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 Chapter 801: They're Out!!

The barrier around the pocket was filled with cracks now. Spiraling this way and that, they spread throughout the entire place and distorted even the air in the pocket. Only the area around the two sparks of light was relatively stable. But even then, the area there was starting to fracture as well.

Aside from the ongoing crisis taking place around him, Bai Yunfei felt a second source of pressure slowly penetrating the pocket and encompassing the area!

"This is...the pressure of a Soul King!!"

Bai Yunfei realized right away that the pressure he was feeling was coming from the aura of a Soul King!

And it wasn't coming from the black-robed man, but someone else!

"Is there another Soul King in here?!" Bai Yunfei's face paled at the thought, "The pocket really will collapse then!"

The black-robed man could sense the aura as well, though he looked a little more aware of where it was coming from, and why.

"That's...a class seven soulbeast! Is that Lin Dongxiao?!"


A faint cracking sound went off in the pocket, causing the two fighters to snap their heads upwards at the source.

A large fissured had opened up on the barrier over their head. Then like a mirror, the barrier broke into several pieces that rained down from the sky!!

With each part of the barrier that rained down, they disappeared into blobs of multi-colored light. In their place, black chaotic space was left behind the holes in the barrier.

Piece by piece, the barrier started to lose more of itself. The entire pocket was starting to violently shake and twist as if it was on the verge of collapsing any second now.

"Damn!! What's going on?!"

Bai Yunfei's face was deathly white now. The Cataclysmic Seal formed an orange barrier around his person so he could take a close look at the surrounding area. He cast a quick glance over at the black-robed man.

Compared to him, the black-robed man was far calmer than Bai Yunfei. In fact, the man was still staring warily at Bai Yunfei to wait for a good opportunity to strike at Bai Yunfei.

His vigilance was chillingly intimidating to Bai Yunfei.

"He's not doing anything?! Doesn't he care about the pocket collapsing?!"

The fact that he was so calm made no sense to Bai Yunfei. He had expected the man to do something, not 'wait and see' for what Bai Yunfei would do.


Then while Bai Yunfei was trying his hardest not to succumb to his panic...

While everything was falling apart around him, Bai Yunfei realized the broken-up scenery around him was starting to change as well! Everything went white for a second before the chaotic fractures and distortions in the area disappeared along with the scenery before being replaced by a clear sky and a mountainous forest!

"Wha?! What's this..."

Bai Yunfei was tongue-tied at the sight, his brain hardly able to register the change taking place here.

It was as though the danger Bai Yunfei was worried about wasn't even there anymore. In an instant, the pocket was now a completely different area!

Everything was completely new except for the ground. Like before, there were still broken stone underneath with craters and scars from the battle so far.

Bai Yunfei couldn't understand what was going on. The black-hooded man had a look that seemed to say, 'just as expected', though.


As the two people were just starting to accustom themselves to the new area, a heaven-shaking roar erupted from the skies to their side.

They turned their heads.

Roughly five kilometers away in the skies, a figure in blue was flying on over to them. The figure was slightly reptilian-like with its wings. Despite the distance, the two were able to see that the soulbeast was as large as a four-story building.

There were about a hundred bright lights flying around the gigantic soulbeast. Upon a closer look, each of these lights was just another soul cultivator skywalking!

There were also a few people on the ground below. Darting this way and that in what appeared to be panic, most of the soul cultivators looked like they were trying to run off towards the side or fleeing for their lives. A good portion of those soul cultivators in the air seemed to be flying for the same area even!

About a hundred meters ahead of everyone was something that was seemingly floating like a miniature red sun that illuminated the entire area with its light.

Whenever the red light abated for a moment, a red cauldron could be seen at its center!

While Bai Yunfei was focused on this new sight, the black-robed man narrowed his eyes at his enemy. Flicking his wrist, he sent the black needle from his left hand to fly towards Bai Yunfei as fast as possible!

No matter how distracted Bai Yunfei was from the new area they were in, Bai Yunfei wasn't so distracted that he missed what the black-robed man was doing. He was up against a Soul King after all. The moment the black light left the man's hand, Bai Yunfei was already leaping backward and into the air to evade the black needle without worry.

He had noticed from the bright lights off in a distance that some soul cultivators were skywalking.

And his evasion maneuver just now confirmed it for himself-he could skywalk now!

That meant this place wasn't within the pocket anymore. There were no more restrictions, and his soulsense was back normal now. He could skywalk.


Bai Yunfei dodged the black needle by leaping into the air. By the time he was back on the ground, the needle was already flying back to the black-robed man. What he saw the man do made Bai Yunfei extremely confused, however.

The man had stabbed his sword into the ground and raised his index and middle finger against the edge of the sword. Slicing his fingers open, he flung the droplets of blood into the air so that they floated in front of him.

Black light rose from the man's body next as he concentrated on the droplets of blood in front of him. His hands were nearly a blur as he flipped from hand seal to hand seal, his soulforce warping strangely with each hand seal formed. On the very last one, his soulforce extended forth from his hands and mixed in with the droplets of blood and condensing into it!

The longer Bai Yunfei watched, the more the black light from his opponent coiled around the droplets of blood. Soon, a humanoid figure was taking form with the blood as its core! In the end, a figure fully plated in black armor and holding a giant warblade stood right in front of Bai Yunfei!

This 'shade' was a construct made from elemental darkness. The only part of its body a different color was its eyes, which were crimson-red and swiveled about everywhere like how a human eye would move.

A second later, both of its eyes locked in onto Bai Yunfei as if it had received a signal of some kind. Heaving its giant warblade, the shade kicked off against the ground to fly towards Bai Yunfei!

"What...what kind of soul skill is that?!"

A humanoid figure had been created from practically nothing, Bai Yunfei had never heard of a soul skill capable of doing something like that before!


Bai Yunfei brought his Fire-tipped Spear up to block the warblade from crushing him. The force of the blow had been so heavy that Bai Yunfei was forced back two steps!

This 'shade' was powerful!

The reality of the situation shook away the last of his shock. As he readied himself, a gust of wind blew across his face, signifying that the black warblade was making a return stroke!


Successfully blocking the warblade from hitting him, Bai Yunfei landed a punch onto the shade's chest. There was a muffled thud as the shade flew backward. A fist-sized hole was in the shade's chest, but the surrounding black plating quickly formed together and repaired the hole as if nothing had happened to begin with.

Bai Yunfei's eyes were wide open at that. He had watched as the shade fell to the ground with a hole in its chest, but then by the time it was back on its feet, the hole was completely gone. Then the shade was charging back at him again with its warblade ready to strike!

And coming with him was the black-robed man!

Somehow, this battle was now a one versus two!!