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 Chapter 781: Surprise Attack

"Do you think we're walking up or down the mountain, brother Yue?"

After walking for a good while through the mist, Jing Mingfeng couldn't hold in his boredom any longer.

"There's no point asking me..." Yue Feng shook his head. "We've already gone through five spatial barriers, who knows just which direction it'll send us to next?"

"Ugh, doesn't that mean we might just get sent back down the mountain the next time?"

"It's only our second time going up the mountain, don't be so impatient, brother Jing." Yue Feng smiled. "We've been at it for two hours and came across five barriers. That's a lot better than before. Brother Zheng is getting more familiar with the spatial barriers. Just wait a little longer and we should be able to bypass the barriers and make it up to the mountain peak without trouble."

"Ai...I wonder just how much longer it'll take..."


Zheng Kai cried out, immediately putting a stop to the idle chatter between Jing Mingfeng and Yue Feng.

Bai Yunfei glanced over to him, "What is it, is there another spatial barrier in front of us?"

Zheng Kai wasn't staring hard at the space in front of him like usual. Instead, he was listening with his ear, as if trying to listen in on something. "That's not it," he shook his head, "there's...people in front of us."


The group exclaimed. They hadn't come across any other person in all their time spent in the mist so far, though that didn't mean it was impossible. It was just unlikely. So to have someone appear now for the first time was surprising enough to them all.

Due to his proficiency in sensing the peculiar nature of spatial energy, Zheng Kai's perception of the area was stronger than the others with their usage of the soulsense. Having been the first to sense someone within the vicinity, he made sure to warn the others so as to prepare themselves for battle if needed.

And no sooner did his warning fully play off Zheng Kai's lips did Bai Yunfei sense with his own soulsense a group of people up ahead!

Zheng Kai's eyes widened by a fraction a moment afterward, "Careful! They're enemies!!"

He pulled his folding fan out from his space ring and shook it thrice to send three blades of spatial energy forward!

Bai Yunfei watched as the three spatial blades fly through the air. Just a little further ahead, another three identical blades of spatial energy were flying in the inverse direction. The six blades collided into one another and promptly disappeared without a trace!

One of their enemies was also a space-type soul cultivator!


Someone from up ahead muttered under his breath as soon as he saw the attack get neutralized. Then a moment afterward, nine streaks of different colored energy flew out to surround Bai Yunfei and his group!

They hadn't even seen who the enemy was yet and everyone was attacking all at once!

"Let me!"

Just who were these people? It was an abrupt attack, but the enemies didn't seem all too hesitant on attacking.

Right as the people behind Bai Yunfei were preparing themselves to move out of the way or block the attacks, Bai Yunfei barked out those two words and waved his right hand. The Cataclysmic Seal flew out from his space ring with a buzzing sound and erected an orange barrier over his group.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom..."

There was a string of explosions as four of the streaks of energy slammed into the ground and the rest onto Bai Yunfei's barrier. Lights of every color splashed around the group to engulf them and scattered the mist within fifty meters of Bai Yunfei's group.

Standing there forty to fifty meters away from Bai Yunfei's group was a group of eight soul cultivators. All of them were males, and four of them had soulbeast partners. Right now, they were all staring incredulously at where Bai Yunfei's group was.

"They didn't dodge?!"

A young man in fancy yellow clothing was taken aback for a moment before he snorted. "Let's beat them while they're down! He who strikes first wins!"

He waved his right hand to retrieve a black short blade from his space ring. Swinging it in front of him, three blades of spatial energy flew out from the blade towards the group-this was the space-type soul cultivator!

The other seven people behind him scattered apart to form a semi-circle. Soul armaments of every shape and size started to appear in their hands before they charged at Bai Yunfei's group to attack.

"Oh? 'Beat us while we're down'? Don't we have to be 'down' before you can 'beat' us?"

Zheng Kai's calm voice called out from within the area that the group had just attacked. There was a heavy gust of wind that blew away any remaining energy before another three blades of spatial energy flew forward like last time to cancel out the opposing spatial blades!

Then five figures flew out from behind!

Bai Yunfei led the group at the front with his Fire-tipped Spear out in his hand. Already was he swinging it at the two people and soulbeast standing closest to him.

Jing Mingfeng stood at his left. He was the one responsible for the preluding gust of wind that blew away the energy that surrounded them earlier. After that was done, he took it upon himself to attack another two soul cultivators and one soulbeast by himself.

Yue Feng was at the right of Bai Yunfei. Like the previous two, he was fighting two soul cultivators and one soulbeast by himself.

Yu Li wasn't too far behind the first three with a long silver blade in both her hands to deal with a soul cultivator and soulbeast pair.

As for Zheng Kai, his initial bombardment was already gone, so he lashed out to deal with the opposing space-type soul cultivator all by himself.

Since it was a group of people they were fighting, Bai Yunfei and his friends knew that the best way to deal with this would be to divide them up and protect the weakest one of them all-Nangong Yuexia-from fighting. She stood at the very back of the group with Yue Feng's soulbeast partner there to protect her.

The eight enemies they were fighting blanched slightly at the reaction. It was a first for them to see that their welcoming barrage had done absolutely nothing to their foe. It was also a little hard to believe to see what they were doing in response.

They had a group of twelve, and their enemies just barely less than half of that! To forge ahead while being completely outnumbered was the act of a foolish person, so how could they be so calm and fearless?!

In fact, two of the people rushing at them looked...excited even?!

It wouldn't be until the two groups clashed that the ambushers would know just why the group was so calm...

After exchanging several rounds of blows with their enemies, the ambushers realized one thing. Though they were all of the same strength as Peak Late-stage Soul Exalt or so, and had the numbers to back that up, there was still a definitive difference between the two groups.

In terms of fighting strength and soul armaments, this group they were ambushing were far beyond them!

To be called a Peak Late-stage Soul Exalt was just a classification of their level of cultivation. But fighting prowess and control over elemental energy. These two criterions are very important in relation to a person's actual strength. And in these two factors, the ambushers were well below their opponents!!

These people were wandering soul cultivators and weren't the elite members of a school or faction used to fighting with each other. Their specific group was only formed when they reached the mountain and decided to unite the wandering soul cultivators together.

The wandering soul cultivators were people that were more than aware of how brutal the outside world was, and killing another for material possession wasn't something none of them had done before. So the group had all agreed on one thing when they formed the group together.

It didn't matter who got the Extreme King Pills. They'd kill the other soul cultivators and lay claim to their possessions. That in itself would be a worthy prize.

To ambush other people in the pocket outside of the mountain would be a folly on all of their parts. It'd only serve as a way to attract the ire of the others, so the group decided to use the mist of this mountain as a means to hide. It was a natural cover that allowed them to kill without care, and as long as they didn't let their prey escape, everything would remain a secret...

So it was with malicious intentions that the group entered the mist. With the space-type soul cultivator as their guide, the group sought out to 'hunt' for prey.

Then came prey after a solid two hours of searching.

Unfortunately for them, the prey they had been looking for was Bai Yunfei's group...