they saw that both figures had flown several meters back and were staring at each other.

Boom! An explosion could be heard coming from the small river. Water sprayed everywhere, and an enormous ball of water flew up from the river. Within the ball of water was the enormous trapped body of the Giant Goldeye Ape. Only his enormous head was left at the very top of the ball. The giant ape was frantically brandishing its four appendages, but it wasn't able to escape the confines of the water ball in the slightest.

On the right shoulder of the giant ape was Xiao Tang, all the fur on his body standing upright. His body seemed to have been enlarged by a full size, and his little claws were constantly dancing in a manner which seemed to control the enormous ball of water.

Hong Yin didn't look at the situation on the river; rather, a serious look on his face, he stared at the black-robed figure in front of him. He gently flicked a few spots of blood from his dagger, then said in a cold voice, "So you are also of the Beast Taming School?"

The black-robed man's right hand, hidden behind his back, trembled slightly. A small hole had been punctured through his dark gold glove, and a hint of blood was leaking out.

"Bloodhowl Fang...Hong Yin, the Son of the Wolf...at such a young age, you've actually reached the early-stage Soul Exalt level. What they say about you is true; you are truly a marvelous talent." A hoarse voice rang out from the black-robed man's throat, but it gave off an extremely cold, sinister vibe that prevented others from telling what age he was.

When these words came out, everyone's face changed. Yang Lin took several uncontrollable steps back. Staring at Hong Yin, he screeched, "Hong Yin! You are actually Hong Yin, the Son of the Wolf!"

"Hmph! And who are you!" Hong Yin let out a cold snort, clenching the dagger in his hands tightly. He took half a step forward, preparing an attacking stance.

"Stay your hands. Can it be that you want to fight with me here? If you and I were to fight at full power, I imagine that it the destruction of the Green Willow School would be just one of the side-effects. I imagine you don't wish this to occur, yes?" The black-robed man's voice was very calm. He glanced at the surrounding figures, then at the frowning Hong Yin. He continued, "In addition...do you really want to kill members of the Beast Taming School here? If members of the Beast Taming School are killed here on the grounds of the Green Willow School...what do you think will happen to it?"

His words instantly caused the faces of the Green Willow School members to change drastically. Mu Wanqing's face turned solemn, and she looked rather worriedly at Hong Yin.

A light flickered through Hong Yin's eyes, as though he had made his decision. A long moment later, he let out a soft sigh, then put away his dagger. Taking a single step, he instantly appeared by the small river. He stretched his right hand out, pushing it into the ball of water, gently patting it on the shoulder of the giant ape. The ball of water suddenly became empty! And then, he once more jumped off the air, taking back Xiao Tang with him as he returned to the side of the Green Willow clansmen.

"You..." Seeing that Hong Yin had actually taken away his Giant Goldeye Ape, Yang Lin's face changed. He was about to say something, but when he saw the barely-suppressed killing intent in Hong Yin's eyes, his entire body trembled. He no longer dared to say a thing as he collected his Sharpspike Rhino and, a gloomy look on his face, retreated to the black-robed man's side.

The black-robed man swept everyone with a glance, then continued to speak in that hoarse, gravelly voice, "We have come here just for the sake of taking a person, not to cause too many other issues. As I see it...Headmaster Mu, you should hurry up and hand that person over."

Yu Fei's eyes flickered. Only now did he recover from his earlier state of shock. His eyes flashed several times, then he took a step forward and said loudly, "Exactly! Headmaster Mu, you should hand over this Bai Yunfei! Do not cause trouble between our schools for the sake of an outsider!"

Zhang Zhenshan took a step forward as well, a look of rage on his face as he said, "I cannot live under the same heavens with the person who killed my son! This was originally my personal affair; Headmaster Mu, have that Bai Yunfei come out to fight me alone, and I will deal with him myself and resolve our issues! Otherwise...even if it means becoming enemies with your Green Willow School, I am going to charge inside to take revenge!"

"Hmph! Fight him by yourself? A Soul Sprite wants to force a Soul Warrior to fight alone? I'm impressed at your lack of shamelessness in suggesting it!" Mu Wanqing frowned as she retorted with a cold snort.

"Headmaster Mu, if you stubbornly insist on protecting this person, then that means you are becoming enemies with my Glacial School. Then...don't blame my school for showing no courtesy! Even if it means causing both sides to suffer, I am going to get justice for my clan's elder!" Yu Fei had an extremely sinister look on his face as he spoke out angrily, and the Glacial School members behind him drew their weapons in a savage manner.

The sound of longswords leaving the sheaths could be heard from the Green Willow School's side as well. The two sides stared at each other, weapons at the ready. The atmosphere was extremely, explosively tense right now.

"Zhang Zhenshan, I agree to fight with you!"

Right at this moment, a slightly angry voice rang out from behind the Green Willow School's side...and then a figure with a cold expression slowly walked out.

It was Bai Yunfei!