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 Chapter 799: Soul King

In all honesty, Bai Yunfei had the same suspicion Jing Mingfeng had about the supposed black-robed 'reaper'. This person was not only able to easily kill Late-stage Soul Exalts, his soulsense was even stronger than what a Soul Exalt should even be capable of. This person had to be a...a Soul King!

The only thing that made Bai Yunfei doubt this hypothesis was the pocket they were in and the restriction behind it.

But right now, Bai Yunfei had his answer. What was happening in front of him was more than enough as proof.

This black-robed man was an actual Soul King!!

From it being 'impossible' to it being 'as expected', everything made sense now. Why this person had such powerful soulsense and how this person was so devastatingly strong. It was also no wonder why Bai Yunfei wasn't able to take the upper hand despite being of the same level of strength as him.

That was because Bai Yunfei was actually the same level of strength as him, the man was a Soul King!

He didn't know what sort of method this guy had used to suppress his soulforce to the levels of a Peak Late-stage Soul Exalt, but the man's soulsense was definitely still at the level of a Soul King. That particular aspect of him couldn't be reduced to the level of a Soul Exalt.

And while his soulforce was suppressed, that was only on the external level. The number of soulpoints was still on the level of a Soul King, and that was why it looked like the man was filled with a seemingly infinite amount of power as he fought Bai Yunfei. Even with Bai Yunfei expending so much soulforce to fight him, a Soul King had a far greater amount of soulforce and faster recovery rate, so it was no wonder...

It was only because of the many powerful equipments Bai Yunfei had on that he was able to fight for as long as he did without dying. If it had been any other Peak Late-stage Soul Exalt, they would've died a long time ago without fail.

"A Soul King! He really is a Soul King! What's he doing here for?!"

There was still another question Bai Yunfei had about the situation. But that question could wait. Bai Yunfei had a far more pressing issue to worry about besides the Soul King. Looking around himself, the look on his face grew even more troubled!

That was because...

"No!! The pocket's going to collapse!"

The curtains to the barrier around the pocket started to show several fractures here and there. So frightened by the situation, Bai Yunfei couldn't help but cry out his thoughts.

Everyone knew when they came into the pocket that there was no way the pocket could sustain the entry of a Soul King! With how fragile the pocket was, the powerful soulforce of the Soul King would've destabilized the pocket and lead to the ruin of it! For that reason, every single Soul King that came to the place could only watch from the outside as the younger generation fought each other for the Extreme King Pills...

But right now, Bai Yunfei was up against a Soul King!

On the topic of suppressing one's aura.

If a Soul King were to do such a thing, they could probably fool everyone else weaker than them that they were a Soul Exalt. Most Soul Kings were capable of doing such a thing given time and experience. If they used a special method of some sort, they could probably fool even those of the same level of strength as them.

Suppressing their auras was only superficial though. It was a tactic meant to fool one's soulsense, and that was it. Their actual strength would still be that of a Soul King.

Only a few rare secret techniques would be able to truly 'suppress' their strength. In a way, this second type was more along the lines of 'sealing' their strength. Their true strength would be revealed when they unsealed it, but until then, their strength would be lowered on a deeper level.

A technique like that was not very useful though. There wasn't a need to seal their strength, why would they want to become weaker? If they were to die to any random dangers, then wouldn't they become a laughingstock?

A Soul King was so willing to get the Extreme King Pills that he forcibly sealed his strength to enter the pocket!

And for the sake of stopping Bai Yunfei's Dual Dragon Burst, the man undid the seal on him to fully reveal himself as an Early-stage Soul King to defend!

The instant he undid the seal and revealed himself as an Early-stage Soul King, the pocket around the two of them started to tremble violently. Like a balloon with too much energy, it looked like it was on the verge of collapsing in on itself!

Bai Yunfei was terrified, but not due to the fact he was fighting against a Soul King. With the barriers showing fractures along its surface and the pocket distorting in on itself, Bai Yunfei knew that the worse to come wouldn't be from the Soul King, but the pocket.

If the pocket collapsed, how would he escape?!


"Damn damn damn!!"

In the sea of flames in front of him, Bai Yunfei watched as a figure slowly came into view from within the hurricane of energy. Kneeling on the ground at the center, the man was in a frazzled mess. His robes were half burnt off and his hair was a complete mess. His eyes were a frightful calm, burning silently with the flames of shock, anger, and venomous resentment.

A series of demonic markings was inked in over the man's forehead. They floated eerily over his head until his strength was fully unsealed and disappeared like the flickering of a candle light.

Three silver jadeite disks circled protectively around the person, projecting a layer of transparent light that protected the man inside. Clearly, these three objects were used to protect him from the Dual Dragon Burst just now.

"To force me this far...Bai Yunfei...you won't leave this place alive!!"

The young man barked with resentment. Looking up at the fractures up in the 'sky', the man looked a little pensive at how the pocket was reacting to his presence. He wasn't nearly as panicked as Bai Yunfei was, and it looked almost as if he wasn't concerned with what damages the collapse of the pocket might incur onto him.

"It can at least be confirmed now that this pocket was created by 'it'. Knowing that, the collapse of the pocket won't be as destructive as the collapse of an ordinary pocket. If I'm not wrong, then...it'll most likely kick everyone out back into the real world. The fractures in the pocket won't harm us either..."

He looked a little knowledgeable of the situation around himself. "Furthermore, 'it's' nearby somewhere in this place....if I leave this place, I should be able to find it still. No one else seems to know about it...I'll definitely be the one to find it!"

Unrestrained glee crossed over onto his face at the thought.


Not even a second after that happy thought, the man realized Bai Yunfei was again doing something shocking!

He could sense Bai Yunfei's soulforce increasing yet again!

Tossing out everything irrelevant to Bai Yunfei, the man stood up. Now fully concentrated on killing Bai Yunfei, he bent forward slightly and then disappeared into thin air to charge at Bai Yunfei!!


There was an ear-splitting crack when he disappeared. When he reappeared again, the man was two hundred meters away from his original position! Then he did it again, he disappeared into thin air and out of sight!

A spatial distortion was left behind from where he disappeared into thin air. In that distortion, spatial energy could be seen further distorting the surrounding area!


The next thing Bai Yunfei felt was a gust of wind before a crimson-red blade came slashing forward to slit his throat!