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 Chapter 772: Even More Chaos

One short moment later after everyone told their stories, everyone stood there in surprise at the coincidences.

Yue Feng introduced Bai Yunfei to Nangong Yuexia first, and it was from her that Bai Yunfei realized the two of them had met before back in Ventia City in a restaurant. But since neither had any strong impressions of the other, it took a while for them to realize it.

"Haha! So the friend of brother Yue who was fighting five enemies at once was you!" Zheng Kai roared, slapping Bai Yunfei on the shoulder. "And here I was thinking how stupidly strong that person was. If it's you, that's just normal!"

Noticing the calm aura of Bai Yunfei, Yue Feng asked, "Brother Bai, what happened to those people?"

"They won't be a problem anymore." Bai Yunfei quipped. "I had a little detour on my way here and had to help an acquaintance from the Wood School. I came rushing over here after that, so that's why I'm late."

Yue Feng was surprised by how Bai Yunfei had just said he was 'late'. From the events he said, rushing on here from that in the time Bai Yunfei had was astonishing. That meant taking care of the five people after Yue Feng left was practically done in no time at all.

"Oh? You met You Qingfeng? Did something happen to him?" Zheng Kai asked.

"Yeah. He was in some trouble when I met him, so I helped him out. I met Lin Zihao after that. He and the other two left for the Extreme King Pills, we could probably catch up if we hurry."

"What?" Both Zheng Kai and Yue Feng uttered, "You found where the Extreme King Pills are?"

Bai Yunfei nodded. "There's a mountain with an entire furnace of them. It's in that direction."

He pointed in the direction he had just came from.


Yue Feng, Zheng Kai, and Nangong Yuexia all had a look of confusion on their faces. They hadn't been here when the pocket first opened and so they didn't see the mirage of where the Extreme King Pills were.

They came to understand only after Bai Yunfei told them the story.

"What are we waiting for then?" Zheng Kai announced, "We should hurry up and go! It's going to be stolen by someone else! You're so naive, Yunfei! You not only told the Wood School where it was, but you also let them go there first! What are you doing helping the competition!"

"Er?" Bai Yunfei smiled, "What's wrong about it? They would've found out even if I didn't tell them. It's a little far away from where they were, but we can still catch up to them if we hurry."

"There's no time to lose then, let's get going!" Yue Feng declared.

The group set out towards the Extreme King Pills after that. Since there was no way the thundertail bird could handle the weight of four people, they had the weakest one there, Nangong Yuexia, sit on it while the three males ran on the ground below. From there, Nangong Yuexia could also look out for the red glowing mountain peak Bai Yunfei had mentioned before and as well make sure the three of them weren't going in the wrong direction.

Soon enough, Bai Yunfei and the others were near where he parted ways with the three from the Wood School. They crossed over where Bai Yunfei had killed the fat beast tamer and then continued onwards around several mountains. Without needing much assistance from Nangong Yuexia from up above, the group was soon well on track towards their destination.

It was after they crossed over a small hillside that Yue Feng noticed the messy patch of grass to the left and the body left there.

"That makes the sixth person killed here. And it's not the same person killing them all. The competition here is tough, it's only getting even more chaotic the more we get closer."

They traveled another ten kilometers before they finally came across the scar marks of what had to be a rather battle. There were the corpses of six people there, but up ahead was what really caught the group's attention.

"There's people fighting!"

Nangong Yuexia called out in surprise. The group all looked up to Nangong Yuexia to see where she was pointing before following her glance over.

Towards their right was a mountain a little too far for their soulsense to reach. As they expected, wisps of elemental energy could be seen.

They drew close enough to the mountain to see three people fighting. Of the three, it was a battle of one against two. There was also a strange sound being played in the mix.

Yue Feng squinted his eyes to look closely at the fight. "The two people there are from the Melodic School from the Fanzang Province."

"Oh? You know of them?" Zheng Kai asked.

Yue Feng shook his head. "I don't, but the Melodic School are experts in sound-based soul skills, as you can see."

Zheng Kai nodded, "Should we go over, Yunfei?"

Bai Yunfei stared for a little bit before he shook his head. "We don't know them, so we shouldn't bother."

The other two males nodded without saying another word. They continued onwards without even a look back. They weren't envoys of justice and didn't have the time or business to poke their nose in every battle they saw.

From far away, where the three people were fighting.

The two people who were wearing green were from the Melodic School. In the hands of one of them was a short rod of a soul armament. There was several holes in this soul armament, and whenever the person waved it, a series of sharp sounds would come out from it. In the hands of the other person was a decently-sized hammer. Rather than use these hammers on the enemy, this person was slamming the hammers together for a vibrational gong that made the skin scrawl at the sound.

The person they were fighting was a young man in all black. This was the disciple of Yun Liantian, the one known as 'Gui Su'!

Sound-based soul skills were a relatively rare type of soul skill since it required special soul armaments in order to be used. By utilizing certain elemental energies and motions, these soul skills were made even special in a series of ways.

They were incorporeal and were hard to block. It affected the ears and could induce dizziness and other side-effects almost instantly in a way similar to a soul attack.

But right now, both students of the Melodic School were alarmed. The enemy they were fighting was extremely fast and hadn't even been affected by any of the soul skills they were using!

"Damn! We messed up!"

The one waving the short rod cried out. With a nod to his companion, the two began to prime up their strongest soul skill.


But at that moment, the sound of metal clanging against metal could be heard as Gui Su's sword expanded in size. The rings attached through the holes on the face of the blade started to wriggle as if being affected by the wind as soulforce gathered in it. With a swing of his blade, Gui Su sent a blade after blade of elemental wind to strike down both students!


From the top of the mountain ahead, there was a very strange sound being carried by the wind!

This type of wind was piercing to the ears and instantaneous in motion. The sound it carried resounded louder and louder with each echo, sounding more and more like the wailing of a ghost!