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 Chapter 790: A Chaotic Battle

"Get the f*ck off the road or risk the consequences!"

"Who gives a crap about you, don't block my path! The Extreme King Pills aren't for you!"

"The Extreme King Pills are just at the top! Senior, we have to hurry!"

"Haha, I'm at the very front, the Extreme King Pills are mine!"

"Qian Chou! I see you hiding over there! My junior's life will be avenged!"

"Don't fight each other, everyone! The Extreme King Pills aren't at the top, this is a trick!"

"Trick my ass! What are you doing running up there then?! Stay down then!"

"I'm hurt, I can't go after the Extreme King Pills, don't kill me!"

"Who gives a sh*t? You should've chosen the other portal then! Taking this one means that you agree to kill or be killed like the others, go die!!"

"What are you doing?! I-ah!!"


"Boom boom!!"

The mountain was a complete mess. Though barely even half a kilometer in diameter, the mountain peak had nearly a hundred people fighting one another for dominance!

Their onslaught was murderous, and their expression bloodthirsty as they fought and wrestled their way up.

The strange thing about the sight was that some people were situated in places either farther ahead than the others, or farther behind. There were a few people who were at the edge of the peak where the mist were-roughly seven to eight hundred meters away-, and there were a few that were basically two to three hundred meters ahead of the rest of the group.

Those who were behind the rest of the group saw it necessary to attack and stall those in the front with all the might they could muster. Those in the front were in a rush to get to the top, but there were a few who had no other choice but to stop every so often to dodge an attack from behind. Others in the front would even stop for a moment to lash out at those in the nearby area without mercy if to either stop the others from going forward or for monopolizing the path ahead.

Then there were the people who had already suffered a loss or defeat at some point in the mist. Their aim wasn't the Extreme King Pills, but whoever attacked them in the mist.

A select few pretended to be injured and unable to continue forward, but that was only a guise for them to wait for the most opportune time to attack whoever was gullible enough to take them as an easy target...

Bursts of elemental energy and screams and curses rang through the air non-stop. All sorts of light flashed through the skies with so much intensity and variety that the mountain peak was like a multi-colored beacon.

"Look!! What's going on on that mountain?!"

At the bottom of the mountain, those few people who chose to flee the mountain after the two self-destructs could see the light coming from the top of the mountain and were stunned by the sight.

"That's the mountain peak! They've reached the top! But how?!"

A soul cultivator who was at the very edge of the mist's entrance cried out in disbelief. There was no doubt to what he was seeing, as all sorts of elemental energy and soulforce was emanating from the area, and that was more than enough proof for people to understand that a huge war was breaking out.

"Look!! The mist is dissipating!"

Another person cried out. The mist on the mountain, which had been churning and swirling in on itself the entire time, looked as if it was no longer bound to the mountain. No longer swirling around the mountain, the mist started to move away from it to reveal all that was happening on the mountain.

"Quick! Quick! We have to get up there or else the Extreme King Pills will be gone!"

No one knew who exactly said that, but it was the wake-up call for everyone there. All at once, the soul cultivators who hadn't been transported to the top of the mountain made an immediate dash for the top!

"Damn! There's so many people here!"

Zheng Kai exclaimed as he stepped out from the portal to the top of the mountain. He of all people was no stranger to portals and transportation and the such, so he realized what was going on at once.

He had been placed just about four hundred meters away from the peak of the mountain. Which placed him essentially at the front of the group almost. Only four or five people were ahead of him, and even the first few people who arrived here weren't that close to his back.

It wasn't even a second or two later when a few more people appeared out of thin air behind him, revealing the four figures of Jing Mingfeng, Yue Feng, Yu Li, and Nangong Yuexia.

The four of them took a moment to recompose and take a look around the area before they did anything else. Jing Mingfeng looked off to the mountain's peak with a grand smile, "Haha!! I don't know how we did it, but we're at the top! The Extreme King Pills are just right there, let's get going!"

Even Yue Feng and Yu Li had excited looks on their faces. "Yuexia, stick with me." Yu Li whispered to Nangong Yuexia.

"Wait?! Where's Yunfei?!" Zheng Kai had been preparing to rush forward when he realized there was a person amiss in their group.

The others looked around in confusion, only then realizing that Bai Yunfei wasn't there with them.

"No way? Did Ol'Bai not choose? What's he playing at?" Jing Mingfeng muttered to himself.

"Stop blocking the road! Move it or lose it!!"

The murderous roar of a person behind prompted the group to take a second to glance behind. Three rather funnily-dressed people were rushing towards them; a middle-aged man with a large scar on his forehead was charging straight for Jing Mingfeng. It had been him who cried out just then, and already he was sending three different-sized fireballs to force the group apart.


Jing Mingfeng's eyes grew frosty. Raising his hands, he formed three seals with them and then waved his right hand through the air. A gust of wind blew at the three fireballs and sent them flying back towards the caster.

"We've no time to waste waiting for Ol'Bai, let's get going first!!"

There wasn't any hesitation in Jing Mingfeng's voice. The Extreme King Pills were right there for the taking, and he was loathed to lose out on this opportunity.

The others didn't hesitate either. They all nodded and ran straight up the mountain.

"Ah! Senior! It's that person!!"

At some point as the group ran up the mountain, Nangong Yuexia let loose a loud scream and pointed at a person to their right. Turning their heads to follow her direction, everyone saw a young man dressed in rich-purple robes leaping from boulder to boulder. Every so often, he'd disappear from sight to reappear on another boulder thirty meters away.

"It's him! Li Yuchun!" Zheng Kai muttered in surprise.

Li Yuchun had arrived on the mountaintop at roughly the same time they did. And his positioning was even closer to the peak than they were!

"Li Yuchun?!"

Yue Feng and Yu Li's eyes honed in on the person at once. A purple sword appeared in Yue Feng's hand, and without any hesitation, he thrusted it towards Li Yuchun!


A bolt of violet lightning shot forth from the tip of the sword up into the air. As thick as Yue Feng's arm, the bolt of lightning then came crashing down onto Li Yuchun's head!

Having been fully focused on running forwards, Li Yuchun barely had any time to throw himself to the side before the bolt of lightning crashed into the ground where he had been. A smoking crater was left in his place, and Li Yuchun shot a withering glare at Yue Feng. In retaliation, he waved his hand and sent three blades of spatial energy back at him!

The three blades of spatial energy were stopped by three equally sized blades of spatial energy. Hitting one another, they froze in the air for a second before disappearing from sight!