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 Chapter 791: Battles Everywhere


An ear-splitting roar could be heard next, contributing even more to the noise of the battlefield.


After that, there was a pained howl.

"Move out of the way! Get in my way and die!"

In the next second, there was an intimidating shout encompassed by the roar of another soulbeast.

"It's Lin Dongxiao!"

"Get out of the way! That Lin Dongxiao doesn't listen to reason, he'll kill you for no reason at all!"

"We came up the mountain from his side, don't get in his way!"

There was a loud ruckus when Lin Dongxiao made his arrival. Dozens of soul cultivators immediately moved out of the way for him, allowing him a relatively empty passage forward.

"Hmph!" Lin Dongxiao had a pleased sneer on his face as everyone moved away from him. Judging from his position, Lin Dongxiao was about five hundred meters from the top. This put him at the middle of the group with plenty of people both in front and behind him. Sneering again, he rushed forward, no longer caring for those people behind him.

There were roughly twenty to thirty people in front of him still. His soulsense wasn't able to sense the people on the other side of the mountain peak, but he didn't care much. With a wave of his hand, a white crane appeared in front of him to sit on.

He stored away the golden tiger that had been protecting him previously and leapt onto the back of the crane. Slapping it on the back, he ordered the crane to take off towards the peak of the mountain.

Him sitting on the crane allowed Lin Dongxiao a greater speed than running on foot like the others. In practically seconds, he was far beyond anyone else of the same position he had been.

He wasn't the only one with a flying soulbeast, however. In the air with him were another seven or eight people with the same idea he had.

But that didn't mean they were given freedom and safety up in the air. One of the people flying above was immediately shot down by a burst of fire from down below. Flying on soulbeasts was an act that earned the hostility of everyone down below and so they were one of the first to be struck down. Not a single person was willing to let them fly into the skies if they had anything to say about it.

So very few of the people there were able to fly into the skies. Those who tried were either forced to come back down or spent too much time evading and dodging the attacks to make any progress towards the top.

That left about four people up in the air, Lin Dongxiao included. The three others were all riding on top of a late-stage class six double-headed eagle, and each of them wore robes identical to one another. It was evident that they were all from the same faction.

"Get in my way and die, scram!!"

Again, Lin Dongxiao demanded the people in front of him to move. The crane underneath him flapped its wings in an attempt to fly even faster. In the blink of an eye, Lin Dongxiao was practically trailing behind the three eagles. He waved his right hand like if he was wielding a giant golden claw on it to strike at the back of one of the people there.

"Pah! Lin Dongxiao! You're an arrogant one!!"

Unlike the first time, these people weren't giving way to him. They looked prepared to take on Lin Dongxiao, and the soldierly-looking person in the middle waved his right hand in response. A brown turtle shell appeared over his arm and stopped the golden claws from striking him down.

Outrage flickered across Lin Dongxiao's eyes as he drew his weapon back. "Die then!" He spat with thunderous rage.

The ring on the forefinger of his left hand gleamed with light before a dragonfly the size of a tuna appeared in front of him. It buzzed threateningly once it came out before flying straight towards the man in the middle like a cannonball!

To follow up on that, Lin Dongxiao activated the ring on his right hand. It flashed once with white light before a crystal-like pigeon appeared in front of him. Though small in size, the pigeon was a late-stage class six soulbeast! It appeared into the world with a faint burst of wind, and then it took off with a secondary burst of wind to fly like an arrow towards the man on the right.

Then he swung his golden claws out again to strike at the short male on the left!

"Watch out!!"

The soldierly-looking man in the middle barked out. White light flowed out from his body as his hands went through several hand seals. The soulforce in his body started to spike drastically before spiraling around his right forefinger. Jabbing it behind him, the man had his soulforce freeze the air around him. In seconds, hundreds of icicles formed out of thin air like a barrage of spikes to pelt down Lin Dongxiao!

There was a flash of green and cyan light as his two companions started their own preparations. It took them a second more before they could send a burst of their elemental energy towards Lin Dongxiao.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

A series of explosions rocked the airspace above the mountain as the attacks crashed against Lin Dongxiao. Waves of elemental energy surged out everywhere, including the bottom where most of the people had to move out of the way from.

While Lin Dongxiao was fighting the three other equally-strong enemies of his, another fight was breaking out on the other side with Zheng Kai's group and another.

That other person was Li Yuchun.

Nangong Yuexia had nearly met her end at the hands of Li Yuchun when she was separated from Yu Li and Yue Feng. It was only because of Zheng Kai's timely intervention that she was able to escape. For that, Yue Feng held a grudge over Li Yuchun. Now that the two were face to face, Yue Feng would bother to demand justification, he'd skip over that and head straight for execution.

Li Yuchun had two slight advantages over Zheng Kai's group. He was a few dozen meters ahead of them and was also capable of teleporting away. But even if they didn't have a grudge against him, they'd still fight him in order to stall and prevent him from advancing.

Yue Feng wasn't the only group Li Yuchun was fighting either. Several others had the same idea as Yue Feng and attacked Li Yuchun in order to stop him!

Yu Li hadn't bothered to attack him since she was more focused on protecting Nangong Yuexia. Blow after blow, Yue Feng moved to attack Li Yuchun with all he had. He had a dual affinity for both elemental ice and lightning, but he preferred to use elemental lightning to attack. Rays of lightning arced out from his body one after another like tiny tendrils to seemingly create a territory of his own. Not only did it protect him from attacks, but it was also charging up his own attacks on Li Yuchun every other second.

The rigorous storm of lightning bolts made it difficult for Li Yuchun to teleport away. It was annoying that he had to weave left and right to dodge them all. A blade of spatial energy would be sent every so often at Yue Feng, but Zheng Kai would stop it with a blade of his own.

Despite this intense battle, both groups were advancing up the mountain at the same time they fought, albeit a slightly slower rate than if they were to focus on running.

After several moments went by, the group behind them were already caught up.

And when they caught up and saw the two groups 'blocking' the way, the newcomers had no hesitation in joining in on the fight to clear them out.

The other side of the mountain was enjoying a battle that was equally fierce. The most noticeable group was the one comprised of the students from the Five Elements Schools. You Qingfeng and Zhong Liyan, for example, were cutting through every other group like hot knives through butter to clear the path up. If nothing was to be done about them, then they'd be the most likely ones to reach the peak of the mountain first.

Despite the amazing strength of their vanguard, the group looked less numerous than before...

There were other people here that Jing Mingfeng once introduced Bai Yunfei to before, such as Wang Kunpeng from the house of Wang, Liu Zhe from the Returning Sword School, and the Ji twins.

Right now, there were approximately a hundred people left standing still on the war-embroiled mountain. Every single person had either one of two thoughts:

Run up the mountain, or stop the person in front of them from running up the mountain.

Roughly ten minutes had passed since the portals transported everyone to the mountain. Not even a single person had made it to the topmost part yet, though the closest ones were within a hundred meters now. The closer one got to the top of the mountain, the more intense the battles were. If there was anyone that was substantially stronger than the others, then the surrounding people would turn on him first. In the merciless battlefield of this mountain, the flow of the battle was only getting more and more chaotic towards the top...

As the mountain was reaching a peak level of intensity, a loud explosion suddenly rocked the entire mountain, freezing everyone in place!


The explosion was so loud that every single person had to stop what they were doing to look at the source of the explosion. Not only had it been loud, but the entire mountain they had been standing on wobbled fiercely from it!

It....it wasn't only just the earth that shook. The entire pocket had shaken even!

Much to the shock of everyone, the 'skies' above them started to fracture like a piece of porcelain being hit with a hard enough pebble!