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 Chapter 776: Spatial Barrier

After digesting the information Jing Mingfeng told him, Bai Yunfei had a pensive look on his face. "If the mist is so strange and can't be walked in, then what about...flying?"

He pointed a finger up, "If we use a soulbeast that can fly to go over the clouds, we should be able to get to the top straight away, right?"

Though he asked the question, Bai Yunfei had more or less the answer to it already. There were plenty of people with flying soulbeasts gathered here, but none of them were seemingly in a rush to go up. That meant there was something else about this place that didn't make that option possible.

Jing Mingfeng shook his head, of course. "We wouldn't even be here if the answer was that simple. In the skies above is..."

His finger pointed upwards, "A spatial barrier."

"Spatial barrier?!" It wasn't Bai Yunfei that cried out in shock, but Zheng Kai. "A spatial barrier here? What kind is it?"

"What kind?" It was Jing Mingfeng's turn to look surprised. "Are there different types to spatial barriers, then?"

"Of course." Nodded Zheng Kai. "The most basic ones aren't any different than ones made from elemental energy. It's just like a wall, but one that can be easily broken just like any other. Another type of spatial barrier is one that can transport objects or people just like a door. When you step from one side to the other, you're sent somewhere else. But it's not so easy to transport people through these types. These barriers have multiple layers of space folded in on it so that walking in between these spatial barriers is like walking on a line. If you step out of line, you'll find yourself in multiple folds of space at once, and that basically means you'll physically be in different places at once. That means an ugly death beyond everything else..."

The very moment the topic of spatial barriers was brought up, Zheng Kai adopted the persona of a scholarly figure to explain all about it.

"Uh...." Jing Mingfeng was struck speechless by the amount of knowledge being imparted on him. "In that case...this barrier is probably the second one you're talking about. Whenever someone tries to fly a little within five hundred meters of the mountain, they end up disappearing and reappearing on the other side of the mountain."

"Really now?" Zheng Kai nodded knowingly, "Must be a spatial fold then. It's a bit similar to how Soul Kings can teleport. They rip open a tear in space and walk through it to travel a kilometer away to travel through another fold in space. By walking through the two folds, you're basically ignoring whatever's in the middle. This side and the other side of the mountain are connected to the same plane of space, but the mountain is detached. To fly into that space barrier will mean being forcibly entered through the fold in space to come out from the other side...now that I think about it, entering the mist and coming back out is the same result of entering a spatial fold."

He sighed at the end of his explanation. "But....I've never heard of a spatial barrier with a fold as large as this. Just how strong does someone have to be make something like this...?"

Bai Yunfei didn't really understand the explanation a hundred percent, but he gave Zheng Kai a slap on the shoulder, "You're quite educated on this."

He sighed as well, however. "But in short, we can't fly, and we can't walk into the fog. There has to be some sort of special way to be able to get through that fog. We'll need extensive research in order to find even a clue..."

Yue Feng nodded, "It makes sense though. If the Extreme King Pills were hidden in an ordinary place without any protection, I'd have second doubts on its authenticity..."

"No time to waste then. Let's prepare to see what we can find inside the mist." Bai Yunfei suggested after a moment's thought.

He turned his head to look at the other groups around them, "Besides...it seems like everyone else has the same ideas as we do. They're all looking quite impatient..."

Just like he said, several people around him were already starting to head up the mountain in varying places.

Zhong Liyan nodded, "Alright! We won't get the Extreme King Pills by thinking about it here, let's go on into the mist ourselves!"

Lin Zihao looked a little hesitant on his side, however. "But all of us going in at once would be a little conspicuous. It won't do us much good if we go in all at once, why don't we...go in from two different routes?"

Was that not the case? They had about a dozen people in their group, which was to say they had the largest number of people in one place out of everyone here. The gathering of so many people in one group was a huge threat to the others, and many of them were already making another attempt up the mountain because of their fear of this group. To have so many people in one group meant that the chances for everyone else to get the Extreme King Pill would be very low...

Lin Zihao's suggestion had a second reason to it. If by chance they didn't split up and found the Extreme King Pills, there was a possibility there wouldn't be enough pills for them all. An outcome like that would be extremely awkward to have. The Five Elements Schools could at least trust each other to work together for the Extreme King Pills, but Zheng Kai and Jing Mingfeng on the other hand...

It was a lot harder to say in their cases. Complete trust was an impossibility, and Jing Mingfeng would surely think the same as them.

This second reasoning wasn't something the entire group didn't get. They all nodded, and Bai Yunfei said nothing about it. He nodded at Zheng Kai and Jing Mingfeng, "We'll split the group in two then. After we exit, we'll come back here and share what we learned so we can figure out the secret faster."

Since no one disagreed, they all split up with one group being the three students from the Wood, the two from the Fire, and three from the Metal for a total of eight. There was actually a third from the Fire School, but that person wasn't here. Whether he wasn't here yet or met an untimely demise had yet to be seen...

"Let's go then."

Bai Yunfei nodded to Zheng Kai. He and his group headed for the same direction after bidding good luck to the other group to walk in to the mist.

"Yuexia, don't do anything else but follow us, alright?"

Yue Feng warned Nangong Yuexia the moment they started for the mountain. There was no way Yue Feng would leave her by herself, so the only option left was to bring her with them. Yue Feng would pay attention to her just in case there was a chance of danger. Even if it meant not getting the Extreme King Pills, the safety of Nangong Yuexia was his first priority.

He had something else he was worried about as well actually. This entire time they had been at the base of the mountain, Yue Feng had been looking around for someone, but try as hard as he might, he couldn't find Yu Li anywhere. Whereas he wasn't worried before, Yue Feng was now thinking to himself where she could be or if she was still safe...

"Don't worry, brother Yue Feng, I can protect myself." Nangong Yuexia nodded seriously.

With everything set, the group stepped onto the beaten path up the mountain. Soon, the group disappeared out of sight behind the mist...