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 Book 1 Chapter 77: Approaching crisis

Seeing that Bai Yunfei was so humble, Hong Yin unexpectedly felt somewhat embarrassed. He said laughingly: "You don't have to be too formal, Yunfei. I just blurted it out. There's nothing wrong with you being cautious like this either. After all, if someone helped me without reason like this, I'd be somewhat suspicious too."

Nodding slightly, Bai Yunfei said: "Mm, I'm very happy that I can become friends with a man like you, brother Hong Yin. Later, if I can help you with anything, I'll definitely do my best to help you!"

"Ha ha, let's talk about things like this later." Hong Yin waved his hand. Suddenly remembering something, he asked: "Right, how are your injuries?"

"They've already got much better. I think I'll fully recover in two days."

"That's good. If you have any problem with your injuries, just tell me about it. Now you're too weak so there may be some things you can't detect..."

"Oh, thank you very much for your concern, brother Hong Yin. I already know exactly what to do." Bai Yunfei said smilingly, "Right, brother Hong Yin, you specifically came here to look for me? Or..."

"You can say that too. Just now I paid a visit to headmaster Mu because I intended to come to your room and have a look. Right, now I'm staying next door to you." Hong Yin pointed to a room on the right-hand side.

Bai Yunfei was surprised then said in a somewhat embarrassed manner: "Oh, I see. I'm also thinking about going and thanking headmaster Mu, but I don't know the roads in this place very well. Sorry to trouble you, brother Hong Yin, but can you please take me to her place?"

"Of course I can. Headmaster Mu is staying in the Flying Leaves Pavilion on the northern side. I'll take you there." Hong Yin nodded in an unconcerned manner then turned around, walked out and motioned for Bai Yunfei to follow him.

After thanking Mu Wanqing again and greeting Qiu Luliu and Chu Yuhe, Bai Yunfei and Hong Yin returned to the small courtyard house on the west wing. Bai Yunfei went into his room and began to heal his body's injuries again.


At night, in the hall of an extremely large mansion in the northeast part of Luliu City, the lamplight was as bright as day, and this was in stark contrast to the pitch-black night sky outside the building.

This place was none other than the mansion of the Long family, a major family in Luliu City.

At the moment, the head of the Long family Long Bai was sitting in the first subordinate position on the left with a respectful expression. Sitting in front of him unexpectedly were the headmaster of the Glacial School Yu Fei and Liu Cheng and Zhang Zhenshan.

And two other people were sitting on the left and right sides of the head position. The person on the right side was a lanky man about forty something years old. He was gently stroking his goatee with a rather arrogant expression. And the person on the left side was covered completely in a black robe, making it impossible to see their face clearly. However, judging from their stature, this should be a man. He was sitting there quietly with a surreal air about him. If someone did not stare at him, they would not even be able to feel his presence.

"This time, the Glacial School is extremely grateful for your help, senior Yang Lin. That Green Willow School is relying on its geographical advantage to protect the murder of an outstanding disciple from my school, which is really disgusting. This time, with your help, we definitely can bring him to justice!" Yu Fei folded his hands in salute to the man with the goatee and said rather respectfully.

Yang Lin waved his hand in a totally unconcerned manner: "It's just the Green Willow School. Though it and your school were comparable in power before, now your Glacial School has already become a subsidiary of my Beast Taming School. Later you certainly won't have to be so afraid of it. If you can unify all the big and small schools in the northern part of this Qingyun Province, this will be of some use to my school as well."

When Yu Fei heard him say the words 'unify all the big and small schools' casually, his eyes immediately brightened. His heart was full of excitement, but he suppressed it very well and said respectfully: "If the Glacial School can expand in the future, this will be thanks to the Beast Taming School's help completely. From now on, my Green Willow School will listen to the Beast Taming School sincerely. We won't hesitate even if we have to go through fire and water!"

He said with such excitement but Yang Lin did not react much. He only nodded indifferently, saying: "Later, when we want you to do something, we'll certainly tell you."

Right at this moment, a bird about the size of a sparrow flew into the room. Yang Lin raised his eyebrows slightly and reached out his hand to catch it. He then shook his wrist and the bird disappeared. Leaning his head a bit to look at Long Bai, he said: "Patriarch Long, my apprentice nephew has come. Can you tell your men to let him in?"

Not daring treat him in a cold manner, Long Bai said yes again and again then stood up and left to personally welcome this man.

Before long, Long Bai returned to the hall with a black-clad young man. As soon as this young man saw Yang Lin, his face was immediately full of grievance. He walked up too him and said tearfully: "Junior uncle, you've finally returned. You have to set things right for me!!"

He was none other than Li Long, the disciple of the Beast Taming School who on that day had fought Bai Yunfei in that restaurant then in the end had been taught a lesson by a suddenly appearing Hong Yin.

"Oh?" Slightly taken aback by his behavior, Yang Lin said frowningly: "Why are you... Oh? What's wrong with your hand?"

Li Long shook his somewhat unnatural-looking left hand and said with a painful face: "Someone broke it. I won't fully recover until ten days or half a month later. Besides, besides...that guy took away my Thunderwolf!"

"What?!" Yang Lin glared at him. Li Long immediately felt an oppressive aura hit him in the face, making it even rather hard for him to breathe.

"Junior uncle, there, there was nothing I could do. That guy was really too powerful. I simply couldn't resist him!" Li Long took two steps backwards and explained himself loudly.

"Humph!" Yang Lin gave a cold snort in a somewhat exasperated manner then withdrew his eyes and said frowningly: "Tell me, what actually happened? Tell me clearly!"

Immediately, Li Long did not dare to conceal the facts either. He recounted what had happened in the restaurant that day carefully. Everybody listened to him rather curiously. Only, as Liu Cheng heard him describe what had happened, his eyes flashed in an unnoticeable manner, but he did not say anything either.

After Li Long was finished, he begged: "Junior uncle, you must help me snatch Thunderwolf back! If my father knows about this..."

Yang Lin lowered his head in silence for a long time. In the end he gave a soft sigh in a rather frustrated manner and raised his head saying to Yu Fei: "Headmaster Yu, looks like we need to temporarily delay going to the Green Willow School and asking for the killer. I must check if the man mentioned by Li Long is still in the city or not first. If he's here, we must deal with this matter before going to the Green Willow School, okay?"

Yu Fei said with a nod: "Of course there's no problem. I'll tell the Long family's men to carry out a search to help you. They're quite influential in this city so they'll make it easier to search for him."

After saying so, he gave Long Bai a hint with his eyes. Long Bai agreed laughingly: "Right, right, I'll immediately tell my men to do their best to search for the guy mentioned by this young gentleman!"


At night in the Long family, Yu Fei, Zhang Zhenshan and Liu Cheng were gathering in a guest room, seemingly discussing something in low voices.

"Headmaster, what's going on? Our school has unexpectedly become a subsidiary of the Beast Taming School? It was only because you were delayed by this matter that you arrived just now?" Only now did Liu Cheng have time to ask this question.

Yu Fei nodded slightly: "Correct. This happened several days ago. Those two people suddenly came and told me that the Beast Taming School wanted our school to become its subsidiary and was willing to support our school's development."

Liu Cheng frowned: "Is there such a good thing? The Beast Taming School is one of the top ten schools in the world whereas our Glacial School is basically nameless on a world scale despite being somewhat well-known in Qingyun Province. It was normally hard for us to ask for protection from a powerful school, but now this kind of thing unexpectedly was handed to us on a plate. Could it be...?"

"I know what you mean. But I can confirm that he's really from the Beast Taming School. I saw with my own eyes him control three soul beasts at the same time. Only the Beast Taming School is capable of such a thing."

"Oh? If so, there shouldn't be anything wrong. Could it be luck has turned in our Glacial School's favor, giving us a golden opportunity? Right, that man in the black robe..."

"That man is very mysterious. I can't even confirm if he's from the Beast Taming School or not. He and Yang Lin came here together, but he's almost never said anything and never shown his power either. But I can tell that Yang Lin is pretty respectful towards him, even vaguely regarding him as the leader."

"What?" Liu Cheng was started, "Yang Lin is a late Soul Ancestor at least. If that man is even more powerful than him then he's a... Soul Exalt?!"

Yu Fei nodded slightly: "Very likely. No matter what, now that we're subsidiary to the Beast Taming School, this will definitely help our school's development in the future. Besides, now we can also make use of their power and go to the Green Willow School and ask for that man."

Liu Cheng fell silent for a while then let out a sigh: "Headmaster, this time I didn't handle the matter well . Now I've even caused a disagreement between us and the Green Willow School. I'm really..."

Yu Fei waved his hand to stop him, saying laughingly: "You don't have to blame yourself, elder Liu. We already bumped into Meng'er on the way here. Judging from the general situation she told us, there were really too many unexpected things. You can't be blamed."

"You ran into Meng'er?" Liu Cheng was slightly surprised.

Yu Fei nodded: "Yeah, she said she was done with her business and wanted to return to stay with her mother. I think she seemed to be somewhat low in spirit. What happened?"

"Oh, nothing. It's possible she hasn't gone home for a long time so she's somewhat missing her mother..." Liu Cheng was unwilling to talk about what had happened to Liu Meng so he changed the topic of conversation, "Right, headmaster, have you told that man from the Beast Taming School everything about Bai Yunfei?"

"Of course I haven't. I only said that we wanted to catch him to avenge the death of elder Zhang's son."

"Mm, we'd better not tell anyone else about this matter. Even though we're now already a subsidiary of the Beast Taming School, if we let them know about it, this will only cause our Glacial School a lot of trouble..."

"Before going to the Green Willow School and ask for that man, we should just wait..."


In the Green Willow School, Bai Yunfei was sitting on a bed. There was a pile of weapons and jewelry in front of him, and he was slowly upgrading them one by one. At the moment, being in the Green Willow School, he did not have to worry about his own safety so he intended to use the method of exhausting his soulforce via the Upgrade Technique, thereby improving his soulforce and healing his injuries at the same time.

He planned to heal his injuries quickly then leave this place right away, heading for Beiyan Province. He did not want to give the Green Willow School more trouble at all and hoped that he could leave before the Glacial School came here. That way, the Green Willow School would not have to deal with a difficult situation.

Only, he did not know that the enemy was already approaching him and would come to this place before he could leave...